Having interior electical problems

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After installing new stereo, all interior power gone. No interior lights, windows, door locks, seats, stereo, back hatch lock or air/ac. The truck starts and drives normal. Instrument panel/gauges work but the lights don't. We have checked the battery cables, Battery is only 8 mo.old and has power, and checked fuses. Can someone please help? Thank you, Deana


  • pasadeanapasadeana Hot Springs, Ar.Member Posts: 3
    We finally found the problem. It was the instrument panel battery located in fuse bock under the hood. Tried testing it with voltage meter but it was fine. Tested it with a test light and it was bad.
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    Are you referring to a fuse or an actual battery in the fuse box? I think some older BMWs had a "backup" battery (AAs?) for a while but this is a new one on me.

    Thanks for the report.
  • pasadeanapasadeana Hot Springs, Ar.Member Posts: 3
    Stever, It is a fuse on the outside of the fuse box. 125amp fuse. In the owners manual it is labeled as an instrument panel battery. I thought it was weird.
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    K, that makes sense. Well, it doesn't but you know what I mean. :)

    I had a lousy '74 Volvo that was always breaking the plastic bellows that made the fuel injection system work. I had the factory manual and Volvo called it a rubber bellows (but if it had been rubber, it never would have cracked).

    So I'd always go to the parts department and ask for a rubber bellows and they'd always say "you mean plastic bellows". Then I'd pull out my manual and get to enjoy my rant about technical "writers". :D
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