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imageFeds Close Probe Into VW, Audi TDI Vehicles for High-Pressure Fuel Pump Failure | Edmunds.com

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has closed an investigation into 241,279 Volkswagen and Audi TDI clean diesel vehicles after looking into consumer complaints of high-pressure fuel pump failure.

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  • jimmyeastcoastjimmyeastcoast Member Posts: 1
    This just happened to my 2011 Golf TDI last week (9/9/15)! The check engine light began to flash and within 100 feet, my Golf just shut off. Sadly, this problem should NOT happen to a four year old Diesel with only 88K miles. Towed to the VW dealer, testing to see if there was any contamination that wouild casuse the High Pressure Fuel Pump to basically shread. Metal shavings were found through the system.
  • armand1armand1 Member Posts: 9
    VW is lame , not only do these TDIs cheated in the EPA testing and pollute 10X more emissions, I heard from several owners their fuel pump and injectors failed when over 80,000 miles. This is a common problem with the deterioration int the fuel pump which eventually kills the fuel injectors. I wish NHTSA would have stepped up, but at least EPA did.
  • caffeinebencaffeineben Member Posts: 1
    Our Audi Q7 High Pressure Fuel Pump just failed while driving on the 405 in Los Angeles in rush hour traffic. Vehicle suddenly lost power and within 30 seconds complete stop and stall. I was traveling with my wife and a 5 and 6 year old - on our way home from my father's funeral. I was able to get the vehicle over 2 lanes before stalling out - just reaching an island between cars exiting at Wilshire Blvd and the 405. We came within inches of being struck a half dozen times before Highway Patrol got there and pushed us further into the island shoulder area. This was an extremely traumatic experience for my kids and I am very disappointed that Audi and the NHTSA have certified that this part did not deserve a recall. It's only by luck that we weren't killed or in a serious wreck as a result. Audi took a week to diagnose the problem and we have no clear idea when we will even get our car back. Really not happy. 72,000 miles. Serviced regularly. No warning whatsoever.
  • vw_fiftyvw_fifty Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2016
    Odometer at 68K and all service on schedule at dealer. The HPFP blew in Tucson this past weekend. Fortunately, I managed to crawl into the dealer. Failed basic fuel contamination test, results being sent to VW lab back East. Was told two other vehicles in service bay this weekend had the same issue. Golf 2012 TDI - a trade-in on a 2005 Golf TDI. Was told 7-10 days total time to repair. VW covered me for $25/day on a Nissan rental. This problem came up suddenly. I expect full coverage. Next month, June 2016, VW lays out its recall plan for emissions-affected vehicles, which includes me and another 482,000 drivers in the U.S. Me/my parents have driven VWs since our family hatchback in 1966-1967. I've owned four VWs (2 gas/diesel each; 1 Jetta/3 Golfs) the past 20 years. Do right by us, Volkswagen.

  • stinkbugalstinkbugal Member Posts: 1
    This happened to my 2013 Beetle Convertible TDI that had only 17,000 miles on it. I was on vacation and VW refused to pay for the rental car. I did file an official report with the NTSB so I don't know why they said it only happened to 2009- 2012 models. If they put in the same fuel pump, can it happen again? Why Not!
  • jameslugo1jameslugo1 Member Posts: 1
    Our Audi Q5 just last night fri. 1.27.17 at 10pm lost power and within 30 seconds complete stop and stall. I was traveling with my wife and 4 yr. old son on our way home on 210 fwy within seconds we are stuck right in the middle of a 4 lane highway with cars and big rigs zoom by us and swirving around us. We could do nothing except sit in the car as we see a car heading right for us and brace for the collision. Thank God we walked away with our lives and only whiplash and not killed leaving my 8yr old daughter all alone. The car as towed away and taken to a body shop for now. Car maybe totaled unsure as of yet. Also man at the body shop read the car codes which one was the feel pressure regulator error code. This was an extremely traumatic experience for my myself, wife and child. We are going to Audi and report this to them on Monday. This seems to be the same issue others reported and to the NHTSA here is a report of a crash and injury.
  • 2013PassaTDI2013PassaTDI Deerfield,IllinoisMember Posts: 3
    same with my 2013 TDI Passat. Could not believe my ears when they told me how much I had to pay for a new High Pressure Fuel Pump and total fuel system replacement. Nice work VW...The car is totaled...car is under an extended warranty but VW denied the warranty based on their "Specific Gravity test", which is not specific and they gave me a copy of a man holding a fronzie face meter which I guess proves that I miss fueled my car. Thanks again VW.
  • JoshinKYJoshinKY Member Posts: 1
    This just happened to my 2012 Q7 TDI with exactly 100,000 miles. Engine glow plug light began to flash and suddenly vehicle went into limp mode where it lost power and would only go 40 miles per hour while driving down the interstate. Vehicles were forced to swerve around me. Audi dealership said it was a dirty air filter and charged me $175 to replace. Within 4 miles of leaving the dealership, problem happened again while driving wooden the intrastate.
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