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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That price of $395 for the cd changer is a great price. The lowest around here for the *in-dash cd* is $395. There is a dealer here in TX quoting $695 for the cd-changer!!!
  • dpr5dpr5 Posts: 32
    Mona, Not too bad but...
    Do you really want the tinting? GLX comes with a rear shade. Possible savings $125.
    CD should be no more than $350. Possible savings $45.
    Inventory fee is bogus. Possible savings $71
    Doc fee is bogus. Possible savings $50
    License and filing fee may be appropriate. Check with State.
    Port and ? fee may be charged by VWOA. I don't know but would complain about it. Let them show you the invoice with their charges.
    I think you should be able to save another 281 to 398...

    Your close...
  • afk_xafk_x Posts: 393
    Thanks for helping people set themselves up for failure. Suggesting that a $50 Doc fee is "bogus" is truly fascinating.

    You're not even in the zip-code.
  • betty333betty333 Posts: 1
    I know this isn't a message board for Corrados but, I really need help. I've been seriously thinking about buying a 90-91 Volkswagon Corrado.
    I can't find any consumer report listings on it. Nobody really knows much about it. I like the body style and everything I just don't want to get a piece of junk that's gonna break down every other day. My sister has a Jetty and her engine is almost gone and her warning buzzards always malfunction, also her alternator is messed up. I've been saving for a long time and I really need some advice. Also, Does anybody know why they stopped making them in 1994. Are they Junk??
  • Betty,

    I strongly recommend that you go to They have discussion boards dedicated to each of VW and Audi's car models, including the Corrado (over 12k posts!).

    Try here (not sure if this link will work, but try it). Corrado is mid way down.

  • carguy5000carguy5000 Posts: 146
    Hey Dave, to keep it simple, you do not know what you are talking about.

    gdrak, the dealership will return the $300 if you ask them to, don't let the salesperson tell you differently. Just be a pest, ask to talk to the owner etc.
    Again, don't let $300 drive a $27k mistake!
    Regardless of the transmission, with the extra weight of the V6 engine coupled with traction, the car will not get stuck!
    As I have mentioned in past postings, the Passat is my wifes car, I have a 2000 EB Expedition. More times than not, we took the VW in bad weather due to its superior "real world" handling in poor conditions.
    I wanted the 4motion in the Passat, but couldn't justify the added expense when looking at its very minimal (if any) added benefit.
    Good luck!
  • dpr5dpr5 Posts: 32
    AFK, Why bogus? At least in NC, (I live in Chapel Hill), the license or tags is what goes to the State. It runs about $60. Some dealers tack on a $40 to $100 doc fee. Some do not. For instance when my wife bought her Civic last year, 2 dealers quoted invoice plus $300. Dealer A was invoice + $300 then $300 Dealer prep + Tax + Tags ($60) + $40 doc fees. Dealer B was invoice + $300 + Tax + Tags ($60). Who do you think we bought from?. I am not denying that it cost to process but by adding discretionary fees after the negotiation is bogus. Dealer A should have been up front and said I am charging Invoice + $640 cause that is what he was doing.
  • First on the Corrado - I dated someone who had an early 90's Corrado (can't remember exactly what model year) and it was a mess! He had a lot of problems with it and ended up trading it in after only a few months for a new Jetta. Couldn't tell you if his situation was unusual for the car, but based on that I wouldn't want to buy one.

    Second, I will be picking up my new 01.5 GLX tonight. It's Fresco Green (what a great color!) with black leather. I got the car, in-dash CD and all dealer fees for $28,300 - only paid taxes and tags on top of that so I think I got a great deal! I can't wait to pick it up and drive it home tonight!
  • mdugalmdugal Posts: 14
    can you show us the breakdown of your great deal?
    is this automatic too?

    What's your driveout price with everything??


  • troarktroark Posts: 1
    Last Night - Bachman WV, Louisville, KY ---great experience, great price... no hassles....GLS I/ everything $28,600, MSRP was 30,075. Maybe no excellent deal, but I thought the sales staff and management were exceptional to deal with. Love that tiptronic! For anyone interested, Mark Crier was the salesman (told him I would bring him some business). 1 888 258-5203. It's worth a call for anyone who's shopping.
  • hello,
    i leased a 2001 .5 passat gls (auto, monsoon,luxury) with zero down for 442.00/mo. for 48/mo and 15k/yr. was that a good deal? i have to know.
  • Don't know if that is a good deal or not, but isn't that something you should have found out *before* you leased it? Try doing a search on this and other forums. Many people have asked the same thing on this site.
  • 2001520015 Posts: 16
    if u r willing to pay 4-5K downpayment, then u could have bought the car for about $550/month !
    May be u could still do it ? try out...
    and at the end of the day, u could own it and after 4 years, could sell it for atleast $15K-$17K

    but, thats my 2 cents...
  • $28,300 (GLX, with Tip, In Dash CD and all fees, sorry I can't break this down more, but I just worked on a bottomline number rather than negotiating all pieces separately).
    ~ $944 (Tax, Tags)
    Driveout Price - $29244

    I did my negotiating over the phone, there's 5 dealerships within about 15-20 miles of my home (Wash. DC area) and a total of 20 in the DC Metro area. So I called all of them with my top two color choices. Found three dealers with potential cars (one was a GLX 4Motion demo with 700 miles on it). Couldn't get the dealer with the demo to drop below invoice but worked with the dealer with my second color choice car down to the above price (but without including fees). I then called the dealership with my top color choice and asked him to meet the price and include fees. I was able to offer that I would pay for the car in full that day which I'm sure was a help. When I got to the dealership I was worried that they'd back down from our phone agreement, but they were great - very smooth and painless actually! I may have been able to drop the price a little bit more but I was happy with the price I paid, I know they made a little bit of money and bottom line is I got a car I love!
  • I am confused about invoice on the 2001.5 GLX with Tip. I was quoted invoice of $28262, which is the standard $27187 plus $1075 for the Tip automoatic. Is this correct? Is Tip considered an option and the price tacked onto invoice? I was quoted a sales price of $29500 (Silverstone Grey/Black Leather). Seems I can do better...
  • mdugalmdugal Posts: 14
    was that deal you got with automatic??
    I guess my deal is somewhat comparable then. I'm getting $30,900 for the same car you have, but just brand new. Sounds fair you think?
  • ffxvwffxvw Posts: 93
    Actually, it was an automatic. I know this because Jodi bought it from my dealership! LOL
    What a small world...

  • yieldyield Posts: 1
    What happens when you negotiate for a car and when it arrives it has miles on it - lets say 300. Are you justified in asking for a discount for each mile on the car? What is a good discount?
  • mdugalmdugal Posts: 14
    was that deal you got with automatic??
    I guess my deal is somewhat comparable then. I'm getting $30,900 for the same car you have, but just brand new. Sounds fair you think?
  • ffxvwffxvw Posts: 93
    If you mean that the dealership went to get it for you, then no, you don't. That's part of selecting a car that has to be obtained from a distant location. However, your dealer should have informed you that they might have to go out of your area for the car.

  • Has anyone had good experiences with dealerships in the Pittsburgh area? I test drove a 2001 Passat GLS at the Monroeville dealer. They made me feel like I was taking up their time by wanting to take a test drive. The salesman made no effort other than to ask how much I wanted my payments to be. He didn't explain the options, various trim levels, colors, etc... really liked the car and I am serious about buying or leasing a new Pas sat. I would like to go to a dealership that knows how to treat people.
  • That price of $27,187 is the invoice price of the *Tip*, so the addition amount tacked on is their markup. The invoice price on the manual tranny is $26,664. Here is a link to ScottVW. that has MSRP and invoice pricing.

  • I need to correct my previous posts. The $27,187 is the invoice price of the Tip, excluding destination of $550. So invoice on the tip is 27,737. Sorry about that.
  • Mona, yup, mine had Tip and it was brand new (the demo with 700 miles was from a different dealership and I didn't buy it). But you're looking for different options than I have so that would obviously change the price

    And Jason, yes it is a small world. And for everyone on the Town Hall in the DC area, Fairfax VW was great to work with and very fair to me.
  • vwgator1vwgator1 Posts: 4
    Although I have never before posted on this Town Hall, I have been reading all of your posts for the past six weeks, ever since I decided to buy a Passat, and they have been very helpful. Today I took delivery of an indigo blue/grey leather 2001.5 GLX Tip for 28382 plus tax, tag, and state fees. By my calculation that is 645 over invoice plus destination. After driving one and talking to one dealer here in the Tampa Bay area (and realizing he wouldn't deal) I e-mailed the next five closest dealers telling them exactly what model and color I wanted, that I knew invoice plus destination to be 27737, and that I only wanted to deal from that number up. They were to e-mail me an offer and I would only give my phone number to those dealers who made a realistic offer.

    I ended up talking only with the internet sales manager at Lindell in Tampa. The rest of these guys, with one exception, were clueless as to understanding the directness of my message. One told me to come in and sit down and tell him how much profit I was willing for the dealer to make and then he would go to his sales manager and, of course, he was certain I would be happy. If he had read my e-mail he could have known that I would not be happy. (Do these guys in the Tampa Bay area break in by selling white Buick Park Avenues before VW hires them?)

    Anyway, Kyle Himpler at Lindell was so professsional and upfront that I was pretty sure I could get a good deal, and it turned out I was right. Although we talked about six times on the phone, today when I picked up the car was the first day we met. The other dealer costs like port prep, floor plan reserve, and advertising never came up because we dealt strictly on dollars up from 27737. How the dealer covers those other costs is his problem, and I'd advise you not to even get into a discussion of them.

    The business manager offered me an extended warranty. I have since lost his quote, but I believe it was 895 for 4 years and 40000 miles with 500 deductible. That seemed awfully steep, but he did not push and I declined for now. Maybe you-all can give me some idea of what a good deal on a manufacturer extended warranty is. I can still buy the extension before 5000 miles are up.

    Anyhow, thanks again for the schooling. The more educated we buyers are, the better that knowledgable dealers can relate to our wishes.
  • I recommend that you visit or Both have discussion formum dedicated strictly to the passat.

    As far as the extended warranty goes, somebody just posted that question on the Vortex, and after doing a search on that topic, I saw about 10+ threads discussing warranties. Try doing a search on those forums. They are much more active that this one.
  • vwguy12vwguy12 Posts: 1
    Sorry guys, quick question, I am getting good deal I think on a glx auto 2001.5 (28,829 I/ad changer installed) and is the exactly color combo I'm looking for. Is 50 miles too much on a new car? When I go to take a long test drive before I purchase it, what should I look for?

  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    You obviously ran into an incompetant in Monroeville...If you go to VW.COM you
    will find a *Dealer Locator* put in your zip code and the miles that you are
    prepared to travel and click...I started to do this for you yesterday, and, sadly most
    of the Dealers in Western Pa. have not discovered the Internet. When the list comes back
    to you, you can then click on the the name of that Dealer and it will take you to their site.

    Unfortunately, they were all the generic set-up, direct from the Cobalt Group, with the
    very slight exception of Day Apollo in Coraopolis, Pa. At least they have listed an
    individual to contact for the net...John Softy...go figure, maybe he is...Check it out.

    Wish I had better news, but I only put in a 50 mile radius...if you are prepared to travel
    further you might find a store where they take this as seriously as I do.

    Good Luck...PS
  • ffxvwffxvw Posts: 93
    50 is a pretty average number of miles. (super approximations) The cars roll off the truck with at least 10 miles on them ordinarily, and they have to be driven after PDI inspection for another 5-10 miles. This means, that if you look at 5 miles per test drive, this car has been driven 6 times. If you look at normal usage for an owner of such a car, that's about 1 day of driving (30 miles per day = 1000 per month = 12K per year).
    One thing you should look for is how long the car has been there. If this car has been there for 8 months (obviously not possible with a new Passat, but good to do anyway), it really was barely driven, and you might want to have the battery checked. Also, inspect the body for scratches or dings. Try to see the car IMMEDIATELY after clean-up. I've heard some stories (probably mostly historical) of people using markers to hide scratches until after delivery.
    One last thing, at least in Virginia, a car has to have 500 miles on it to be considered a DEMO vehicle. This would neccesitate a disclosure of use.

  • bogueratboguerat Posts: 1
    Just purchased 2001.5 GLS Black/ 1.8T/ Triptronic/ Black Leather/ Luxury for $25,106.00 out the door. This is slightly less than 3% over dealer cost. The entire experience was fantastic and heartache free. The dealership was North Penn VW & Mazda in Colmar, PA which is between Philadelphia and Allentown. The salesman, Mike Thorrick, was down to earth and just there to sell cars and sell his dealership. Upon arrival I had explained to him I wanted to deal with them because they are my local dealership, only 2 miles away, but I had already had e-mail responses from 4 other dealers offering 3% over invoice. He valued my trade, and offered an extremely fair price, and made the offer. I am estatic about the deal, I have never walked away from buying a car satisfied that I had recieved the best deal on the purchase and the value for my trade, but now I have. I hope the dealership lives up to it's promise of being able to deliver on service. I love my new Passat!
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