2015 Buick Enclave Air Conditioning Problem

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Hello to all. I am new here but I have some information that other people might find useful.

I have a 2015 Buick Enclave. This is my 2nd Enclave and my 13th GM product. I traded my 2012 Enclave in because, while it was still in warranty, the AC had gone out on it and I liked the new styling of the 2015 Enclave.

Here is the problem;

My AC condenser has a hole in it. Where it is located, the bumper cover is open to any road debris that you might run into. Now let me say this, my Buick dealer is the best in the nation in my opinion, but this is not a warranty item and they have to charge me for the repair. I feel that because of the design of the bumper cover, it allows anything that might come off the road to hit this condenser. I called GM Customer Care (that was a very frustration and bad situation) and they told me that I was out of luck and no help would be forthcoming. I have been a loyal GM customer all my life and have only owned 2 cars that were not GM, but that does not seem to get you anywhere with GM. I realize that this is not a warranty issue, but I do think it is a design flaw. I have found at least 8 others that have had this exact same thing happen to them. If I can find 8, then I wonder what the real number is of people that have had this happen to them. I am not expecting GM to be responsible for road debris, but I do expect them to make right something that could easily have been avoided by a little aluminum screen, or a different design all together.

I guess the thing that I find most off putting is the way that GM customer care just didn't seem to care about one of the people who has been loyal. It makes me rethink my keeping loyal to a company that has no care for their customers.

I have said my piece. Thank you for any of y'all that have read this. If anyone has had a similar situation, let me know. I'd be interested to hear your situation.


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    What kind of comprehensive coverage do you have? Did you check with your insurance to see if it will help?
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