Can anyone identify the year, make and model of the two cars in these four photographs?

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These are two vehicles from my mother's childhood. I am trying to get them identified for our family history that I am preparing. Sorry about the one being sideways. Just can't seem to make the change to upright stick!

One vehicle is very old and ordinary looking, while the other is newer but appears to be very fancy. If it came with flower holders on the door jamb behind the driver and front passenger's seats, my mother still has one of them.

Thanks for all help provided.


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    The newer car is probably a late 1920s model, the old one is possibly pre-1910. That's the best I can do but a really knowledge old car enthusiast could do better..

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    The car in pics 039-040 is definitely a Model T, lack of cowl lights might mean roughly 1922 or later.

    Pics 032-037 is a car from around 1930. Maybe it replaced the Model T. It appears to be a fancier car as you mention, not a Ford or Chevy. It will take more study - there are many defunct makes from that era.

    The AACA "What Is It?" forum linked here might be a help, I am not a real expert on cars of this era.
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    Thanks All! I will try the AACA.
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