Can u help trouble shoot this electrical gremlin

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Control panel intermittently loses power while running. Just changed alternator and battery. The alternator circuit seems to work while control panel is out, voltage on battery was between 15-16v. After control panel is out for 30sec or so the battery light comes on. When control panel comes on the battery light goes off. When in park, the control panel goes off when I rev the engine to above 2k rpm. Control panel comes back on when it goes back to idle. Sometimes also intermittent I lose interior turn signal, interior lights and radio.


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    This is a 2005 Ford Escape
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    When you rev the engine, you're physically moving/shifting the alternator since it's attached to the engine. Since you just replaced the alternator, I'd start by checking all the connections at the alternator and also check the wiring for continuity or possible cracks.
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    15 to 16v? That's too high and it might actually be even higher under certain conditions. There are a number of modules that will shut down in the case of high voltage in order to protect themselves. Your charging circuit should have a "sense" circuit that feeds battery voltage back to the alternator so that the regulator accurately measures it's output voltage. If that circuit is failing it can result in the alternator overcharging.
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