Contour engine noise

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My 1996 Contour with 68000 miles has a strange
engine noise when the engine slows down after being
reved in park. Car runs fine otherwise. Don't know
when this started to occur; not something one does
very often. Is this something to be concerned


  • bnormannbnormann Member Posts: 335
    Please define "strange"...


  • schaidleschaidle Member Posts: 2
    four to six light clunks as engine slow down
  • cthompson21cthompson21 Member Posts: 1,102
    Why in the world are you revving the engine while in park?

    I sure hope you're not doing this right after you start the car. You'll be causing lots of engine wear as the oil takes 30-60 seconds to fully circulate in the engine.
  • yeardleyyeardley Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 1996 Contour GL with the Zetec and the 5 spd. I bought it with 43k miles and now have 82k miles on it. I have noticed some things in the discussions about the Contour that I've had experience with too.

    Car Smells. I find that when you take the oil filter off the car, it dumps oil on engine cradle. If you don't clean the oil off the cross member, the vents will stink for about 2-3 months, especially after going uphill or accelerating. This is caused by the oil dripping on the exhaust pipe near the cradle.

    Engine Moans. I found that air in the power steering system will cause a lot of moaning from the power steering pump. Sounds awful. For me, it ended up being a leaking power steering hose. Good luck getting the air out of the system, I never found a way to get it all out.

    As for the question about what I feel about the Contour, I would have to say that on the whole I am pretty impressed. It was cheap to buy and has been cheap to keep on the road. As a person on a budget, I can't complain a bit about how the Contour has served me.
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