Local Mazda Dealership Picking Our Pockets... Again !!

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Just received from my local Mazda dealership a: "Your Mazda is due for a scheduled maintenance" reminder card in the mail today. It started off with: "Nothing keeps your 2015 Mazda CX-5 performing at its best like scheduled maintenance. Our records show that your Mazda has about 4,300 miles on it and is ready for the following service... '5,000 mile Vehicle Service' which includes"...

*Replace engine oil & oil filter
*Lubricate all hinges, locks & latches
*Rotate tires & check for wear
*Complete a multi-point inspection

Included as part of the brochure was a $51.88 minor maintenance coupon (regular price being $58.88, but only if regular oil is used... then it's $68.88 for the better(?) oil), plus tax.

The Mazda 2015 CX-5 Owner's Manual, under the heading of "Maintenance & Care, Scheduled Maintenance", on page 6-5 clearly states the maintenance interval is 7,500 miles... and not 5,000.

I find it interesting that the dealership is suggesting that I now need my 7,500 (I mean 5,00) mile oil changed, yet again I can see why... and it has nothing to do with keeping my vehicle in tip top shape as far as I'm concerned.

By having the vehicle maintenance done 2,500 miles before it's indicated in the owners manual, the dealership automatically picks up a extra "owner paid for maintenance" every 15,000 miles, or in this case $70.00 or more.

Multiply this amount times the number of vehicles they've sold and it comes to a nice chunk of $$$ in the dealership's pocket. Add this to the usual (additional) parts and service that the dealership finds that's needed(?) to be done before you take possession of your beloved vehicle and it now amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Am I reading this whole situation wrong... or is it just me? Why would my dealership want me to follow their maintenance schedule when the Mazda corporation says differently?

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    For the money.

    It's a better practice to tell your mechanic what services you want done (following the owner's manual). Asking for a "30,000 service" is, well, just asking for it. B)

    Lots of dealers automatically consider that all driving falls under "severe service" and will claim that's why you need to have your car serviced more often than the normal service interval in the manual.

    btw, the Edmunds Car Maintenance Guide will estimate what your 7,500 mile service should cost in your zip code.
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