2004 Rendezvous - Fuel wont pass pressure regulator

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i have an 04 rendezvous that will get fuel all the way top the regulator and thats where it stops....replaced fuel pump, map sensor and regulator and filter....it will start with starting fluid , run rough and die


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    I'm confussed by the idea the fuel stops at the regulator. The fuel goes through the fuel rail serving the injectors with pressured fuel. Then the regulator mere has the role of squeezing off the flow of fuel to keep a high enough pressure in the fuel line.

    Are the injectors working? While cranking hold your fingertip on an injector and see if it's clicking. Or hold a long screwdriver against it and listen to the handle end with your ear. Or use a small marker lightbulb that has the little wires looped on the side for contacts and insert that into the line leading to an injector, then crank and see if the bulb blinks with each pulse of electricity.

    There's a fuse in the line for the injectors--I believe--from my work with 3800s in Buicks. Also the computer grounds each injector in order to fire its fuel pulse. Those can be defective.

    Diagnosis is needed. Does fuel pump run for a second when the key is first turned to ON?

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