Mystery of vanishing power!

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I need some direction a hint or anything to point me in the right way with this:

2002 4dr Sedan Z24 5 spd with the 2.4L twin cam engine (aprox: 157000 miles)

The ABS and "brake" light sensors pop on and off throughout any drive at random times. it lasts maybe for a whole 2 seconds, but they are always together and never absent from any trip short or long. The good thing is, nothing bad has happened because of it, its more of an annoyance than anything thinking every sing time that the check engine light is popping on and automatic bracing for something serious. but not the case.


this is an even better one, this happens approximately once every month or month and half. I'll be driving down the road and all of a sudden, the stereo turns off, the gauges (needles) stop working and zero out, leaving no accessories on or power BUT the headlights stay on and the back lighting to the cluster say on and more importantly the car itself stays running as if it were a zombie and clueless that it lost those things. In approximately 5 minutes, everything returns from that that dead zone sleep to completely normal as if it never happened. at this point im always prepared for the worst, but nothing seems to happen from it. this has happened about 5 times since I've had it about a year and half. Im certain it'll continue.

I have tried re grounding certain areas, replaced, battery, alternator, fuses ALL has yielded no correction to it.

Whats worse is, no body seems to have had issues like this to even throw me a hint.
Hopefully someone here can help me out, Id appreciate it, even if its an educated guess.




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    There are a number of folks around here who might be of help. @thecardoc3 @imidazol97 What do you think??
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    First, do not assume that there is anything common between the two described issues, and for the purpose of troubleshooting even if there was a remote chance that they were related that would not be considered until after the diagnostics are done.

    The brake warning light and the ABS light coming on "could be" as simple as a faulty parking brake or master cylinder fluid level sensor or circuit. Some cars will turn on both lamps so if it random as you describe and only momentary that is the first thing that needs to be ruled in/out. The next question about the ABS issue is has anyone attempted to pull codes? If there are codes what are they? If there are no codes and scan data doesn't show you a switch input issue then the instrument cluster itself needs to be tested to see if it is falsely illuminating those lamps.

    The second failure needs to be analyzed while it is happening and the first thing I would do is measure the voltage to and through each fuse. You say you "checked the fuses" but "what if" you have a problem where proper power isn't actually getting to the fuse block when the failure is occurring? For example, a failing ignition switch could easily act the way you described. That is not saying that is what is wrong, but it is in play and needs to be ruled in/out when the problem is occurring. That is easy to do just by measuring the power to and through the fuses, while the cluster is out.
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