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Qi Wireless Phone Charging - 2016 Toyota Mirai Long-Term Road Test Posts: 10,006
edited May 2016 in Toyota
imageQi Wireless Phone Charging - 2016 Toyota Mirai Long-Term Road Test

Our 2016 Toyota Mirai is one of several newer Toyota vehicles that comes with Qi wireless smartphone charging.

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  • bankerdannybankerdanny Posts: 1,021
    Isn't that a typical thought, it's not useful for iPhone owners, so really, it's not a useful feature at all.
  • kirkhilles1kirkhilles1 Posts: 857
    Samsung may have a faster version, but on my Nexus 6, I use a Qi charger at work and its definitely a trickle charger (maybe 0.5 amps). That's PERFECT for work where I just leave it there on my desk while I work, slowly charging where I can easily grab it and put it back, but NOT what I want in a vehicle, ESPECIALLY if its using Android Auto and potentially cranking through CPU cycles (presuming that AA supports Bluetooth connections in the future). I (and others) want my phone to be charging at a rapid rate in the car. 1.5A should be the minimum.

    New phones often don't support QI anyway. Silly.
  • djd352djd352 Posts: 31
    +kirkhilles1 I have had the same experience. My phone also seems to charge at a much slower rate and it will also stop if the phone moves more than 2 inches off center, which seems kind of silly in a moving car. And like already mentioned, if you use apps, especially navigation, it can draw more power than what is going in. If you live outside of L.A., you want your phone to be charged as much as possible in 30 minutes. Needless to say, my wireless charger is now collecting dust... maybe apple does have a good reason for not including the feature...
  • tom_in_mntom_in_mn Posts: 61
    I really like my Qi charger for my Nexus5, it just sits on the charger when I'm home and it's always charged.
    But to use this charger you have to keep the bin empty. I have way too many odds and ends in mine to live with that. It needs to be in a dedicated phone spot not take up a whole bin.
  • misterfusionmisterfusion Posts: 471
    edited May 2016
    In typical fashion, wireless charging will suddenly become an amazing idea once Apple implements it in the iPhone. At least those of us outside the reality distortion field don't need to wait for this feature. :P
  • The setup in the Tacoma is better. In the open right in front of the shifter where you would normally put the phone anyway. And wireless charging and many other features not found on the iPhone is why I switched to Android phones. My old Galaxy S4 sitting in a drawer still has capabilities the most current iPhone is still lacking.
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