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imageFinally Something That Doesn't Fit - 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Long-Term Road Test

Our long-term 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is big, comfortable and can haul all manner of goods and humans in its rear cab. But we found something small that actually didn't fit.

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  • reminderreminder Member Posts: 383
    Throw that sucker in the bed.
    Problem solved.
  • csubowtiecsubowtie Member Posts: 143
    And risk spilling the beer!?
  • allthingshondaallthingshonda Member Posts: 878
    reminder said:

    Throw that sucker in the bed.
    Problem solved.

    What he said!!!
  • mnecodownermnecodowner Member Posts: 5
    Over 50+ years of driving, the only thing I have ever had stolen from a vehicle was beer from an open truck bed. A roll top tarp is essential to keep enticing coolers out of sight and out of mind in a truck box...I also want to respond to Editor Kelly Hellwig's comments about "Too much truck": I agree with her about the Ram accelerator. I wear size 12 shoes and have had my foot slip off the ac. pedal when wearing street shoes. The pedal is set a bit too high on a suspended mount and does require more pedal pressure than most vehicles. It is definitely designed for use by a man wearing work boots. I like to use the cruise control with one m.p.h. up and down buttons in lieu of the accelerator over the road. It is easily adjustable to stay with traffic and road conditions, reduces fatigue, and when engaged, improves fuel economy. Also, the cushy coil spring ride of the Ram, and noticeably imprecise steering (compared to my previous Chevy pickup) would be an issue for someone like who drives a good European station wagon like Kelly's Volvo. That said, my Ram Ecodiesel is the best freeway cruiser and most trouble-free vehicle I have ever owned; and I love the 22+ m.p.g. overall economy I've recorded over 29,000 miles.
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