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When driving car at 100-120km/h steering wheel starts to vibrate

nathanjamenathanjame Posts: 1
edited May 2018 in Toyota
I drive a Toyota RAV4 (mode 2010) which has clocked 60 000km total. When I cross 100-120km/h on a smooth road, the steering wheel starts to vibrate, and the vibration reduces when I reduce my speed. I guessed the problem was in the tires, so I replaced the front tires with new ones, but I still get that vibration at high speeds. I also get these vibrations when I drive at high speed and suddenly slow down towards a bump. Can someone give me an idea for a solution?


  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 881
    The 2 ways you get the vibration point to different things.

    For the high speed vibration, I'd locate a guy with a Hunter GSP9700. ( ) It's a balance machine that also measures runout. Have him do the tires (and wheels) and get the "RoadForce" values. Since it is unlikely to be tires (having 2 bad sets is statistically rare), I'm guessing the wheels are the source.

    But for the sudden slowing problem: That sounds like a bad suspension bushing, and replacing those can be expensive ( Lots of labor involved!)

    So try the GSP9700 first and see what that tells you.
  • Nathan,

    In reverse order, "suddenly slow down" - are you braking? If you're are highway speeds and need to slow, typically you don't press hard on the brake - we'll call it moderate. If you feel vibration in the peddle or the steering wheel, it is almost certain to be your rotors. I'm going to disagree with Capri here (no insult intended Capri :) ), your car really isn't old enough to worry about bushings. I readily admit to this being an internet opinion.

    At speed, starts to "vibrate" is a bit vague, but in this case I would agree with Capri, almost certainly tires. Even so, when someone says tires - could be the rubber, could be the balancing, could be the idiot who put the tire on.

    What kind of tires?
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