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91-92 VW Corrado

MaximMaxim Member Posts: 2
edited February 2014 in Volkswagen
I'm thinking of buying a 91-92 Corrado and was
just wondering how reliable these cars are.

I believe the '91s have a 1.8liter supercharged
and the '92s have a 6 cylinder 2.8liter.

I was also wondering what the specs are for HP and
torque for each.



  • wilco1wilco1 Member Posts: 9

    I traded in my '92 Corrado SLC in March and boy do I miss it! Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to make the monthly payments, pay the expensive insurance, AND make needed repairs.

    I purchased mine in 9/96 and, as I said, traded in 3/98. When I traded, here is what was wrong with it: sunroof inoperable, cruise control inoperable, rear window wiper washer inoperable, air conditioning problems, alternator/battery problems, and the straw that broke the camel's back...a failed heater core and the resulting lake of coolant in the passenger footwell.

    The basic systems, suspension, engine, brakes, and transmission had no problems. Although my car had only 46K miles on it when purchased, I suspect the previous owner was less than vigilant staying on top of the small (mostly electrical) problems before they became bigger problems.

    So as far as reliability is concerned, in my opinion, the Corrado will never leave you stranded on a lonely backroad, but watch out for the other problems. I also read (after the fact) Volkswagen had some problems with heater cores on these vehicles.

    Your statement about the engines is correct. The supercharged 1.8L four banger (G60 model)was standard '90-'91. The VR6 replaced it '92 on. I believe hp and torque are about the same for the VR6 being around 172 horsepower and ft-lbs. The VR6 models have a little bit softer suspension also.

    Would I buy another one? YOU BET! Would I have it checked out thoroughly? YOU BET! I don't think I would want the 4 cylinder. I heard it's not cheap if the G-lader (supercharger) goes south on you. On the other hand the four cylinder is more easily modified for more horsepower (if you're into that sort of thing).

    Sorry to be so long winded. Good luck and look for a responsible owner.
  • cmdiazcmdiaz Member Posts: 2
    I have a '90 corrado. I has the G60 engine which is basically a 4 cyl./1.8L engine with a "charger". It produces 158 HP on the same engine that produced only 110 on a golf without the charger. The VR6 has roughly 60% more displacemnt (and cylinders) and yet it only produces 12 more HP, although more torque at low speeds (who drives a corrado at low speeds?)It is called a charger because unlike a conventional turbo, the compressor works off a drive to the engine crankshaft instead of a turbine -- hence the word "turbo" -- propelled by exhaust gases. This makes the charger very reliable since it runs cooler.
    I bought mine new and has 94K miles on it. Here is what I had to do to it:
    - rear spoiler replaced at 15K (under warranty)
    - radio replaced at 20K (under warranty)
    - water pump replaced at about 50K
    - A/C compressor repaired at 60K
    - Cooling fan replaced at 70K
    other than those repairs, which never went for more than $500, the car runs great. It does not leak anything whatsoever. Never had to refill it with coolant or oil. It is superfast on the highway, rushing power at around 60 MPH which makes it a tremendous car for passing anybody on the highway. I can't say enough good things about it, it has been my good buddy for 8 years now...talking about being attached to things...I intend to keep mine until it falls apart...
    My advise is that you should definitely try to get one, but a single owner and well kept one...
  • wilco1wilco1 Member Posts: 9

    I think your story is more representative of a typical Corrado owner than mine. I wish I could have afforded to purchase one brand new. I was wondering if you had done any performance mods. With a chip and a smaller supercharger pulley you can get 190+ hp and gobs more torque for a really reasonable price.
  • cmdiazcmdiaz Member Posts: 2
    I have not done any modifications to it, but I'm open to trying new things. Where can I get more information about the chip and pulley combination? 190 HP? that is a lot!
  • wilco1wilco1 Member Posts: 9

    Just check out the latest issue of European Car magazine. It's full of great info for european car owners. Many reputable aftermarket companies such as Neuspeed, Techtonics Tuning, and ABD regularly advertise in it (just to name a few).
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