What happened to Edmunds reviews of used cars

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What happened to Edmunds reviews of used cars......2009 silverado.....1988 blazer......2004 F-150...

Used to be the first thing at Edmunds.com was:


And you went right to the review ?

Now it's just dealer tie-in....find a car....glitz and glitter.

There are better places for that.

But Edmunds' reviews were ALWAYS valuable.........now, if they are available, they are well hidden.

WHY ??


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    If you go to the Used Car tab and appraise a used car, you'll find the reviews (under More...) and specs after you drill down to the make/model you are interested in.

    There's other ways to get there, but that's how I do it, and that way mostly avoids the dealer inventory ads. If you do the Make | Model | Year drop down tab method, you'll wind up on a car page - look for the Reviews tab there above your local ads.

    We only go back to 1990, so you won't find any info here on that '88 Blazer.
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