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Ford Focus - Part III



  • It's right in your instruction manual. Think it was 1000 miles. Vary your speed. Didn't say how fast or how slow. I think they also said no hard braking during that period.
    My personal opinion is to break it in like you are going to normally drive it.
    They also said not to expect to get good mileage until at least 2000 miles.
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    its exciting, im starting to make my decisions on the extras im adding. im so excited
  • drebe, i am so happy that they're going to get your car repairs started! norway i hope they get you rolling soon as well. hope everyone gets their foci back soon! i think one of the funniest things is the look on alot of fellow motorist's faces when i cruise by! they're trying to figure out what kind of car it is!
  • Hi folks. I just picked up my new ZX3 this evening, only to find halfway home that my interior dash lights (stereo, A/C, tach, speedometer) were not working, along with my parking lights and taillights. Of course, I'm taking it back to the dealer tomorrow. Should I be worried about this? I've heard bad stories about Ford electrical systems. Any advice?
  • I've had my sangria red zx3 for about a month and And yestarday I finally seen another one on the road(South Bend)-it was LEMON YELLOW!! I usually don't like yellow but it looked pretty cool!!!!
  • I wonder what's up with some of these color sightings... someone claims to have seen a gold ZX3 (would have been my first choice...sigh), and now YELLOW! Maybe an aftermarket paint job? Or does anyone know if Ford has revised the color choices? BTW, It's barely possible to FIND the Foci on my local dealer lots, since they seem to keep very few in stock, and tend to bury them way in back behind all the mammoth (and profitable) trucks and SUVs. I think Ford dropped the ball on the marketing side - they should have considered setting up a separate delivery channel for this car. I don't think most Focus buyers are typical Ford shoppers.
  • If it was a yellow sedan it is possible it was a limited edition Sony endition. They have a new colour just for that car- going platnium. But no one (from the dealer to the Ford Customer Assistance Center) knows what it looks like. If you look at and go to the page about "statement" vehicles, they picture a yellow one and have a description that would make u think it is the Sony limited edition. But as "silver bullet" said- it would also be a custom paint job the customer had done.
  • Oh man, now I'm depressed. WOn't see my car for at least another month and now this. Bummer
  • I have such ambivalent feelings about the Motorcraft filters - I'm glad you all do too. While I want to buy what is specifically made for my vehicle, obviously Motorcraft subcontracts with a low-end manufacturer because the filters are so inexpensive. Anyone ever bought a VW filter? They're like $12. I feel better spending $5-6 on the Mobil filter, or some other "high-end" filter that shows better performance in filtering particles from the oil.
  • if its a ford color it is most likely zinc yellow ...the mustang color. and i LOVE IT!
  • one of the previous posts read like it was a ZX3 that was yellow! i sure would like to know if it came from Ford that way. I know its not easy to throw away $ but.....cancelling an order thats already placed and ordering one in yellow is cheaper than having a car repainted???? tickbitty???? how much would you stand to lose... besides waiting of course. i don't mean to torture you but i am sure it crossed your mind as much as you like that yellow. oh my.
  • Briand789, don't equate the cost of a part to its quality. As someone who has owned several VWs and BMWs, I can tell you that the price of parts often has little relationship to their quality. BMW filters are made by a giant subcontractor too. They are well-made, but not noticeably more so than the FL2005 for our car. If you go to a dealer, sure you'll pay a fortune compared to an independent supplier. An FL2005 at the dealer lists for almost $9! The "$15" oil filter for my last BMW was easily obtainable from one of several mail-order businesses for about $5. Since Ford makes so many filters, that probably also has a lot to do with the low unit cost. Actually, I'd like to see a bona fide study done comparing a variety of filters -- not the unscientific "test" referred to yesterday on this site.
  • The issue of oil and filters is so complicated. I don't care who makes it, even how much it costs, I just want the oil and filter that will help get the longest life out of my engine. It seems that there should be a relatively easy and objective way of measuring that. If anyone comes across anything aside from subjective banterings, I'd love to see it. A side-by-side real-life test measuring engine wear would be great.
  • Hello out there in ZX3-land! As of last night, I officially joined your ranks. I was debating whether or not to order a car or take one off the lot that had ALMOST everything I wanted. My Auto-by-Tel dealer finally convinced me to go with the one they had in stock. I really wanted cruise control, which the car in stock didn't have on it (I understand this is an option which is just becoming available on cars being ordered this month). The cost of dealer-installed cruise (which is basically a swap-out of the ZX3's steering wheel for a ZTS steering wheel) is nearly three times as much as factory-installed cruise. At first, I balked at going this route, but my salesman made the medicine go down easier by selling me the "rest" of the car at invoice price. So I did the math, and my "out the door" price ended up being the same as if I'd gotten factory cruise and given the dealer 3% profit over invoice, a deal I could live with.

    I'll be picking up my car this Monday night--it's Malibu blue, or, as I call it, "bowling-ball" blue. I've only seen one other ZX3 in New Orleans so far, although I spot the sedans fairly often. My salesman told me that customers of all ages are buying these cars; the sedans are especially favored by "empty-nesters." My last Ford of this type was my 1990 Escort GT, which was a terrific little car, especially wonderful on the highway. Unfortunately, I only got to enjoy it for about eight months; it got totalled in a very bad wreck that I was able to walk away from. The Escort protected me so well that the next car I bought was another one (although it was a wagon). I've missed my Escort GT ever since 1991, and I think the ZX3 will be a very capable and enjoyable replacement. Interestingly enough, I'm pretty sure I only paid about $1500 less for the Escort GT back in 1990 than I just did for my ZX3. I guess Ford is doing a pretty good job of keeping costs low on this car.
  • Thank you all for understanding and words of encouragement! The parts have arrived...suspension parts, front fender, rear quater panel and rear bumper (holy cow or should I say holy deer!) and they are assembling the car again. The Ford dealership was surprised the parts suddenly appeared. Maybe the parts nightmare is over.

    The car will take an additional 10 days to be completed. I can't believe how slow, but I told the manager that to take his time and do a perfect job. So we'll see.

    Waiting is a drag. I do not like the Taurus I am driving. So familymobile.

  • khtkht Posts: 13
    When I was shopping for a new ZX3 last December, I wanted to compare how it drove to the Civic Si. So I went to the dealer, well 3 actually, and there was not a ZX3 with stick to be had. I couldn't even find a car which had the Zetec (the more powerful engine on the ZX3) with stick. Plus at that time the ZX3 didn't have cruise available.

    So out of frustration I went to the Honda dealer and swung a pretty good deal on an Si. I am very happy with my purchase, but I was wondering if anybody had an opportunity to compare the 2 cars. Please enlighten me as to how this slick little car stacks up against the competition.

    I know the Focus stick shifts a little better than the Civic and the Sound systems is better. Also it costs a lot less than the 16.5 I paid on the Si. The engine on the Si is intoxicating at high RPMs and it comes with a standard sunroof.

    I owned a 1991 Ford Escort GT previously and loved it.
  • On the issue of oil filters, It seems to me that today's cars are much more forgiving on filtr cquality than older ones.. The filter is supposed to do its job of removing the small metal particles and grit that could enter the engine.. With the well - enclosed ait intake systems, it is highly unlikely that road dirt is going to enter the engine, so the only thing the filter has to do is to block any of the larger metallic shavings that may come off the piston or block.

    What I am trying to say is that a $5 cheapo oilfilter should work just as well as a $15 Botique filter for most normal driving. Most cars I know die not because of the engine wearing out and losing compression, but because of other parts like the suspension or the tranny giving up, or due to careless negligence like not replacing the timing belt, or not filling up with oil and coolant.

    So why not save the money on filters, and use it towards your next car purchase, or maybe even better, more frequent oil changes..

    Just my 2c.

    BTW how did the yellow one look? Did they still have black bumper strips along the sides of the car?
  • So how much money have you spend on all these accessories? Bye the way I hope it doesn't snow where you are because lowering it will take away some of the needed ground clearance on this car.
  • I spotted the yellow zx3-I passed it on the highway. I wasn't sure it was a zx3 till it was passed and i saw it's cute tail end in my rearview mirror. Didn't get a real good look to notice any details.
  • I've spent $3200 in accessories including painting the Wings West body kit for the ZX3. I'm confident it will turn out great. I work for a Ford dealer so I was able to get the Zx3 for a very low price way below invoice. Ford Motor Co gives rebates to dealership personel when they purchase or lease a new Ford vehicle. I'm not worried about snow my other car is a 1999 Honda CRV EX AWD. Besides by the time this car arrives Winter will almost be over. The ZX3 has a very high ground clearance lowering it 1.2" should not cause too much of a problem.
  • Hey speedy, i also have a '99 CRV EX AWD. I bought it last July and had it until I bought my ZX3 last month. I think the CRV is a great mini SUV. My mom is now using the CRV and she likes it alot. Wow, when you get your ZX3, we'll have identical model cars.
  • Just got my personalized plates. They have the word "COMPLY" on them, which is a reference to Star Trek super-villains, the Borg. Yes, I'm a Star Trek fan! Anyway, I like the ambiguity of it, because I think it goes along with all us Foci owners. You can't quite figure us out! Anyone else getting personalized plates? I know mine aren't really Focus-related, but I'd love to hear what others may have. I know this has been discussed before. Has anyone acutally gone out and done it?

    I saw someone test-driving a red ZX3 the other day, and I wanted to stick my head out the window and yell, "Buy it, BUY IT!!!" Do you think I should have? :-)
  • To answer your question, monikaann, the comfort group for the ZX3 is the same as the one available for the SE, except there is NO drivers armrest/storage. The salesman claims he can install the armrest at the dealership....I'll look into it once I actually get the car.

    And, yes, the Power group includes power windows and mirrors....
  • Iam concerned about lowering the car with the eibach springs without stiffer dampers. Does anyone fell this poses a prob?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Friends, some posts above are hidden because they skew our screen size. To read them, just click on "Hidden" and you'll see the contents. Thanks.

  • vilvil Posts: 2
    I've had my silver zx3(AC, ABS, side air bags, mats) for a few weeks now and I just got it back from a local bodyshop where they installed a power moonroof for me for $495. It looks absolutly fabulous. I sure hope it doesn't leak :)
    I haven't seen any hatchbacks around here (Delaware), just a few wagons. I kinda hope it stays that way, I've enjoyed getting looks where ever I go.
    Oh well, now I need to test my patience...waiting for the summer to take advantage of my sunroof!
  • Hatchqueen, you are wise to ask about changing springs without altering the shocks. Folks, I know modifying your car and making it your personal statement can be fun, but don't think for a minute that buying random bolt-on bits will automatically improve your car. Yes, shorter and stiffer springs do require different shock absorbers. As their name implies, the shocks are matched to the springs, and control, or "damp", the spring's action. Lowering the car with the stock shocks places the shocks at a partially compressed position, from which the full jounce and rebound action is no longer available. Don't mess with your ZX3's suspension in a piecemeal fashion - it isn't smart, and can be dangerous if taken to extremes (like "slamming" your car). Ditto with aftermarket wheels. Any wheel you use should be hub-centric and match the offset of the factory wheel. See the Tire Rack's page for a good discussion of these factors. Putting 17 inch wheels and 45 series tires on a lowered car with stiff shocks may look "cool", but I hope you are ready to start spending more money to have those new wheels fixed, because you'll be bending those wheels regularly - just ask the folks with M3's.
    Here's an idea... take all that money you are planning on spending to "improve" your car (are you really an experienced suspension engineer?) and spend it on something that will always make your car faster and better controlled - you! Enroll in Skip Barber's school and learn how to really drive the car you have. You might be amazed at the stock car's capabilities, and your lack of same. Plus, the skills may save your life someday - what a deal :-)
  • mp10mp10 Posts: 103
    On page 3 of your owner's manual (I know, guys don't read *those* things...), it says:
    "There are no particular breaking-in rules for your vehicle. During the frist 1600 km (1000 miles) of driving vary speeds freequently. This is necessary to give the moving parts a chance to break in. If possible, you should avoid full use of the brakes for the first 1600 km (1000 miles)." Which means I can go bombing down Route 3 at 75 miles an hour as long as I go 15 mph 10 minutes later...wooohooo! Actually, I'm just slightly over 1000 miles now anyway, so not to worry: I'M ALL BROKEN IN!!! m.p.
  • drebe73drebe73 Posts: 243
    Bravo!! Thanks for the words of wisdom. I am thinking about taking a class to learn to drive stick, being that this is my first manual transmission automobile. I really want to know everything to know about driving stick.
  • Drebe73, just do it. I'm not talking about driver's ed style training, I'm talking car control schools - check and see if local chapters of the BMW CCA or Porsche Club meet near you. These groups often host driving events designed to hone your skills as a better, more "focused" (HAH!) driver. They don't teach speeding or competitive driving -- racing schools are for that. This type of training doesn't have to cost much, and the lessons you learn, while not as flashy as some 17" wheels or a big tailpipe, will make your ZX3 seem even more entertaining. Don't worry about "auto snobs" - most car club people are interested in all cool cars, and the ZX3 certainly qualifies!
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