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my driver info center worked the first few times we started it, then suddenly it didnt look like it was working, along with the climate control temp, so i started it when it was dark and its really dim, so how do i brighten it?


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    There is a knob or wheel to turn to increase the brightness on the interior dash bulbs
    WHEN the headlights are on at night.

    There also will be a small plastic item on the top of the dash that senses the sunlight to turn the
    headlights on and off at dusk and dawn. Make sure that isn't covered.

    Make sure your headlight setting is in the automatic position--it's likely on the end of the turn signal stalk.

    Your car also likely has a twilight sentinel device that controls how long the headlights stay on after the car is shut off at night, to give you time to get to your door, for instance. Make sure that is set in the middle for now.

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