2010-'14 Volkswagen CC Among 420,000 Volkswagen Vehicles Recalled for Airbag Problem | Edmunds.com

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2010-'14 Volkswagen CC Among 420,000 Volkswagen Vehicles Recalled for Airbag Problem | Edmunds.com

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 420,000 vehicles, including the 2010-'14 Volkswagen CC, Passat and Tiguan because of a problem may prevent the driver's frontal airbag from deploying in a crash.

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    i have a 2012 VW CC...within the first 32,000 miles my car took off on its own three times, all while in cruise control..the engine would rev up then the car would take off...brakes or shifting into neutral would not work until the car reached a little over 100mph and then everything would go back to normal..luckily i was on the highway the first three times..the fourth time..i was in my driveway with the car in park and engine running...i went to open my garage door and the car took off on its own..crashed through my garage and pinning me in between the car and a wall in the process...the car was immediately taken to the VW dealership where i bought it...they had the car for several hours..they told me they found nothing wrong...but i later found out they changed the cars ECM/TCM without my telling me...also found out it was a recall that i was never informed about...i dealt with VW corporate...they had a corporate engineer come out and take the car as well...after a day they gave me the car back...i heard back from them a few days later and their response was "we're not denying what happen, but since the engineer couldn't duplicate it, we feel as if we're not responsible" ... they gave me a full report of what the engineer did while the car was in his possession....I have a few complaints...(1) the final incident caused damage to my knee which i am yet to recover from .. (2) i had to pay over $2,000 for a new garage door and had $3,600 of damage done to the car .. (3) ever since the dealership changed the parts without my consent or knowledge, the car has never done that again....I've had the car for four years now (bought it brand new in 2011) and currently have 72,000 miles on it....anyone have thoughts on this? (and yes i did see a lawyer, none worked out well)
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