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Vibration or Shudder Problems (Beware Future CR-V Buyers!!!!!)(Please Read)

rsohnersohne Posts: 1
edited June 2015 in Honda
We had purchased our Honda CR-V 2WD E-XL on 5/2/2015. When we hit around 500 miles the vehicle started a jerking or shuttering from a complete stop when hot. This condition continued from week 2 to 3 of ownership and decided to schedule a service appointment. The car sat for a couple of days and the problem disappeared so I canceled the appointment. On 5/27 my wife and I decided to go into town to run some errands and the shuttering problem started all over again except this time I was lucky enough to be near our Honda dealer. I pulled into service and the problem was witnessed by a couple of service people and thought that a computer update would fix the problem. After 45 minutes we were told Honda is aware of the problems and was given a copy of a Honda Tech Line Summary Article dated April 7, 2015. The article number is ATS 150401 Version 1. Below is the Document Text.

HONDA.. Tech Line Summary Article
April 7, 2015
ATS 150401 Version 1

Customer Reports a Vibration or Shudder

Do you have a vehicle that, according to your customer, vibrates or shudders under any of these conditions?
• At idle
• Under light acceleration
• At low speeds
• Between 1,100 and 1,500 rpm
• Between 1,600 and 2,200 rpm

We're aware of customer reports of this concern and we're actively reviewing it by analyzing available data and customer comments and doing actual vehicle testing. Our review is still in progress, so there's no product improvement available at this time.

Keep in mind that some vibration is normal and just a result of the engine and transmission technology. It presents no operational or safety concern.
To save you time, there's no need to call Tech Line about this concern; they don't have any more information than what's included in this article. Just so you know, we've created a video that we encourage you to watch and have the service advisor share with your customer. Click (I believe the Bogus YouTube Video is here to watch.

Once we finalize our review, we'll update this communication and share information about any planned product improvements and their availability.

Tech Line information is updated as needed and may be revised as new or improved information is issued. When an article becomes outdated, or is replaced by an official AHM publication (Service News or Service Bulletin), it will be deleted.
© 2015 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved Page 1 of 1

How can a dealer or Honda Motors deliberately sell these vehicles to unknowing customers? Shame on them!

All I can say to any future CR-V customer do your research online before you buy. Our CR-V drove wonderfully until it hit 500 miles. Ask yourself can you live with these kind of problems for as long as you own your CR-V? I can not and do expect I will have to Lemon Law the vehicle.


  • MarkHolthoffMarkHolthoff Santa Monica, CAPosts: 101
    Thanks for the report. Consumer reviews of the 2015 CR-V also mention this issue pretty frequently. Hopefully Honda will step in and take action.
  • jimbo65jimbo65 South Central IllinoisPosts: 65
    Purchased ours 1-3-2015 with no issues and now 4,625 miles later still no issues. Gas mpg 30-36 mixed driving. All is well. A joy to drive. Great Honda build. : )
    2015 CR-V EX-L 2WD = One Sweet Ride :p
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    jimbo65 said:

    Purchased ours 1-3-2015 with no issues and now 4,625 miles later still no issues. Gas mpg 30-36 mixed driving. All is well. A joy to drive. Great Honda build. : )

    Same here. Purchased 3/2015 and no issues at all. But, I'm envious of your MPG. I'm "only" getting around 28 in mixed driving. Still not bad at all though.
  • jimbo65jimbo65 South Central IllinoisPosts: 65
    Using Top Tier gas, moderate acceleration, anticipate stops, and mostly driving the speed limit. All this helps achieve better gas mileage. Not many will drive like do, but that's ok. Less wear and tear on the vehicle too!
    2015 CR-V EX-L 2WD = One Sweet Ride :p
  • Truthseeker4UTruthseeker4U grand rapids miPosts: 1
    New 2015 EX-L AWD No Vibration, loving it. Great car. No vibrations in the test cars driven either. This is the same dozen unhappy people posting about vibration on all the Honda sites, do not be alarmed, this is a great car. See there are 200,000 of us HAPPY owners having a ball in our CRV's. Just had to take a minute so you know the truth. USA Today #1 rated small suv . I am a former long time Ford owner, the Escape was too small for me. CRV does it all just wait Consumer Reports will put this back on top of their list once we happy owners tell it like it really is.
  • Happy owners sounds like a lot of spam....
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35

    Happy owners sounds like a lot of spam....

    Haters gonna hate.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    edited July 2015
    Still, Honda issued a bulletin to the dealers, so it's real and bothersome for some people. It's certainly real to Honda, even if they say it's a vehicle characteristic. Plenty of other YouTubes where that one came from, not to mention 1,000s of other forum posts around on other sites.

    If you're in the market, best check out the one you plan to take home carefully to see if there are any "bad" vibes that affect your enjoyment of the car.
  • jdubyajdubya Posts: 4
    Vibration issue explained...
  • jimbo65jimbo65 South Central IllinoisPosts: 65

    Happy owners sounds like a lot of spam....

    There really are a whole lot of owners like me that have no complaints. Ours is now 10 1/2 months old and odometer is 8,168 miles and still a pleasure to drive. All is well.

    I do hope those with problems have them fixed to their satisifaction.

    2015 CR-V EX-L 2WD = One Sweet Ride :p
  • I haven't bought mine yet, but I did borrow a friends 2015 and test drove one and couldn't get them to do it. I realize the engine has to be warm, not drawing a lot of power from alternator, etc so it idles very low at about 550-650, while in gear. I also saw the youtube press release from Honda that they addressed 1 of 3 instances, via software update, and are working on a solution for the other 2.
  • Well I bought a 2015 Touring four days ago, and did manage to get the vibration issue to happen twice. (while in gear at a red light, with nothing on that draws power) What I experienced so far was mild, IMO. It's possible that some other folks have had the issue on a larger scale. I didn't have the behavior while accelerating.
  • A TSB went to dealers today with fixes for all three modes on the 2015 earlier units experiencing the behavior.
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