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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • Jim, I agree this is a flaw in the car--don't get me wrong. I hate to sound stupid, but I wonder if parking in reverse is less effective than parking in first gear (which is what I do with any other manual car) in terms of keeping the car from rolling backwards--is there less effort required to overcome a rearward gear if gravity is pulling to the rear (all the benefits of locking the tranny aside)? I don't know, but I know that both of my Saab manuals have sucked at hill-holding. It really makes my wife nervous, too, that the car is going to roll on her.

    7/8 application sounds about right from my experience--sorry!
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136

    I would see about adjusting the parking brake a bit. If more slack is taken out the brake will be set when the handle is lower, say 5-6 clicks. Your wife will have better leverage on the handle at this point. I think it is worth a try.

    Drive Safe,

  • I have a 2001 9-5 Aero Wagon, 5 spd, and had the same problem as the rest of you with a roll-back. I did what BMW Joe did -- had the parking brake adjusted so that it engages when pulled approximately half-way up. This seems to have solved the problem, though I admit I have not tested it on a steep hill. Best of luck.

  • Great ideas!
    I'll have the parking cable tightened so it can be applied with less pull.

    Thanks again to rworrell, bmwjoe & JWAJack. This is the kind of stuff that makes Edmunds Bulletin Boards great.

    Chester, CT, USA
  • Hey gang! (especially bmw joe!)Have not been in the Hall for months. Still loving my 2000 9.5 wagon. Almost 40k and no problems. Love it! I have to turn it in Jan '02. Going to get another 9.5 wagon. Need an automatic (wife says so!) Joe, what's new for 2001 and what do I need?

    Fly safe!
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136

    I believe the 2001 is almost the same as the 2000. There is 15 more HP under the hood and Onstar is standard.

    Drive Safe,

  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Maybe you want to get the $5000 certificate that I got yesterday. =)
  • Rick, I also think there's another improvement in the new 9-5s that should be a major help for you--they now have a 5-speed automatic instead of a 4-speed. If you have to get one (per your wife), that's got to be a plus.

    Good luck (p.s. get an Aero!).
  • What kind of discount does Saab give to dealers on a loaner/demo vehicle, e.g. a Saab 9-5 Wagon LPT, premium package, heated seats, 3 mos. old, less than 5 to 10 K miles? In addition to the 5K discount offered on new vehicles.

    Also, What is the money factor/interest rate on a 9-5 wagon from Saab financial or GMAC?
  • saabiesaabie Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice. I will look into the 5 sp. auto. I am thinking about the Aero version. That may be a bit over the budget. What's up with the 5k certificate? Some sort of Saab loyalty program? My mailbox is calling out for one! The new (just got it)"Nines" magazine said they improved the ride (stiffened) and put a new grill on the nose for 2002. Also, better brakes and new headlights.
  • Hello SAABies,

    SAAB is offering the GMAC financing of 0% for 3 years. However, this is valid till 10/31. I'm planning on the 2001 Aero Wagon. If I can't get a good deal, I'll try to get a good price on a 2k Aero wagon.

    Do most of you lease or buy? Am not sure. Based on the depreciation that I've seen, am wondering if it's really worth it.

  • I think the group is about half & half on the lease/buy option. We leased our '91 Saab 9000 when new, then kept it for 9 years and 211,000 miles. We traded it for our 2000 9-5 wagon which we bought outright.

    Your lease/buy decision should be based on how long you plan to keep it. If you want a new car every 3-4 years, leasing is the only way to go. If you like to hold a car for 10 years or so, buy it.

    If you're going to hang on to the car, a discounted 2k Aero will be the better value.
  • I am in the market to replace a Dodge Durango, and while we have liked the truck (and particularly the third seat), neither my wife nor I feel like we can justify driving that big thing around for the 360 days a year that it's just her and the two little kids.

    I started leaning towards a wagon, and particularly the Passat, esp. since the new body style came out. However, my neighbor across the street came home with a 2000 9-5 SE wagon, and I think I might have changed my mind. He paid about 29.5k for a car with 8000 miles on it, and the out the door price I was looking at for Passat GLX's have been in that range.

    So...I started searching,, etc, and also reading up on the 9-5. My questions are these:

    1) What is reasonable price range for low mileage (less than 20K miles) 9-5 wagons, either SE or base (or Aero, for that matter). In online ads, most cars seem to be between 33 (SE with less than 10K miles) to 25 (base with 30K miles)

    2) What differences are there in the various trim levels that a) Cannot be made up by "loading up" a base model, or b) Are really worthwhile, c) For those who looked carefully at the SE vs. base, is it worth the extra dough, esp the engine

    3) Anybody carefully compare Passat GLX with 9-5?

    Answers to these questions or any other input ends in a month, need to move quickly.
  • mstsscmstssc Posts: 89
    First of all, it is good to see another convert from the SUV side. We converted to wagons/sedans after two SUVs and one mini-van - no regrets. I don't have a 9.5 wagon. Have a 9.5 sedan (2001) and V70 wagon.

    I can't comment on your price question as prices are different in Canada - my sedan was just under $30k US new (base with leather, sunroof). Comparing the SE with the base, the SE gives a 6cyl but I think the 4cyl base turbo is more than adequate. The Saab purists (see prefer the 4 cyl. No manual option on the SE. Adds an automatic rear mirror dimmer, dual switch rear seat heaters (base has single switch), 5 spoke alloys vs 10 spoke (same size), leather inserts on door panels, memory on the power seats, maybe some other odds and ends but I think thats about it. Leather is standard as is sunroof.

    In Canada this adds about $6000 US to what I paid for my car. I think a base with the leather/sun roof options added is better value. If I was going to go with the SE, I would probably spend the few thousand more and get the Aero.

  • I did a serious comparison 2+ years ago and have been delighted with the Saab. I got the base with manual and it goes plenty fast. Here's what swayed me. More room in the Saab, particularly rear seats. Rear seats in the Passat tilt you outside i.e. away from the center. It's disconcerting. VW had a boxy feel and handling like the older Volvo wagons. Saab had a better sound system(get the H-K upgrade now - it was standard then). Saab safety is better. My 2 cents.
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136
    I agree 100% with darandall. The Saab was larger inside and had plenty of power. 18 months later we still love it. We will enjoy this car for years and years.

    Drive Safe,

  • I have a 1999 9-5 wagon that has been nothing but trouble. With less than 24k miles I have had to replace the main computer, the heat/ac computer, the battery, the front brakes, key batteries ,4 headlights and 3 tires. I have had problems with alignment, upholstery coming apart, internal screws coming loose and incorrect error messages. I have been treated with the utmost disrespect by the service manager at Beck Volvo Saab and corporate customer service. It sounds like most everyone out there is thrilled with this car. Do I have a lemon?? Am I the only one?? Would like to hear of any other negative Saab 9-5 wagon experiences.
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136

    Sorry to hear you are having a hard time with your 9-5. Mine is a 200 model year and we ahve had no problems. We love the car and plan to keep it for a long time.

    Drive Safe,

  • We've had our Saab for a year now, and love it. However the standard 16 inch Michelin MXV4 tires that come with it seem to have horrible wet-pavement grip. I can feel the wheels spin and TCS kick in on even the mildest of wet pavement conditions. It has done this since day-1. Anyone else had similar experiences? Any suggestions for replacements? I'm not looking for a winter tire. Just an all-weather tire that actually grips wet pavement. On both previous cars (not Saabs) I've had Michelin X-One tires (which happen to be Consumer Report's top-rated all-season tire) and loved them. Anyone had any experience using them on a Saab? One catch is I'd have to downsize to 15-inch wheels as they don't seem to come in an appropriate 16inch size.
  • Has anyone with kids had the following experience? You're in the passenger seat, the kids start screeming for something, you turn around to tend to them. You need to reach something fairly far back on the back seat. Since you're rotated so far back your knee hits the ignition key in the center console, and the engine cuts off. This has happened several times to us. It is truly frightening. You're rolling along at 65mph in the middle of a multi-lane freeway and your car has gone completely dead. The only way to restart the engine (on an automatic) is to pull over (no easy feat across several lanes of freeway with no power), put the car in "park" & restart [presumably on manual transmission cars this is not as big a deal if they don't have the same interlocks that only allow the car to be started in "park"].

    We have now fashioned a clunky wooden board barrier that sits between the passenger seat and the console, that will hopefully prevent this happening again, but doesn't this strike anyone as completely insane? We asked the dealer to help and only got the canned spiel about the key in the steering column being unsafe in crashes blah, blah. But even with the key in the center console there are so many things they could do -- add an interlock so that the ignition simply cannot cut out while the car is in motion. Or allow the ignition to come back on without requiring the car to go back into "park".

    Anyone experienced this? Any ideas on how to fix this deathtrap?
  • Sounds like you have abusing your SAAB
  • Here's a question that could be readily overlooked since it's a little out of place with the current discussion, but I'll give it a try anyway.

    Any word about Saab offering AWD in any upcoming models? I like the car overall, but I kinda promised myself that the next car I buy would have this feature. (The ESP feature is a good step forward in the 2002 models, but it's not quite the same.)
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136

    I just completed a 700 mile round trip to the sister-in-law's complete with the wife, 2 kids and father-in-law and labrador. Everyone fit and had a comfortable ride. We did have a roof rack for our stuff. Still, I got 27.5 mpg.

    This car is the road king!

    Drive Safe,

  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,803
    Well, don't downsize to 15" tires & wheels, is my advice, for a no. of reasons. There have to be good wet-weather tires in the 16" size you need. The Tire Rack could be one source of info. & good prices.

    Good luck!
  • bmwjoebmwjoe Posts: 136
    The MXV4 tires are poor at zero speed. That is, when I pull away from a stop and get a little happy with the clutch the tires will spin. I don't have a problem with the high speed handling in the wet.

    Drive Safe,

  • 2001 SE Wagon, Blue/Tan (Man is it hard to find the tan interior). No options except for heated seats. 8k miles, 29k dollars. NOT Saab Certified, being sold by a Nissan Dealership.

    Is this reasonable? I'm having a heck of a time finding one that fits the bill, and have got a lease ending mid December. Also, this car is about 200 miles away, so I am going to either have to ride the train up or buy it sight unseeno-neither option appeals to me much.
  • Saab had (and may still have) a lease deal on the 9-5 wagon. Base model with three years at 12000 miles per, total payments of $15,000 and residual of $14,500. that means you can buy one new for less than $30,000 total while making lower dollar lease payments up front. What's not to like? Also includes free service for 36,000 miles - worth $1000. Good luck, and shop around!
  • Saw your board and just had to comment. I've got a 99' 9-5 SE sedan and have just moved to Westchester, so I deceided to give Beck service a shot. Went back twice, and called it a day. Not very customer oriented to Saab/Volvo owners because their Chey business is so much bigger. Stay away from there. Also, stay away from Saab of Westchester in Briar Cliff Manor. Equally as bad, and guess what, they're owned by Beck. Coincidence? Saab of Greenwich is very good, and they give you a loaner, but it's in the wrong direction for me. Surprisingly, I bring my car to Zumbach in NYC. These guys are really on top of it, and the service is very professional. I've had nothing but very good experiences there, and they listen. If you work in Manhattan, it's actually cost effective to go there. Bring the car in the am. and once they're finished with it, they'll give you 12 free hours of parking until you pick it up on 51 st.(bet. 10-11 ave), and it's a 24 hr. garage. You might have heard discouraging words about Zumbach, but it's all on the Audi side, trust me.

  • Was Previously looking at Volvo XC 1998, I mean come on, It is a volvo. What could be bad about it? Everything from what I read on the posts and consumer reports.
    Went to tell the Saab dealer, where the used Volvo was, and there was the 2001 SE wagon. $28,000 with 18K. Without even a chance to deal, the owner said 25,500. With research on every website, newsletter, and report I could get my hands on, and two test drives later (Fiance and self) it was over.
    More Size, Faster engine, More Luxury, Better Handling, and Comfort than Volvo XC and Passat Wagon GLX. What more could I ask for.
    Looking forward to continued posts of happiness!

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and congratulations on your new Saab 9-5 wagon! Sounds like you had a good purchase experience. Thanks for sharing the details. We look forward to hearing more about your ownership experience. If you have a chance, please stop by our Saab Owners club and say hello to the other members. Happy Motoring! ;-)

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