Toyota Camry Hybrid 2010 All Cells good but still shows 'check hybrid system'

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Hello everyone, first post here

I have a 2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid with a lot miles on it (385000 KM) (car was used for commercial purposes) however recently I have noticed that when I am driving in 'stop-and-go' traffic the engine light comes on and the car becomes hard to accelerate. The only way to fix the problem immediately is to pull over and clear the code and the car runs normally again. The engine battery seems to be fine but if the car is the idle for a few days that also requires a boost to get the car running again

Initially I thought it was time for me to replace the Hybrid Battery because of the heavy mileage on the car but after pulling the hybrid battery out and checking each cell I noticed that all of the cells are steady around 7.86 volts which from my understanding is pretty good. I cleaned all the copper plates of any residue and put everything back in hoping that might make a difference. After driving the car in traffic today with the AC running all seemed well until the light came back on and I had to clear the code again. From my understanding the Hybrid Battery Cells are good after testing each one. Is there another cause for the light to be showing and eventually making it hard to accelerate and drive? Im not sure if there is an issue with the charging system or the battery itself or even a sensor but if anyone has some insight on this it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Have you found a solution to this dilemma? I have the EXACT same issue and I have done the EXACT same troubleshooting with the same exact results. I would love to know what you have figured out so far. if anything?
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    The batteries have to be tested live in the car via the serial data stream. Taking the battery apart before that is a wasted effort. What code is setting in which module when the light comes on?

    A lot of the diagnostics are done right from the freeze frame data (which BTW is lost of someone clears codes).
    Important data pids are the charge control value, the discharge control value, delta state of charge, the actual cell state of charge, the identified highest and lowest cells by voltage, plus the cell voltage and cell resistance as calculated by the battery ECU. Nothing should be done prior to collecting at least this data, then depending on what was found here then a diagnostic path is outlined.
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