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1999 LeSabre stalling/starting/p0102/260k miles

1999lesabre1999lesabre Member Posts: 2
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car stalling at traffic light, press on gas, [recently, crankshaft replaced, evap solenoid canister replaced, no changed]
1999 lesabre limited. ac stopped working. only seems to happen in high temperature (77+ degrees - live in AZ).
Besides that car drives great until it shuts down (oil pressure gauges goes wild, then battery lights shows up, and car is out). If put in neutral, the car restart fine, but can go down anytime after.
Will get a MAF sensor replacement, but heard of so many possibilities (camshaft sensor, ignition control, air intake control, bad grounds, fuel pump failing, etc.). At this point, I need THE solution. Help...


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Member Posts: 26,387
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    Watch the tachometer the next time the car stalls. If it loses the inputs from the crankshaft position sensor, the tach drops to zero like a rock because there are no signals to trigger the spark.

    I don't understand why the oil pressure gauge would go wild: if the engine stalls, the pressure reading should just drop to zero as the engine rpms drop. I wonder if this is a symptom of an electrical problem or battery problem.

    The MAF can be cleaned by spraying MAF cleaner on the two fine wires. You can't touch them to clean. After you take off the two screws and snap off the electrical connector it's easy to get to. I did use a camel hair artist brush to lightly touch the wires to brush off dirt particles when I sprayed them.

    If you replace it, you might want to get a replacement that is AC Delco. Check on Amazon.com for auto pats like that now.

    You might check the battery connection at the battery AND check the ground connection that goes to the fender.

    Ignition switch? Try wiggling the switch while you're driving it when it often acts up. You could have a lot of wear on the contact for the ignition feeds at 260K miles. Usually people notice that a sharp bump would cause the engine to shut down and then it traced back to the switch (not the ignition lock that's what the key goes into--the switch sits on top of the steering column down about 8 inches).

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  • 1999lesabre1999lesabre Member Posts: 2
    Update/Reply: I had changed the crankshaft sensor 2 weeks before (assumed it was the problem), so while I will check the tachometer next time it stalls (hopefully NEVER), should we get past that?
    no idea either about the oil gauge going wild BUT it's the 1 minute ALARM. For the MAF I had cleaned it, but about 2 days later, it was stalling again. This time in i-10! Found a way to the pullnsave, got a MAF and an intake air temperature sensor, the check engine is now out. The car had not stalled since (less than a week... still I take that). Worth mentioning, my intake air sensor was coated with putty like substance.
    The car at times drives rough, but drives.
    I checked the battery. It is good (and new from oreillys). Need to figure out how to check the ground - I have no clue on what to look at/for.
    Ignition switch? Mmmh... The car had been repo from my driveway (title loan company!) and I always wondered how they started the car + the small cover of the electrical wires on the steering column keeps falling. Anyway, what about it? Fixable?
    Anyway, Thanks for the comment (I still have to quickly fix the ac - in AZ, but your suggestions just beat fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator)
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