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Dodge Dakota: Problems & Solutions



  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Bruce and or Dusty, my check engine light went on again tonight. Last time it was a $106.00 gas cap. (2000 Quad, 4.7). This code read: "P0155." Looked it up and this is what was listed:

    " 7C P0155 O2 SENSOR 2/1 HEATER CKT Oxygen sensor 2/1 heater element malfunction."

    Now as far as computer controlled gasoline internal combustion engines are concerned, I know how to install and gap points, check coils and replace spark plugs. On diesel engines, I can set the rack (Detroit), convert John Deere engines by installing aneroid technology, and fully understand and have a wonderful relationship with Cummins (especially "B" series). But, I have never heated an Oxygen sensor. What am I facing? Can I clear this code without resorting to battery disconnection? Appreciate your help.

    Norm (Bookitty)
  • bcarter3bcarter3 Posts: 145
    Norm, Are you back up north for the summer? If you are you will be missing the "best" part of Southern Florida. Hurricanes, humidity, heat and mosquitos!!!

    If you can change a spark plug you can change an O2 Sensor. The power for the O2 Sensor 2/1 comes from the Engine Computer. A heater circuit malfunction usually indicates a failure in the Sensor itself. My Dak is an '01 so I'm not positive that your '00 is the same but the 2/1 Sensor should be located on the right side between the exhaust manifold and the "mini" converter. I got one from the Dealer in February for $84.43 including tax. I used a scan tool to clear my code but I think it will also clear if you disconnect the battery.

    Hope the oysters are more friendly there, Dick

    I haven't seen an Amber Fire for a couple of years.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Dick, thank you for your response. As far as the hurricane(s) situation, we like watching them on TV as opposed to being a participant.

    Bruce (bpeebles) informed me as to what and where they are, but also that the 2000 models have a ten year, 100,000 mile warranty on the emission system. With that in mind, I will visit the dealer and fight with them in lieu of "Arlene."

  • I, thought I was the only one with this shimmy and vibration problem. I just bought my 05 dakota and the first 2000-3000 miles was fine, then the vibration started. I have taken this truck back 5 times and the dealer keeps changing parts and road test the damn thing and replies there is no vibration, until I take him for a ride in it. Then he says, we have to change this part out. This dealer has no clue what is wrong with this truck. I am so dissatisfied with this truck. Guy with a truck vibe!!!
  • what kind of transmission does a 2001 Dodge Dakota Sport R/T with the 5.9-liter V-8 have in it stock??????????

    Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
  • bobwirebobwire Posts: 1
    I have a 99 dak extra cab 3.9 v 6, that peice of junk!
    Well I bought it with 80,000 mi. & at 105,000 I have had to replace the control arm bushings & all 4 ball joints then 4 new tires and after all that I had had the tires spun balanced on the wheel this helped get rid of 95 % of vibrations.

    Now it only has 128,000 mi. and it dont idle smooth , I have replaced both oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, plugs wires , rotor button , plugs ,fuel sending unit in the tank wires & distributor cap, The dealership screwed me for $ 485.00 for so called fixing this problem and the junk still dont have the get up & go or smooth idle.
    not counting counting what I spent on the above mentioned parts.

    Please sell you're junk dodge and buy Toyota truck i think this will help.
  • rich14rich14 Posts: 15
    my 02 dakota dont want to start on the first try usually i have to turn the key two times to start, but when it is warm and only been shut off a short while it starts on the first try.... could it be the fuel pump or the injectors losing pressure?? and how can i check them myself? i love the truck but have had a few problems latley.:(
  • What steps do I need to do, to better my gas mileage. I have a 2001 Dakota club cab with the 4.7L. It has about 65,000 miles and gets about 13mpg in the city. On the highway it gets about 16mpg. this is about the same mileage I get with my 72 Gran Prix with a 455. Shouldn't I be getting better mileage? I know a bit about cars, but my experience has been with models from '64 - '74, nothing with a "modern" vehicle. I bought it used 1 year ago.
  • I seem to have the same problem as you. I had my truck scanned but no codes came up, how did you know it was the rear diff sensor.
  • dodgetrukndodgetrukn Posts: 116
    I've got a '01 quad with 4.7l engine with the 3.92 lsd rear and 5 sp manual trans. Just turned 66,700 miles. I generally drive ~ 50 miles a day in combination of stop and go traffic and manage to get an average of 16.2 mpg with A/C on or off. I generally use a mild-medium acceleration most of the time, and maintain a clean throttle body and air filter. When was the last time the spark plugs were checked/replaced? Idling ok? I've been getting that gas mile avg for over 3 yrs now..
    Your mileage sounds a bit under the norm..
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    It could be an intermittent Automatic Shutdown Relay (ASD) or the associated fuses.

  • morf2540morf2540 Posts: 2
    I have an '02 Dakota that has the "old style" connectors for the CD/radio, with two 7-pin connectors on the back. The CD player died and I want to replace it with another Dodge factory radio/CD player (which are easy to find used for under $100). But since '02 the new ones have a single 22-pin connector. I have looked all over for a wiring harness adapter that will go from the dual-connector to the single-connector, without any luck. I saw one a while back on ebay but I was outbid. Since then, nothing. Surely such a thing must be on the market somewhere. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  • Thanks for the help!!!!!!!
    Do you happen to know where i can get any performance parts for this transmission like a shift kit????????
    Any help would be greatly apperciated!!!!!!!!!!
  • ron35ron35 Posts: 134
    I would try Crutchfield at

    Even if you don't see what you want there give them a call, they are very helpful.

  • haselhasel Posts: 64
    Try E-Bay or the Dealer, have seen them on E-Bay.
  • haselhasel Posts: 64
    Chrysler PN#82207541 for the adapter, two seven wire to 22wire plug.
  • usmcfritzusmcfritz Posts: 1
    i have a 99 dodge dakota sport v6 3.9 5 speed...... and the abs and brake light stays on no matter what... i obviously have realized that its a sensor.. im also having problems with the speedometer it wont read my speed until 30mph...more than likely another sensor... are the speed senor and abs sensor the same in the dakota?? also sometimes when i come to a stop the rpms will drop and the engine will die.. starts right back up with no problem?? any ideas?? thanks
  • rdkubyrdkuby Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out what the problem was. I have the same thing on my 2000 model.

  • 2000 dodge dakota 4.7 150,000 miles - ac blows cold air for different lengths of time. ambient temp seems to be the only difference in how long it stays cold. the cooler the air outside, the longer it stays cold. when the compressor cuts off, the voltage and the grnd to compressor clutch are good, the resistance is 3.7ohms. (per friend that checked it) it will blow hot air until the engine cools down, then the ac will work again, help!
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The speed and ABS sensors are not the same. However, the speed sensor not working properly can cause an ABS fault. A faulty speed sensor can also cause irratic idle speed problems as well.

  • Does anybody know where i can get any performance parts for a 46RE trans like a shift kit or any kind of parts?????????
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I should add, however, that a stalling condition can be caused by a number of things, including a dirty idle speed solenoid or motor, bad plug wires, throttle position sensor, etc.

  • bc20bc20 Posts: 2
    I am having the same issue, did you find fix? Typically in the morning my radio and turn signals will not stay on, but in the after noon everything seems to work fine. I was able to figure out if I turn my key a little forward it will turn on the radio and signals, but typically would the switch off after a little while.

    Thanks if you can provide any insight.
  • morf2540morf2540 Posts: 2
    Thanks! That was the magic piece of info. I found it online.
  • bbrain44bbrain44 Posts: 3

    I have a 99 Dodge Dakota 2WD (it has the same problem you responded to above) and I have been unable to get a speed sensor for my truck. I have been to several autoparts stores and they all have the same sensor listed for the truck. When I removed the sensor I had to remove a shield and then remove a stud that the shield was attached to. The replacement sensor screws in where mine is pressed in and sealed with a O ring. I have a picture of the old sensor. I would appreciate any help that I get to find a replacement. I really do not want to go to the dealer unless it is necessary. I have put a picture of the old and the supposed replacement on this link. sensors I could also use a bit of advice on how to remove the connecting wire without destroying it.

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Aftermarket parts stores are usually behind when it comes to alternate or revised component changes. This is the case in your situation. You will have to go back to Dodge.

  • I currently am waiting to get my power steering pump replaced on my 04 4x4 4.7l. I get the impression this is a common failure with this engine by reading these forums my dealer admitted as much. All of us who have had to replace a pump should contact NHTSB and file complaints. This is a safety issue as I see it.
  • bbrain44bbrain44 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the information. I was able to find an aftermarket part from the or The sensor is put out by Standard Motor Products PN: ALS203. It sells for $27.26 plus shipping and handling (about $10). The OEM PN: 56028187AE is available from your local Dodge dealer for $52.19. I don't know how reliable the aftermarket part is but I am going to give it a try.

  • popdaddypopdaddy Posts: 22
    I've got a 2000 Dak, 3.9 V6, and the AC blows great, but doesn't blow cold. Doesn't blow hot, just kind of room temperature. Any suggestions?
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