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  • rickelrickel Posts: 34
    Today, I went in cool and chilly weather to town, and for the first time in a week, I had the heat on.

    When I arrived at the shopping plaza, what did I spot but a silver Cougar. I didn't get close to it, but it appeared a tad weathered, perhaps a '99 that went through the winter.

    Then I came out of the supermarket, and had to do a double-take--sitting in the path to my own Cougar was another Light Sapphire Blue Cougar, the first one with the same color as mine in the area. Rats! But nobody will ever mistake us--this was also the first Cougar I have seen that does not have the rear spoiler. Let me tell you, our car has an entirely different look without that wing, folks!

    I eyed the car closely, and noted that a) It has 300 more miles on it than mine does (being in the shop for the deer strike repairs did that for me) and b) it has the new cup holder, which is fixed in place to the right of the parking brake--an integral part of the hump. Not sure if I like it better, as it presents a gaping hole there, and surely is quite hard to keep clean.

    This Cougar also lacked fog lamps, so apparently the owner eschewed one of the packages I got...I don't recall which package had the spoiler and fog lamps in it, but I recall that they were together.

    But three Cougars together in one small town in Pennsylvania...are they really selling that poorly?

    Loving my Cougar!
  • coolchickcoolchick Posts: 174

    That's the only option I could think of on short notice. I like better than having it all run together.

    And since I'm going to bookmark it, wouldn't be too long for me.

    Just my two pennies (I'm willing to kick in more than that for the actual site).
  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171
    Picked up my new Cat tonight. Silver Frost with Black Interior. I am definitely in love.


    I got mine from Hunt Club Ford Lincoln. This is the fourth car from them and I have always been pleased. Many years ago, early eighties actually, I worked for Lincoln Heights Mercury. Even when I worked there I wasn't thrilled with their service department. I have heard they have improved but Hunt Club has been so good to me I have stuck with them.


    I have been to the CSG site and found it very helpful. All of you helped me make up my mind and go for the Cat. I will be happy to contribute and like the URL. Real easy to remember although I will have it in my favorites.


    Thanks for all the support. I know I didn't have to wait as long for my Cat as some of you did but even a few days can be excruciating, as any of my co-workers will attest to.

    P.S. Why would anyone get this car without the spoiler. I don't know about in the U.S. but here it is a standard item that you have to delete for credit. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
  • coolchickcoolchick Posts: 174
    Congratulations camelard! Happy Cougaring!
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Firstly, congratulationas on finally receiving your beautiful new Cat. I know you will love it.

    I know that I may be in the minority here regarding the subject, but... I have had negative experiences with car covers.

    Unless you place an immaculately clean cover over an immaculately clean paint job, EVERY SINGLE TIME, you will grind those tiny sharp road dust particles into your vehicle's finish whenever you cover or uncover it. Since it is impossible to have such laboratory clean conditions, over time, the cumulative effect is like using a fine sandpaper on your paint. Not recommended.
  • lmigliorelmigliore Posts: 148
    I got my cat without a spoiler (yep, "spoiler delete") because I think it looks better without it. De gustibus and all that.

    I believe that the spoiler does not perform any actual function, so the only issue is whether you want it there. The good news is, them as want it can have it while them as don't want it can have it gone.
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    Just when you Cougarites thought you had gotten rid of burnsmr4, the only person sane enough to be a little cynical about Mercury's sport coupe...

    Yes, I've been living with my rattle-ridden car for a month or two -- no complaints, except for the alignment getting all out-o-whack. The Firestones must begin to shred so that I might have a reason for getting rid of them. Terrible excuses for vulcanized rubber products (or whatever they're really made of these days).

    Looks like the topics have swirled around the future of the Cougar -- and Mercury. I for one have to point to my favorite car at my dealership's lot now and give a nod of agreement in the direction of the LS. Nice car. Not enough storage space. Needs a manual tranny on the V-8.

    The A/C topic earlier was interesting -- I've ALWAYS had the little mouse squeak hiccup with the A/C. Is there a tech bulletin on the O-ring replacement? I need something concrete to convince the dealership mechanics to fix the problem. I hate the stupid noise -- comes with a hiccup in the driveline that bothers my already frayed nerves with this car.

    That's about it. Getting ready to take this 'mobile on a nice long ride to the Gulf Coast of southern Florida. We'll see how she holds up. I only wish I wasn't the only manual tranny driver between myself and my girlfriend. Lazy poophead never would let me teach her last week...

    Enjoy the heat...
  • catscratchcatscratch Posts: 34
    Well, today I officially joined the owner's club! My silver frost Cat w/ midnight black interior is out in my parking stall, left to fend for herself against the "chance" of hail. Man, if it hails, I'll cry. Then I'll be pissed. Then I'll have an even thinner wallet. hail or else.

    Lemme tell everyone, this car just f#$@'n rocks! The compliments and stares I got today are worth well over 20G's. And talk about a great ride! Last night I didn't get much sleep, not only was I anxious as hell, but I had a sore back. I woke up sore, I'm still sore, but even with this soreness, I found the seats extremely comfy. I don't know if I got the "new" seats, but I'm perfectly happy with the ones I got. One of my friends at work agreed. LOL, if I didn't know any better I woulda thought he owned my car. He owns a '00 Silverado w/ options galore, and I don't think I'd trade him. Well, ok I would,but I'd trade in the truck on the "S".

    I have one complaint about my car: my "trunk" concealer thingy that is fastened to the hatch, it sits a lil bugs me every time I look in the rearview mirror.

    BTW, that day/nightm mirror w/ compass is very cool IMHO. Definitely worth the $200 (installation included)

    ~cue dream sequence~

    It's just too bad none of us are billionaires....then we could save the Cougar by buying thousands of them if need be. Or we could buy out Mercury and refine the sports coupe class.....and produce a Cougar with 300+ HP

    ~end dream sequence~
  • giddeup_50giddeup_50 Posts: 27
    Finally an acting debut for the kitty...
    The principal of the school and one of the main characters, drives a spruce green Cougar. Last night, it playfully held her coat belt as she was trying to leave her car... A cameo appearance is better than none at all!
  • stageleftstageleft Posts: 391
    That makes two cameos, one on that show, and one in Kevin Bacon's movie about hypnotism (the name escapes me right now).

    Camelard & Catscratch: Congratulations on picking up your Cats! I can see already by the excitement in your posts that you all will love this car. Enjoy.

    Burnsmr4: Welcome back, there should be a TSB on the a/c O-rings, check at

    And if you have any concerns about recalls on your Cat, check out:

    Take care all, and thanks for the continued support!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    This past Sunday I was pulling out of my driveway to go to work and when I hit the "Open" button for the sunroof nothing happened. I could hear the motor running, but it wouldn't open. Normally I would be pissed, but I had an appointment the next day to bring her in for some warranty work (left over from my dear friend Ken Smith [eat rocks and DIE KEN SMITH!!!]). I dropped her off Monday morning at 7:30am. I received a call from the technician at 3:00pm, he told me they were really backloged, and he wanted to know if it was okay to keep the car overnight. I said it was fine as long as they locked it inside for the night (which they did cause I drove by and checked). I borrowed my girlfriend's car for the night, so there was no problem.

    Yesterday I got a 2nd call from the tech, he then informed me that the light lenses they received were defective and they had to order another set. To make things worse he also told me that the sunroof was now stuck in the open position. So they had to keep her overnight again. Last night Kate needed her car back, so I had to get a loner car. The Ford dealer actually delivered the car to my job because I didn't have a ride to pick it up. When I met the guy from the dealership in the lobby I said "So what did I get, a Taurus, a Focus, or maybe a Mustang? He just grinned and said, "Sorry man, I don't pick them out, I just deliver 'em".

    When I walked out in to the parking lot my jaw hit the ground. Sitting there was a purple Kia Sephia!! Purple, PURPLE I TELL YOU!!. When I got in the first thing I noticed was the nasty musty smell, the second thing was the extra cheesy interior. She started right up, but when I hit the gas I heard a pretty bad engine knock. As I pulled out of the spot I heard the front end creak and groan. Next came the annoying rattle in the headliner right between the front seats. This car has the handling performance of a John Deer farm tractor, the speed and grace of a snapping turtle, and the style of a Yugo GV. As I drove down the highway I was actually embarrassed to be seen in side of it. I have never felt that way in my entire life.

    Why did FMC get involved with this brand of car?? This thing makes my girlfriend's '98 Civic Ex look and feel like a luxury car. The worst part is, I don't know if I will get the Cat back today. I have to leave early to go to my friends Police Academy graduation down in south Jersey. So this means I will be driving around NJ in this Grape Apemobile for the next 32 hours or so. I MISS MY KITTY!!!!

    Congrats and welcome to the owners club!!

    Although I personally like the stock spoiler, there are those that feel it interups the lines, and looks out of place.

    The fact is, a rear spoiler is functionally useless at speeds under 133mph (or there about). Since the Cat is front wheel drive, I doubt it would serve any function no matter what speed you travel at. I got it because I think it looks good. To each their own!!

    Good to hear from you!

    Congrats and welcome to the owners club!
    Trade your Kitty for an SUV? Are you feeling okay?

    Thanks for all the URL suggestions! Please keep the votes coming!!
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361

    Don't feel bad. The first loaner I got was a Villager. Felt like a soccer mom ;)

    Most loaners are either beaters from the used car lot, or the cheapest thing that a local rent-a-wreck has as a special deal with the service dept. (Was that actually a sentance?)

    Good luck on getting your baby back!

    Skip G
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    The keys for this thing should have also come with a disguise (the glasses, nose, and Mustache combo).
  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140
    For the URL, how about : ?

    Might be a bit cheesy, but not too bad. Hey badulah, when my previous kitty was in the shop (very often) they used to give me the Sable as a loaner all the time. Not bad in power, but uuuuuuugly!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    If given the choice between a Sable and a Kia, I would choose the Sable every time. The dealer I bought my Cat from gave me a sable as a loner once. Yes it was ugly, but it was almost brand new, and it was loaded, V6 included.
  • catscratchcatscratch Posts: 34
    The best full-size pick-up on the market, IMHO. I've ridden in his Silverado a couple of times and that thing hauls! It had the cool electro mirror...that's what convinced me to get one(besides that the factory one just seemed wierd to me)

    But like I said, I'd then trade in, straight up for the Cougar S. Maybe I'd even make a few $$ on the deal. heh
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I agree that the Silverado is a nice SUV, but i'm just sick of SUVs in general. Don't let my bad attitude sway your opinion.
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230
    As for the URL, I kinda like, but it's just way too long of a name. I know that everyone will put it on their favorite folder, so that it doesn't really matter. But still it's too long.

    How about or!?!

    On a different topic, I checked out the NECO website to see the MWS bashing, but I couldn't find it. However, I found something better. They had a screensaver with a picture of the Cougar that you could download.

    It had a Silver Frost Cougar (my color) and 2 Cougar heads moving around the screen. The only thing I didn't like was that it had NECO on it too.

    Badulah and Stageleft, how about creating our very own screensaver for CSG?!? I want one with CSG's logo rather than NECO. But I'll keep the NECO for now until we have our own.

    Cougar and CSG Rules!!!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Great idea!!! Does anyone know how to make a screensaver? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230
    ...asking me to take my Cat in for a 3,000 mile service check-up. My Cat actually went over the 4,000 mile mark, and I've changed the oil twice already. The 1st at 1K miles and the 2nd at 4K miles.

    Has anyone taken their Cat in for that 3,000 mile check-up? What exactly do they do besides change the oil?? I wasn't happy with my dealer's service to begin with, so I'm avoiding them if at all possible.

    Halo_1, I went to your dealer, Courtesy Park, to order the front mask/bra. It cost $100, and I should be getting it in 10 days. Hope they have better service than Park L/M which have now moved to Mahopac, NJ (is that anywhere near you, Badulah?).

    Also I'm getting my car tinted tomorrow. I have a Silver Frost. What's a good color tint besides smoke? Does anyone have pictures of a tinted Silver Frost Cougar?? Please post it. Thanks.
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230
    I've done web pages, but I haven't done screensavers. It couldn't be that much harder. It's probably easier.

    I guess I'll make a visit to Barnes & Nobles and see if they have one of those "Idiot's Guide to Screensavers." This might be an interesting project (if I could find the time to do it). Hey, Stageleft, do you know anything about making screensavers? C'mon, man, you're a computer wiz--throw me a bone, here!!! Give me a hint or something, so I can get started.
  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    Camelard & Catscratch: Congratulations, may your new cats bring you many miles of smiles!

    Burnsmr4: As I got in my new cougar to leave the dealership a girl was leaving to test drive the LS, I told the salesman I would be back in 5 years (when I turn 40) to get my LS...he just laughed, they are sweet cars! my initials are LS so my plate will say LS for LS!

    Blane: I know the cover can be our enemy! I try to dust off the car before putting it on each time, it is very light weight, I park under a tree and the little berries are sticky. Not to mention my cat is black and it has been over 100 degrees out. I have a friend with a body shop and he said if I get swirl marks or little scratches he will buff the car out for me. I just have to be careful.

    Badulah: Sorry to hear about your baby! I've driven John Deere Tractors before, they are probably better than that purple thing! Go buy a dark pair of shades and a hat and you'll make it through this! Good luck!
  • coolchickcoolchick Posts: 174
    Keep your eyes peeled in Northern Va

    I've trained a gal I work with to spot Cougars on the road. She said that in Fairfax City today, she saw one belonging to a Vikings fan that had a special purple paint job. Apparently the license plate had something to do with the Vikings, which was the give-away. She said the color looked pretty cool.....but then we know the Cougar looks cool in every color.

    It was funny to hear that from her and then check in here to see Bad's lament on the Grapemobile.
  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127
    During my extended waiting period while my Cougar was on order, the dealership set me up with a loaner. Initially it was a older turquoise Escort (before the last generation - '95ish) with black tinted windows. I think it had some sort of pink or red stickers on it too. Not attractive! Fortunately the parking brake siezed on it two days after they gave it to me. They then set me up with an acceptable late model Escort. I thought my original loaner was pretty sad, but I think your Grapemobile takes the cake, Badulah. Does Ford have some ties with KIA in the States? I wasn't aware of any ties.

  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    I'm leaving for Lake Havasu this evening, will miss all of ya! be back on Tues. My neighbor thinks I'm crazy...Max will be locked up, covered, in the garage with the garage locked!

    Think she's safe enough?

    Drive safe...see ya!
  • jdicejdice Posts: 24
    Anyone here ordered the Cougar parts from iCollection? I'm just wondering how they panned out for you; thinking about getting the cargo net, the cover, and maybe the removable roof rack.
  • katlvrkatlvr Posts: 23
    Oh badulah I totally feel for man, I thought I had it bad last month when they gave me a bright red grand am, the horror. I was so humiliated driving that thing around but the purple thingamobile, now thats an insult.

    As for those dreadful SUSs - die SUVs die.

    Lastly, I don't know if I'm a member but I read and sometimes post and am a proud owner - so I vote for the because this group has been a great source of support when I needed to know that I'm not the only one sufferng from obsessive compulsive disorder over my kitty.
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    Badulah -- in a KIA?

    There is a god. He's the same guy that employed the devil to assign Badulah to a Kia. A purple one at that. Help -- I've fallen over laughing, wet my pants in hysteria, and I can't get up!

    Seriously, though, I don't know where you people are going to for service. My dealership is pretty stupid sometimes when it comes to putting things back together, but they're the best aronud when loaners are involved.

    My dealership's loaners -- all 1998-1999 Mercury Sables -- are $12/day if you call soon enough for a service appointment, and free except for taxes if you're having to come back for a second try at a repair. They eat the cost of the rental in that second case.

    If you own a Lincoln LS, then you get a Lincoln LS loaner. Period. Nothing but taxes. I'm still trying to pretend that I'm driving the LS when I come in for service. Haven't tricked 'em yet.

    When they run out of loaners, you're SOL. Or so I thought. I set an appointment a week early last week, and I was told no loaners available for the day I'd set. When I came in, I was in a perdicament -- just back from week long trip out-o-town, doctor's appointment, mail to pick up, bills to pay. I needed a car.

    Upon request, I was given a salesperson's loaner (get to know the general sales manager, if he's not a greaser) -- brand new, teal 2000 Mercury Sable with the 24-valve V-6. Only needed it through lunchtime, and the guy encouraged me to listen to his Garth Brooks CDs. All I asked for was a demo. That 24-valve engine should be in EVERY Cougar -- it moved, even with the auto tranny.

    Poor Badulah -- stuck in his purple Kia... ;-)


    P.S. -- Thanks for the TSB notice.
  • daexpertdaexpert Posts: 140
    Yeah!!...I beat a Dodge Avenger today on my way back home, and he even was 1/2 car length ahead of me at the light! No match. = )
  • barhenderbarhender Posts: 12
    stageleft: the name of the movie was either "vision of echos" or "echo of visions" and the cameo was about 1.7 seconds long...
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