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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • acaderacader Posts: 2
    Hi, I just started negotiations on a 2013 2.5L SEL. We started at $0 down + taxes, title fees, and $425 x 36 months. After the first round, we are at:

    Out the door = $31,225
    Money Factor = 0.00065
    Residual 51%
    12K Miles per year.
    $378 per month.

    Are the residuals and money factor correct for a 2013 Passat SEL? I'm hoping to be at $320 x 36. If I am able to bring it down to that, is it a good deal? Thanks.
  • goirish2goirish2 Posts: 10

    I'm currently leasing a 2012 VW CC and my lease is up in mid-August. I'm looking at a 2013 Passat SE. MSRP of $26,110. I know how to calculate the lease numbers, but was wondering three things (1) what is the residual and money factor for July; and (2) with the dealer cash ($2,500) how much should I be able to negotiate the purchase price, and (3) will there be better deals in August?

    Thanks for all the help over the years!
  • 07camry107camry1 Posts: 2
    I know this is unrelated, but back in you mentioned printing off a copy of the TSB for your 07 camry. I recently purchased the 07 used and it has all the symptoms the TSB was to fix but I cannot find a copy of the TSB. Do you still have a copy?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    edited July 2013
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  • kingmeatkingmeat Posts: 10
    edited July 2013
    When you add the selling price and dealer fee you're essentially paying 25,307 for the vehicle. I see truecar for Miami has price for the vehicle currently at $24776. I would think an initial offer of $23,300 when added to the $699 dealer fee would put you at $24K, $777 under the truecar price this evening. This is assuming you have excellent credit and you are not trading a vehicle. Please note that the truecar price in different markets is over $1100 different in some cases.
  • Hi Matt, I am in STL and trying to negotiate on 2013 Passat TDI SE (sunroof but no nav) Any suggestions? Were did you get the best deal? Recommend a specific sales person? Any dealers to avoid? Thank you!!
  • I was trying to negotiate on buying a 2013 Passat SE but once I figured out how low the car payments will be, I changed my mind to leasing for 3 years. The same dealership trying to sell then offered me the lease deal below and considering July 31, 13 was the last day for lease specials I want to check if I walked away from a good deal?

    MSRP: $26,110
    Capital Cost: $21314
    Money Factor: 0.00048
    Residual Value: $13316

    Lease Offer (3 Yrs/36k miles): $296/month (all inclusive)
  • sc_cjsc_cj Posts: 1
    Found a dealer with a 2012 Passat SEL that they haven't sold yet, now since it's nearly two model years old I was wondering what to offer. From what I've seen online the car depreciates $10k to $12k over that time. Car is brand new with less that 250 miles and had an MSRP of $29,400. What would be a fair offer?
  • vw502vw502 Posts: 1
    I am looking to maybe purchase this 2013 vw passat, SEL 7726 miles on it. Owned by one person. Carfax shows title issued 2/6/13 then back to dealer on 4/5/13 and it has been for sale there ever since. Price is 23,457.

    Over 7000 miles in two months?! What should I offer?
  • acaderacader Posts: 2
    2013 SE can be down by another $10-$15 per month. You can still negotiate on the 2013. Seems like Aug is better for Passat. I'm negotiating a 2013 SEL Premium (gas) for about $320 p.m OTD, 12Kmiles, 0 down.

    I don't know what the money factor is for Aug.
  • I have a dealer down to $19,900 for a 2013 CPO Passat SE with 5k mi on it. They are saying $23, 568 OTD. Should I be excited about this deal. Their internet price was originally $22,000 on the vehicle.
  • zekiribzekirib Posts: 6
    edited September 2013
    Got an offer tonight for a 2013 Passat Wolfsburg Edition

    I don't have the numbers in front of me but Total due at signing is about 2300 (taxes, fees and first month)

    This is 36mo/36kmi

    Offer is 350 Per month

    Thoughts please?
  • You can rent it from Hertz at weekends. It take you about $10 a day with unlimited mileages. Of course, you need remember the two codes.
    PC: 182092
  • ohenryxohenryx Posts: 285
    I have a dealer down to $19,900 for a 2013 CPO Passat SE with 5k mi on it. They are saying $23, 568 OTD.

    How do you get from $19,900 all the way up to $23,568 OTD ? Just how high are the taxes where you live? Here in Texas, you would be looking at 6.25% sales tax ($1,243.75) plus about $250 to $300 for the license plates, filing fees, etc. That should run you about $21,443.75 total, which is more than $2k less than your OTD.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    edited December 2013

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