2019: Audi S4 vs MB C43

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I did test drive both cars C43 and S4 and I am confused which one to go for. I understand the engine and interior comparison. But I am not able to judge which one is good for long drive (say around 8 hours with breaks (not everyday, just once in 3 months)).
I as I can not test drive a car for 1 hour, I am not able to figure out. So the question basically boils down to which car has more comfort so that at the end of drive driver will not feel tired. For example Lexus is known for that comfort. But for S4 vs C43 which one will have better and comfortable steering wheel handling, comfortable room for driver and overall comfortable ride? Please help.


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    A lot of this is going to be very subjective. A big factor for me regarding long drive comfort is leg room. Almost no difference between the C43 (41.7 in.) and S4 (41.3 in.) That almost 1/2" might make a big difference for me, but might not for you, depending on how tall/long we each are.

    What did you think about the relative comfort of each during your test drives?
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    During test drive, the difference is very little, but felt more comfort in S4. Basically, I felt, driver seat (and front passenger) width is more in S4 (like 1 or 2”). Steering is less stiff in S4.
    But C43 has more style and more fun while driving. Eventually I decided to go for any one of then which gives me better deal.
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