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Volvo V70 Wagon Experience



  • Responding to #106 and #116

    We just picked up a 01 V70 AC on Monday night. We, too, have condensation in both head lamps. I haven't checked to see if it's cleared up.

  • Katie-Ref#119
    The 7500 mile tire rotation is about right. That was the trigger for my '98 V70 AWD R and I got 40m+ from the high performance Michelin Pilots. Also, I fully agree about the lack of need for all wheel drive. One of my new V70 T5 appealling attributes is the savings of $2500 and 250lbs. But, so far(2500 miles), the fuel mileage is less than my '98.

    Also, if you got the Versatility Package, make certain your salesperson shows you how to access the spare tire. The directions in the Owner's Manual assumes you have the standard hatch lid, not the Versatility hatch.
  • fultont, I can't tell you about the Odyssey, but having owned a new 1998 V70 low pressure turbo, I loved the car. The main problem areas I had were the headlight bulbs (vendor problem), fuel filler door (re-designed and replaced under warranty), and the headlight switch. I used the car for business for two and a half years. It would idle in the summer heat in the southeast for hours and stay up with the best of what were suppose to be higher performance cars. The car was very comfortable and rode great. I would have liked larger sway bars but learned to use the limitations of the suspension. I replaced the car with another new Volvo. I also own a full size Dodge van and an Astro. They have their uses, but for everyday driving, and carrying luggage and people, I'll take my Volvo any day of the week.
  • My husband and I signed the lease papers for a 2001 V70 2.4T this evening and have until Monday to change our minds, when we are scheduled to pick up the vehicle. We negotiated, at no additional costs, for the car rack, window tinting, and cargo cover. There is a 4 year/50,000mile warranty (bumper to bumper) and scheduled maintenance (same 4yr/50K) is included, along with a loner car. Includes leather package, power sunroof, security package. Price is $36,205. They also advertised a lease special for $499 + tax. This is our first Volvo and only our second car lease. Payments $497 + tax. How did we do? Any response would be appreciated, as mentioned before we have until Monday, since we will take possession of the car until then. Thank you
  • The deal sounds good, but what was the lease term? My salesperson mentioned, in passing, the roof racks were quite expensive ($500-$800) to install, so the extras you got represented a sound value-if you will use the roof rack. Also, you may want to ask your salesperson to demonstrate how to put the radio stations into memory; it is a bit different that any other car radio that I have ever used. You may note there are no buttons to set stations.
  • I've test driven and am interested in buying a used 98 V70 Base wagon. Not having driven Volvos before, I'm not familiar with the sound these cars have when driving. It appears to me that there is considerable noise in the cabin from the engine. A strong throaty hum. With the driver's door open, it appears particularly noisy from the heat shield area dead center under the front passenger compartment. The salesman indicated that the I5 engines do have a different sound, but my thinking was that there was a small hole or leak in the exhaust. Are these cars generally this noisy? Other than that, I find the cabin very quiet with little wind or road noise at highway speed. I guess I'm going to have to test drive some others to see if this is a trait.
  • zoom fish,
    The exhaust noise at idle is one of the reasons I am not driving a V70 today. It was a low rumble that was very distracting.
    Other problems: the in-dash upholder. A close look at a brochure picture shows that a cell phone key pad is supposed to go there instead.
    I hate to see dead switches. I want all the gadgets and all the switches to be operational.
    Plus, every now and then there are some very distressing posts on here about Volvo reliability problems.
    So ,even though I lust for a V70 wagon, I guess I'm keeping the quiet and reliable Dodge Caravan.
  • Responding to #116 & #122

    The dealer replaced the entire head lamp assembly on the second visit (replacing gaskets around the bulbs on visit #1 did not work - after mostly evaporating, condensation returned with a vengeance after a good rain). Regarding the dead battery - a much less positive outlook: my new V70 has 400 miles on the odometer and is sitting in the dealer's service department for the third time since I took delivery three weeks ago. They can't locate the problem. Something in the electrical system is draining the battery overnight. Also, that thumping sensation in the steering column I described in my original post (#106) required replacement of the steering wheel counter shaft. I've never had a new car with so many major defects right out of the gate.
  • i'm still looking at cars. considering a baseline 2001 V70 (with the following options: automatic, sunroof, 3rd bench, leather and traction control). how does it handle in snow/ice? how accurate are edmund's factory invoice prices? how much over invoice are you guys paying for new V70's? thanks.
  • Hello,
    I have a 2001 T5 and there is this irritating creaking noise that comes from the -pillars (I think... it's the ones between the front and rear doors) while driving over bump roads. I believe the plastic parts covering the pillar are causing the noise. I've tried "lubricating" the joints between the pieces with Amour All but it doesn't seem help. Any suggestions?
    Has anyone else noticed this? If so, what did you do to fix it?
    I expected stuff like this on my old Ply mouth Voyager but not on a car this expensive!
  • Just got an '01 V70 cross country and am having a little trouble installing a Cosco Eddie Bauer car seat. It seems like it's so loose. The center shoulder belt doesn't lock, so the seat wiggles quite a bit.
    I was just reading on Cosco's site about LATCH - "This new system, which will be completely implemented by 9-1-2002, is called LATCH: Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children"

    Apparently, there is a bar that tethers can anchor to from the bottom of the car seat to the this bar, so you don't need the adult seat belts at all. I have not located any info if the Volvo's for 2001 have this or not.

    Does anyone have any info on this?


  • i'm looking at at the v70 xc and wondering how does the 3rd row of seats rate safety wise? is there any testing done on them?i don't want another suv with only seating for 5.
    john b
  • Wondering about what deals are out there for those looking for a lease. I just got a quote from a local dealer and it seems too high. If you add the 36 payments, 1st initial payment, and the residual value I come up with $47,450 for a XC with an initial price before tax of $38,800. I heard Saab has a great deal on their lease...what is Volvo doing?

    3rd Row Safety of V70?

    Does anyone know about integral child seats in the XC?

    What roof racks are available for the V70? Do they create a lot of road noise? Cost? Can you do a roof rack and a bike rack?


  • rnbnmrnbnm Posts: 3
    I am the mother of a 2-year old and am expecting twins in a few months. I'm thus looking for a vehicle that will fit 3 car seats. I'd strongly prefer not to buy a minivan (no offense to minivan owners). Any views on the 2001 Volvo XC or V70? Specifically, (i) can 3 car seats comfortably fit in the second row?; (ii) what is generally the age of children who sit in the third row?; (iii) how safe is the third row? (iv) what has been your experience with the integrated booster seats and/or the new Volvo infant seats?
    Thanks alot in advance.
  • Reva, congratulations! Looks like you're considering ML, MDX and Volvo XC.

    MDX wait time too long: You can get out-of-state delivery. I have a local friend(SF Bay area) who bought his MDX from Oregan and his wait time was less than 2 months. But if you don't want to put in the extra work for this, go with ML or XC.

    ML: It's also a great vehicle as many posts have discussed. Three kids should be able to fit the 2nd row although it might be a little tight when compared with MDX which is wider. It also has the 3rd seat that expands the total seating to 7. Its safety features are excellent.

    XC: The 2nd row should be very similar to ML's. But its 3rd seat is useless. And it's not an SUV -- no high seating, but drives/rides better. Safety features are also great. I personally think XC has the best safety among the three.

    Hope this helps...
  • Hi,

    Can anyone recommend a good salesperson to deal with at Jim Fisher Volvo in Portland, OR? How about experience with their service department?

  • To MBNM-
    Sorry to break your heart, but don't go with a Volvo or any wagon with three little ones! I've "been there, done that" and it just does not work. It's difficult to place one in the rear center, they "interfere" with each other when old enough to move about, and it's totally impractical. You need three rows of seats that can be accessed easily and quickly! I'd never consider putting a young child in a third Volvo seat.

    It won't be long until you are into the carpooling scene and need extra seats. Only a mini-van will give you that availability.

    My children are all now teenagers, and we finally have said goodbye to our third mini-van and I now drive an s.u.v. We were able to have a Volvo (have owned four) as a second car and considered ourselves lucky! But you just don't have the versatility with a wagon that you do with a mini-van...they are a must for active families! Even on short trips kids need their own space and thus three rows of seats save a lot of stress on parents. Good Luck and Enjoy!
  • I absolutely agree. The Volvo wagons third seat is a flat seat with a back that pops up - and besides that it faces the rear. This seat would be only useful to carry an extra toddler to the pool or some other short distance. Perhaps an SUV with a third seat would do - but your two year old will be so far from you and it would be difficult to pass anything back that far.

    The MDX seemed to have a pretty nice third seat for a child and it folds down instead of having to remove it. The second seat seemed a little wider also. I don't think the Volvo's back seat is going to work very well with three car seats, but you can cart all three seats over to the dealership and give them a shot. Maybe if you squeeze them in there just right...

    I would suggest taking a look at some of the luxury minivans. When you are taking trips with three toddlers it would certainly be nice to pop down that television screen and put in a tape. When they are older you can all four listen to different music for each chair has its own system or they could play video games on the television. Most even have climate controls just for the rear. Minivans really can be very nice and they have changed dramatically in the last few years.

    I know this advise may seem like a bitter pill, but trust me, you will thank us later when you see how much more convenient your life is with a more appropriate car. In one year you will recognize that sanity is much more important than the type of car you drive.
  • nkochnkoch Posts: 1
    Car is 2001 V70 2.4T, with leather, versatility and touring packages,16" Metis wheels, metallic paint, power sunroof (option MSRP total= 4650), 575 destination charge. Dealer loaner 3200 miles. MSRP was originally 37,625, now it is 32,995 - to account for usage. I want to know what I should offer for the total price of the car. Also what should I accept as a final counter offer. Or should I forget this car and just go after a "brand new one". Please give input.
  • I think this may be a good deal if the car is not too old--ask when it arrived at the dealership. I was offered a demo with 2700 miles but it had been in inventory for almost 8 months. The 2001 V70s delivered before Sept may have a higher potential for warranty problems. Try a counter offer at $32000 and settle for $32400. My previous Volvo, a'98 V70 AWD R was a demo with 1200 on it; kept it until 41000 with no problems.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    I must say the car was lovable. Press the gas pedal and it pushed you way-back in the seat (190hp turbos). Felt like a rocket. Very nice sound system but it got overwhelmed if you turned it up too much. Quality feel everywhere but a few too many squeaks here and there. Very pretty large wheels with cool-looking low-profile tire on which I had 11 flats in 17k miles (yes, that may be the tire manufacturer's problem, but Volvo chose the 149mph tires for this car) AND at 17k I was told I really ought replace the two remaining original tires (other two replaced along the way due to side-wall damage) as the tread was separating. It was towed in once for battery failure and the leather separated from the rear passenger door panel..... all in 18 months. We had an unusual number of light bulb failures, among a number of small but persistent problems. As I said, it was a thoroughly lovable car, but there was always something (fairly small) wrong. These days, who's got time. Traded for a Toyota.
  • We are hoping to purchase a new 2001 v-70 soon. We have settled on a t-5 with 17-inch wheels and tires because that's the only new one in stock at our dealer. However when we test-drove it the steering at interstate speeds (78 mph) seems loose with a tendency to over-steer. The result was constant adjustment and compensation for the last adjustment. Tire pressures seemed fine at 35/38 front/rear. At the sales manager's request we then drove a 2001 v-70 t-5 trade with 23K miles. This car seemed to handle fine.

    Our sales manager apparently would like us to accept the loose steering and has explained to us that the steering will correct itself as the car's computer 'learns' our driving habits. He has stated that many functions of the car are adjusted in this manner by the computer learning the drivers habits. This includes, according to them, adjustment of brake pedal sensitivity.

    Can any one help us? Have you experienced similar situations? Know whether this feature actually works? Or, have any insight that may help us accept or reject this car with what we consider to be less than optimal handling in the steering department?
  • twoof1twoof1 Posts: 308
    Your sales manager is full of it!
    The only thing the computer will "learn" and adjust to is the shift points of the transmission. It will not have any effect on the steering or brakes. I have noticed after 5,000 miles my brakes are not as touchy as when new, however they are still very sensitive. As for the steering, I don't notice the loose steering you are describing. Maybe the two cars had different tires. Mine has the Pirelli P6000's.
    I would confront him with this and see what he says. Let us know how it turns out.
  • I will second what Twoof1 told you. In fact, You should consider going to a different dealer given the garbage you gor from that salesperson.
    I have a 2001 T5 with the "mysterious" Pirelli P6s on it and, so far, they handle quite well. Neither Volvo nor Pirelli has any data on the P6s, but Tire Rack now offers a 235/45/17 Pirelli P6 as a "light truck/Suv" tire. I hope Volvo hasn't foisted such a tire on us-I would very disappointed with Volvo.
  • We are expecting a 2nd child this summer and we are considering purchasing the XC. We hope the car we purchase will be a dependable car we can travel in for 5-7 years. We know in a few years we might have a third child. Does anyone have any experience with how seating three small children in the 2nd row of the V70 works? I noticed a post that encouraged someone else to get a mini-van. I am just wondering with small children (like ages 1,3, and 5) if it would work comfortably and safely. What types of seats do you recommend? I would imagine the selection of the seats would play a big factor in this working.
  • kjookjoo Posts: 27
    Me and my wife have 7 kids including two newborns. When we went looking we found the V70 to be the best for us. The Volvo was just right for my wife. (NO MINIVANS IN OUR FAMILY) We picked up our 2001 XC. This was our 7th Volvo (1986 DL, 1989 740 wagon, 1992 850 GLT wagon, 1993 850 sedan, 1998 V70 XC, and our 2001 V70 XC.) And when Volvo comes out with the SUV ill be the first one their to buy one.
  • we will be moving to rocky mountains this year, have 3 kids aged 9,6,4. is 5 cylinders ok for elevations of 8,000-10,000 feet? how does this vehicle do off road? ie. clearance etc? i will not drive mini van (sorry, i know it's my problem!)and wife has probs w/ suv's and rollovers. how much can it/how does it do towing? any othert suggestions, we are considering acura mdx or new toyota highlander but i'm afraid of first year editions.
  • kjoo - Did you say you have 7 children? How do you travel with 7? Do you have any specific suggestions for seating.

    ssheldon1 - Noticed you said you have three children. Are you thinking about having all three of your children sit in the 2nd row seats. Have you test drove with the three of them in the 2nd row? Were they comforable?

  • kjookjoo Posts: 27
    My 2 oldest are 21 and are at colledge in andover so we really have 5. Seating is fun. 3 car seats and the two boys sit in the back. Thats why we also have the Mercedes ML for the trips. I wanted to know do you know anything about the v70 R or the new suv in interested in both.
  • So then kjoo, you were able to use the third row of seats for the kiddo's? Has anyone else had a good experience with the 3 seat? I ask because I cannot imagine driving an suv or a minibus/minivan. The mdx looks ok but no manual transmission. We are considering the volvo,audi and mdx, and maybe the new mercedes c wagon if it has rear seats.

    Thanks for the feedback.
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