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I am interested in a Prius Four Touring car. Do you know if they are discounting this one. Thanks.

mowermower Member Posts: 18
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Mower would like to know the discounts for the Prius Four Touring.


  • mowermower Member Posts: 18
    I am planning to lease this level in the next two months.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Prius sales are way down so I'd think you'd be able to get some sort of discount.

    TMV for one using a random zip code, no options, is coming in around $700 below the $30,835 MSRP (including the $835 destination).

    I shopped this same car last month but didn't get into pricing.

    Since this model is pretty new, my guess is that we here at Edmunds don't have all that many sales data points yet. My guess is that you could get closer to invoice for a selling price. Around $28,700 in other words. But a lot "depends".

    Not seeing any leasing incentives right now.
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