Noise when braking

ShawncoldShawncold Member Posts: 2
edited September 2020 in Mazda
when I start to slow down I hear a grinding/scraping nosie coming from the driveside front wheel. I checked the brakes and they look good over half the bake pad left on the outer and inner pad.


  • AndrewBMWAndrewBMW Member Posts: 1
    Has the car been sitting for a couple days in the rain? Maybe some rust on the rotors.

    Also, I'd check for debris between the pad and rotor.
  • ShawncoldShawncold Member Posts: 2
    I drive it daily. I took the brakes off and checked the brakes and rotors for debris. I didn't see anything
  • caccylovercaccylover WisconsinMember Posts: 1
    I am experiencing the same issue as Shawncold- 2011 CTS4 - two new sets of brake pads to fix loud screeching noise, but did not.. I would be interested to hear of any solution
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