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  • krnchkrnch Posts: 127
    It only took me about 10 tries to post my last message. Huh?!

    Also, I see that the spell checker had a mind of its own. For example, "Badulah St a" was originally "Badulah et al." and no, I didn't try to rename our group the "COG".


  • I have found you. Have been reading all the mesages but have not posted in a while. My Cougar is parked again for the winter. And the Escort is my driver for the winter months. I like the group the way it is!! The people are the best.
  • Phew. Ok i'm back in business. I spent the past few days re-installing the o/s on my desktop and laptop. What a task that turned out to be. Never realized how much personal *crap* I have on both my pc's!

    But anyways yeah. About the whole merging clubs thing. Personally, for me, I don't mind if CSG/NECO merge, or stay separate. The one thing I will add is that both CSG and NECO have a lot of good things going for them. Combining the strengths of both groups would create a bigger commmunity that is better than having two separate communities working in separate directions. Although, as i said before, I don't know what the *politics* are like between the two groups. Something like merging may/may not work.


    PS.. I LOVE driving my cougar in the snow!! ;-)
  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with lot's of extra quality time to spend with your Cougars.


    Gee I thought you were making a suggestion with COG. Cougar Overlord Group maybe:)
  • Cougar Omnipresent Group?

    Happy Cougaring over the holiday weekend to everyone here!
  • Hey All-
    Sorry I have not been around much! Just dropping in to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Healthy Safe New Year!

    Personally, while I find NECO and CSG both informative, I believe CSG is more professional and responsive. I would not like to see the two groups merge. Badulah and Stageleft have done a wonderful job and I hope they continue to do so!


    PS- I thought perhaps everyone was over reacting to this new format but I must admit this smells!!
  • I found the following on the Lincolns of Distinction site ( Bad news indeed, if true.

    "I'm just the messenger on this one. In speaking with a Ford employee, in a VERY HIGH UP posistion, I understand that this past weekend, behind closed doors, in the "Glass House" in Dearborn, the directive was given out. Cease all design divisions work pertaining to Mercury. Cancel all future design teams.
    Stick a fork in Mercury -- it's done! Timeline has it at 18 months. 2001 build-out in the normal time frame, July 2001. Returning for 2002, a carry-over Grand Marquis, just as you see it now, likewise the all new Mountaineer. Goodbye Cougar, Villager and Sable.
    The birth of the "Premier Automotive Group" is about to dawn. Lincoln, Volvo, Jaguar will begin to merge into the same showroom, thusly creating P.A.G. Volvo's pricing covers the $30,000 to $42,000 range, Lincoln's covers the $40,000 to $45,000 and Jaguar begins at $50,000 and goes to $95,000.
    Plymouth to Oldsmobile to Mercury >>> Who's next? There will be only seven American cars left after Ford plants Mercury !!
    Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Saturn, Ford & Lincoln.
    (...."and then there were none")."
  • Wow. If that is true it is definitely bad news for all of us. What is going on with the American auto industry? Are we eventually going to have to pick from 2 American companies and 15 foreign ones? Hopefully our beloved Cougar will stick around in some form for more than 2 years. Maybe they will stick the Ford name on it. We can only hope that the article above is wrong.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas, and a happy New Year!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. I am hoping to wash my Cat today while at my parents house. My hose at my house is frozen solid and I want my car to be nice and shiny for the Christmas season!!! Everyone please drive and be careful while on the roads!!
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230
    Good to hear from you again, Mouse409.

    Krnch, COG = Cougars Only (from Group.

    Hey, MWS. Any info on the demise of Mercury. I just read at earlier about the demise of Oldsmobile. And now the Mercury name too. I guess all these car manufacturers are consolidating their products. I still love my Cougar.

    Happy Holidays!!!
  • Well, maybe they'll make the Cougar a baby Jaguar and give it the engine it deserves.
  • In a conversation held earlier this weekend I realized that the new Mazda Tribute/Ford Escape share the same 2.5 liter 6cyl. as our beloved cougars.

    I had been talking with a co-worker bout my "dream" mods for the car, one of which is the addition of a super charger. Two things hold me back from doing this.... 1. Of course I don't exactly have $3,000 laying around collecting dust and the second hang up for me is the problem of torque steer. I have a stock v6 atx and experience it quite frequently (my last car was a rear wheel driven 240sx so perhaps i am just still getting used to the front drive or maybe it's my lead foot??)

    In discussing my reservations about having that much power in a front drive vehicle, i got to thinking. I'd imagine it would be somewhat difficult, but would it be possible to fabricate an ALL WHEEL DRIVE Cougar from existing Escape/Tribute components?!?!?! I believe the engine is still mounted transversely in the Escape/Tribute as it is in our Cougars.

    I dunno maybe it's the Egg Nog talking ;-)


    P.S. This new Edmunds format smells like Flatulence :-)

    A real pain in the Derierre!!

    I can NOT get this to post my damn message!!!!!!
  • It took me 2 days to get that message posted..... :-)

  • pattepatte Posts: 35
    I've lost about 5 posts in the last week. I'm avoiding Edmunds until they get the glitches worked out.
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230 all the posts that never made it the the Edmunds server to be read by CSG members. I, too, have lost several posts. Let's hope that our messages made to Post Heaven.

    To Edmunds staff:
    I hope this is not an ongoing issue. We're not trying to be ungrateful or rude, but we're just frustrated with the new format. I hope all the kinks can be ironed out quickly, and CSG can operate smoothly as before.
  • I hope this board gets straightened out. It's hardly worth posting anymore. I lost 2 semi-literate posts and then lost the one where I whined about losing them. This is a serious flaw in a message board and I'm getting pretty peeved about it.
  • danadana Posts: 36
    Hey everyone,

    I know that the new software has had some bugs and trust me, people on vacation at the new software company and at Edmunds worked during the holidays to get all the bugs worked out. I appreciate your patience and if you run into any specific bugs, please post your problem in News and Views under the New Software topic. I believe we have the logout problem ironed out, so keep your fingers crossed! We are working hard to get these technical *bugs* eliminated.

    On a brighter note, don't forget...your first COUGAR SUPPORT GROUP CHAT will be on Tuesday, January 9th at 7-8pmET! Badulah will be your gracious host :-) I will let you all know more as the date gets closer, the URL you will need to access the chat, etc. Can't wait to see you there!

    Also, just to let you know...I will be now managing not only the chats but the message boards, so you'll probably see me around a little more once I dig out from all of my email :smile::

    Thank you for remaining loyal Edmunds members,

    Dana S. Livingston
    Manager of Community
    Town Hall
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    Morning All:
    I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!!! My Cat is dirtier than ever, but she is still running great!!

    GREAT to hear from you!! I was starting to wonder where you went.

    I too am rather frustrated with this new message board. I hope the staff at Edmunds gets this straightened out quickly. I'm worried that the CSG will lose members because of the difficulties they are having.

    So far we have one vote to merge and several to stay separate. Anyone else have anything to add on this topic?
  • Hi all,

    Maybe this is already old news in here... but did y'all see the supercharged 212 hp Cougar in the February issue of Sport Compact Car? Check it out sometime!

    They used a Vortech supercharger kit and a few other mods. All in all, they improved the 0-60 to 7 seconds and quarter mile to 15.1 seconds. The supercharger kit cost about $3,775.

    The review described the Cougar as "hefty" and "slightly porkish (weight)" for a compact sport coupe, but still said that it "does what it is designed to do very well-- it's a comfortable, quick commuter car." SCC also said that the Cougar fairs better than most smaller sport coupes in this dangerous world full of monster SUVs and other evil things.

    I wonder if the Cougar S will roughly have these performance numbers.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    The Cougar-S (If it ever comes out) will have 200-205 horses and around 170 pounds of torque.

    I thought the Cat SCC tested was much faster. I recall them saying it was them saying "it was the fastest car we ever tested". I wonder if this is the same article i'm thinking of? I recall an Eaton supercharger in the article i'm referring to. It also had the rear tower brace installed in the trunk. I'll check tonight and let you know tomorrow.
  • Hey everyone! Just got back from vacation and boy, have there been some changes going on! Just to let you know, thanks for sticking it out while does their thing. I'm sure we'll get used to the new format soon enough, and they'll get all the bugs worked out as they (we) find them. I really didn't have any troubles finding the group or the posts, but since they changed the system, it didn't remember which posts were new or which posts were old, so I had to search through and find where I left off a week ago. For those of you who are looking for past topics and such, remember that we've got them archived on the CSG site in Adobe's PDF format for easy reading, and once downloaded, you can view them offline (if you have trouble getting them on your computer, right-click the link from the CSG page and select Save Target As ... You should then be prompted to save to a location on your hard drive.)

    I like all the comments coming in based on the questions and thoughts about merging and would like to interject my own beliefs, which are quite consistent with other's viewpoints. I like having the CSG separate, and seeing how it is that the other groups offer different, useable information on the same car, I like having our group's comaradare and information separate. Not sure how archiving is going to be with the new format of the Town Hall, but we'll see.

    I had thought to write an article recently with all the information I've gathered (most I can't actually site because either the links are gone or I forgot to write down the source of the information) on the demise of the Cougar AND Mercury Marquee. I'd like not to see this happen, but the cards seem to be dealt in that direction. Although I can't say for sure what's going on and why it's happening, I'm going to work on a specific article for the site over the next couple of weeks, trying to retrace all the steps that led me to this belief almost a year ago (really). Bear with us, and try not to panic about this seemingly new information, I'm sure everything will work out fine in the end.

    My holiday was interesting, to say the least. I went to Seattle to visit with my wife's family this year, and honestly I can say I'm glad to be home. The trip was wonderful, don't get me wrong, but there's something to be said about sleeping in one's own bed at night. The funny thing about that area out there is that there really aren't many Cougars at all, or none that I could see. I was there for 8 days, and saw a scant 3 Cougars the entire time! I was a little distraught, believe me, although it seemed to be "truck country" out there. The biggest problem with that area seems to be the lack of love for their automobiles. I don't really blame anyone for not buying a Cougar out there because it would probably be dirty most of the time anyway. They don't use salt when there's ice on the road, but because of all the rain they have it seems like the cars and trucks out there are filthy. Oh well, not every area can have Cougar lovers like us *grin*.

    So, how was everyone's holidays? I just thought I'd ask since I really didn't get the chance to be proactive and ask before I left on vacation (sorry about that). But my thoughts were with all of you and your families while I was away.

    Take care everyone, and Happy Cougaring!
  • I experienced something already with this new system, by the way, and thought I'd share since my last post mentioned that I hadn't had any yet.

    I clicked the Post My Message button after typing all of that, and it asked me if I really wanted to login again ... LOL! Oh well. To solve that (or get around it, anyway) I just re-entered the CSG topic and pasted (I remembered to copy the text before I sent it just in case something happened) and posted again. It worked as you can see. It's a hassle, sure, but it's better than losing a well-written post.

    Later everyone!
  • dasaint1dasaint1 Posts: 230
    As I was reading your long post, I was wondering what would've happened if you had written all that and hit the Post My Message button, and then found out you lost everything.

    But you made a very smart move prior to posting your message, and that's copying it first. If only you had told us to do that sooner, but hey, better late than never.
  • camelardcamelard Posts: 171
    Copying the message first was a great idea.

    Note To Edmund's staff: It might help if you warned all Owner's Club members to do the same until all the bugs are worked out.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I found out last week that I am going to be a Daddy!!!! My Wife is almost 8 monthes pregnant. I am very excited! I hope everyone had a great holiday!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961

    She is 8 months pregnant and you just found out? Is she carrying very light?
  • A few months back there were several posts concerning a groaning sound when first starting off in the morning. As I recall, the consensus was that this was wet brake rotors making the grinding/groaning sound. My car, V6,MTX,Sport & Convenience groups has developed a groaning sound on cold mornings. The car is garaged in a detached garage, so the car temperature is about ten degrees above ambient. Here are the symptoms. When I start the car, all sounds are normal until I start to back out of the garage. At this time, the car develops a groaning sound that lasts for about 5 seconds. If I step on the brake very quickly, the groaning sound continues until the end of the 5 second time. This leads me to believe that the sound is not a wheel or brake rotor groan. If it is very cold (below 32F), the groaning may redevelop for intermittent times during the first 3 to 5 minutes of driving. After this time, there are no more noises until the following morning. The brakes/wheels are not wet when the car is parked the night before. I have not approached the Dealership yet, as I am sure that they cannot duplicate the noise. Any thoughts from any one???
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    You've got me on this one. I have no idea. Anyone else have any ideas or theories?
  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    Happy Holidays everyone, lost you all for a while, hope this post gets out there.

    Fish8-CONGRATULATIONS...I was once told that a newborn is like a present that unwraps itself daily.
  • burnsmr4burnsmr4 Posts: 318
    Happy Holidays, folks!

    First and foremost...

    Fish8 blind? - Um...not to be rude, fish8, but how in the heck did you miss your wife being 8 months pregnant? Congratulations, nonetheless. Next time you drive her to visit the OB, sneak away to the eye doctor down the hall. Jeez!

    New tires - I finally decided to get new tires, and the experience has been abysmal. I purchased Pirelli P4000 H-rated tires from Kauffman Tire here in Atlanta. WONDERFUL service experience, particularly during the busy holiday travel rush.

    Unfortunately, I declined the alignment in the interest of saving some money. This, plus poorly balanced tires and a little too much air pressure, left me with the WORST ride ever from new tires from GA to NC for Christmas. Thought the steering wheel was going to vibrate loose and fall into my lap.

    Luckily, the place fixed everything and deducted $20.00 for my holiday emergency stop at a podunk tire shop in north GA for a re-balancing of tires. Got an alignment and solved the problem.

    New format still bites -, you're going to lose me soon on this new format. I really do not like the clutter, the load time, and the difficulty in finding my last place visited. Plus, I lost valuable placemarks to messages I was interested in keeping for reference.
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