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Chirping noise when I accelerate

edusanedusan Member Posts: 1
edited August 1 in Jeep
Hello y'all, hope one of you can help me out...

My Liberty is making a loud, chirping noise when I push on the accelerator, it is usually when the pedal is pressed midway, as if I push slightly it tends to not make noise nor when I fully press it. Could this be the pedal itself? Something else I should be more concerned about?


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,572
    Unfortunately, a description like that would be sufficient to get a technician to investigate the noise firsthand but isn't really enough to say what the noise is. If I was getting ready to look at this for you, I would ask, "Does the noise occur when you push the pedal with the engine turned off?" The answer to that would help in trying to reproduce the sound as the technician searches for it.
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