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Problem with braking for my Toyota Avalon xls 2002

freddyraffreddyraf Member Posts: 3
edited June 2018 in Toyota
Good evening everyone;
I rather have a TOYOTA AVALON XLS 2002 .; But since it does not appear on the forum I chose the HYLANDER because they both have the same engine.
For some time, when I remove the handbrake and switch on the speed "D" to ride, after barely 50meter the dashboard tells me that the vehicle is returned to break and the engine humming becomes a little aggressive as if I was accelerating. Sometimes just at startup snoring is aggressive as if we accelerated, yet I'm in parking. And that can last even an hour on average. But no mechanic can solve this problem.
Can you help me please.


  • freddyraffreddyraf Member Posts: 3
    the engine are V6 3000 FOUR CAM 24 of 17 Chevaux
  • freddyraffreddyraf Member Posts: 3
    dear Sir Morning.
    my response is Not
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,521
    If I was in the shop getting ready to look at this for you I'd have to stop and talk to you first to try and make sure what the symptoms really are and what I would have to do in order to experience them. Then, once that happened I would start analyzing the issue(s). Right now what you have described here isn't enough for someone to even get started investigating the situation.

    Attempting to read through your description part of it appears to say that the problem occurs when the vehicle is cold and it makes a difference if the parking brake had been used, which leads to some questions.

    Does this sound happen if the parking brake isn't used?
    Is the sound in the front or rear of the car?
    Left side (drivers) or right side?

    Then we have the other part, what do you mean by "snoring"? Are you saying that you are moving and hearing a grinding sound or is the car not moving and the sound is simply coming from the engine or exhaust system?

    In the shop if a technician is handed a description like what you wrote here it could quite often occur that what the tech identifies as something that needs to be addressed isn't necessarily what you are the most concerned about. That's more a function of how well you are writing and explaining than it is anything else. I get that you want someone to tell you what is wrong, fixing cars doesn't work that way. Nobody just knows what is wrong. It takes time, experience, and knowledge to investigate most vehicle service issues. The investigation doesn't even get started accurately if the information from the customer doesn't make any sense.

    Try to describe the issue again, using full proper sentences. I won't be able to tell you what is wrong, but I can probably tell you how to better communicate your concerns with who-ever you want to have look at your car.
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