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2014 Fusion Titanium AWD with Serious Gas Mileage/Fuel Economy and Other Issues

ashleigh919ashleigh919 New YorkMember Posts: 79
edited July 2016 in Ford

Has anyone out there had a 2013-2016 Fusion with seriously subpar fuel economy? Until I hit about 6,000 miles, the car never got about 16 MPG. Now, the computer will register about 20 - 21/22, but manually calculating it, I never get above 19 MPG. This is mostly highway driving too. I've had it in at the dealer no less than 10 times, and they either claim there's nothing wrong with it, that they replicated it, or that they got 16 MPG, but can't figure out why.

My navigation system also thinks it's in another country. The directions are in miles, but the traffic is always in km, and the terms are "British," such as "exit slips" and "broken down lorries." I've tried to have this fixed three times, was told it was fixed, and it wasn't.

My door panels on all 4 doors are falling apart, and the plastic is bubbling up by the window controls.

My rear windshield has a rainbow appearance to it, which I was told happens "from the heating process in making the car." Of the thousands of Fusions I see all the time on the road, I have NEVER seen another one like this. No matter what the outside temperature, whether it's 30, 50, or 70, my window fogs up, and I have to turn on the rear defroster almost the entire time I'm in the car. The dealer told me it couldn't be replicated. BS. The front windshield almost always fogs as well.

The car is noisy. The traction control is off. I have hydroplaned in rain and am terrified of driving it in the snow; I have a commute that is 37 miles each way.

My bluetooth makes it impossible for anyone to hear me. The screen next to the odometer always displays a different name/number from the one on the navigation screen -- it is never the right name or number.

My transmission is starting to drop sometimes, too. There are times I've tried to accelerate recently, and nothing has happened. I've nearly gotten killed. Other times, it will not accelerate smoothly or will too much.

Now, my brakes are getting really low and shuddering. Sometimes, they feel like they are failing. I should NOT have to put in brakes with only 14,500 miles!!!!

I had a 2012 SEL AWD; despite the redesign, I know what this car should be like and what it should not. I consistently beat the gas mileage on that car, and that was an I-6; it easily got 28 MPG, and it was rated at 25 MPG.

Before that, I had a 16-year-old 1996 Grand Cherokee with 200,000 miles, and that got better gas mileage than my current 2014 Fusion. That was a 4x4 with an I-6, so this is really pathetic.

Is there anyone out there with any of these issues? Has anyone had a hard time with Ford? Ford said I could get out of my lease, and now they won't let me. Has anyone Lemon-Lawed a car with Ford, particularly in New York?

Thanks; I'm at my wits' end, and even with lower gas prices, I'm still going broke. I have to put in gas every few days. Curiously, even with only 20 miles until empty, my 17.5-gallon tank often only takes 14 gallons. I know there's a reserve, but it shouldn't be 3 gallons...


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Sounds like you got a lemon. Since you've already "opened a case" with Ford, unless you can find a more responsive dealer, you're pretty much left with complaining to the consumer protection agency/AGs office in NY or talking to a lemon lawyer. :'(
  • ashleigh919ashleigh919 New YorkMember Posts: 79
    stever said:

    Sounds like you got a lemon. Since you've already "opened a case" with Ford, unless you can find a more responsive dealer, you're pretty much left with complaining to the consumer protection agency/AGs office in NY or talking to a lemon lawyer. :'(

    Thanks. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner; I didn't get a notification.

    I've contacted several lawyers, and no one wants to take the case, because it's for fuel economy, despite the fact that I have tracked it very well with pictures of the gauges, gas receipts, etc. -- a hefty weight of evidence. I'm trying one more dealer today in a hail mary (tried one on Saturday and said he'd get back to me today and now nothing, despite trying to follow up with him earlier) on the holiday deals. After that, I'm filing the AG complaint, because this is ridiculous!
  • ashleigh919ashleigh919 New YorkMember Posts: 79
    Months later...the AG turned me down and said that nothing in my car qualified for the Lemon Law, which is ridiculous. Now I've been having transmission issues for months (the car is still well under warranty at 2 years old next week and 23,000 miles). I'm bringing it in next week since I'm due for my yearly inspection (if it passes, hah), and the service advisor said there are "known issues, and the part is on backorder for 6-8 weeks." WHAT? I've complained about this for months and overall for two years since 4 weeks after I got the car.

    Then, I read something about Ford putting a bunch of manual trannies into automatic transmission cars. Has anyone else heard this?
  • berriberri Member Posts: 10,165
    Ford has generally fallen behind GM on quality surveys. I've owned 3 Ford's and none of them had great drivetrains. Slow, but mediocre at best fuel economy to boot. Personally, I think Ford is focused on trucks. There are probably better alternatives in cars.
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