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Buick Century



  • PAmanPAman Posts: 207
    Maybe fastfoodman's Camry (message #89) comes with a spell checker, some manners, a little class and a scholarship to a good college.

    Nahhhh!! I didn't think so.
  • proy33proy33 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2000 Century last October and for the first 2-3 months the left cornering lamp worked when I used the left turn signal as it should.
    Then it suddenly stopped working. I took to the car to the dealer where I bought the car and the Service manger told me that the functionality was not there on the driver's side - only on the on the passengers side where it was needed more. He led me to believe I "imagined" it was working before.
    I went to the Buick website ( - did a search on "cornering lamps" and it returned a hit
    with that item listed under the Safety featues.
    I e-mailed the info to the web-based service department covering the feedback from Buick's website and received a e-mail back from this gentleman who claims he cannot verfy that the 2000 Century has dual cornering lamps and recommended I see the dealer. I then called 3 area Buick dealers and the Sales or Service managers could not tell me either. So, any 2000 Century Custom owners out there who can tell me if they have both lamps and both lamps are functioning properly? I cannot believe I cannot get a straight answer from anybody associated with Buick on this issue.
  • wbell2wbell2 Posts: 1
    I'm getting ready to purchase a vehicle, most likely a 2000 Buick Century Ltd. I've used Edmunds and Kelly Blue to get invoice $ amounts, but the dealership has something listed I can't find. "Does anyone know what 'Vehicle Enhancement Protection Package' is? It's not listed in the brochure, nor is it listed anywhere that I have searched through here. Please respond quickly.
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    "Vehicle Enhancement Protection Package" sounds to me a lot like some type of paint protection that you don't really need.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    It's BS - another dealer add-on trick to add profit to their bottom line.

    Years ago, I went back to pick up a car I ordered two days earlier. I had not signed any paper work but had negotiated the final selling price.
    In the meantime they (Lenihan Olds in NJ) added a cosmetic canvas top to enhance the look of the car and add $450 to the my price. I was ticked and they thought they had me because that car was what I wanted. I left and went elsewhere.

    I was very disappointed but wound up buying an identically equipped car (sans top) with a different interior color from another, more honest dealer. I suggest you do the same. If they're trying to con you before you even buy the thing - imagine what lies ahead in terms of service and everything else.
  • bigjoe3bigjoe3 Posts: 2
    had our 2000 se century for 3 months now,7000 miles.not a problem with it.wife loves the room and the ride.there is cornering lamps on BOTH sides.with the fold down seats we can carry just about anything.gas milage could be better but LOVE this car.
  • We just bought a 2000 Buick Century Custom. We are very happy with the size and feel of the car. However, two weeks after purchase, the car has developed a "pinging" noise that comes from the underside of the car. It happens when the car is idling as well as after turning the ignition off. It happens whether or not we run the air conditioning. The dealer has told us this is "normal." I've never had a car do this or heard this is "normal." Has anyone had a similar problem? know of the solution?
  • ratoxratox Posts: 12
    Glad you like your Century. My wife's grandmother has one and it is a very comfortable car. The pinging noise you hear is most likely the same noise I hear from my Olds Intrigue. Quite normal when the exhaust system is cooling down. The converter really makes the exhaust system extremely hot while running and you can hear the pipes "ping" as they contract and cool. It tends to be more noticeable when the car is new. Nothing to worry about.
  • thank you ratox for your quick reply. i'm glad we don't have to worry about this...
  • rickeymrickeym Posts: 2
    Bought a 2000 Century Custom this past July. Has anyone gotten the power driver seat and the 'manual lumbar' on the passenger side as listed on the window sticker? My Toyota Cressida has manual lumber support so I was excited about it. Except Buick messed up and did not put it on mine as listed on the window sticker. Dealer's trying to get Buick to do something about it.

    Also, the website and the brochures indicate there's supposed to be a hood light; car doesn't have it and the dealer says it hasn't been done since 1997! Has anyone had one? Buick says they don't have to put it in since 'specifications can change without notice'. Three years is a long time to update the specs! Very arrogant responses I've gotten from Buick on these two issues.

    Customer service and respect is certainly lacking. Is anyone else encountering this type of treatment from Buick?

    Fit and finish leaves me wondering how smart a buy this was. If Buick can spend more time on quality, they wouldn't have to constantly offer confusing rebates.

    Car rides good so far. Dealer service sucks, though; no spare door key and when I finally made an issue out of it, they gave me a spare door key that opens nothing.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I can't believe Buick still has such problems delivering a car with the equipment listed on the sticker or requested on an order! My Dad ordered a 79 Buick Century wagon from the factory. He ordered it with a special tow package and sport package. Some of the things he ordered were not on the car, but he did not realize it until later on, long after anything could be done about it. I believe it lacked some heavy duty items that were supposed to be included with the tow package, like a transmission cooler and heavy duty radiator. Mistakes like that are ridiculous and downright pathetic, not to mention it should be considered stealing since he did pay for the items he didn't get. Buick needs to get their act together or face dissatisfied customers taking their business elsewhere. In the age of computers, their is no reason why Buick should make a mistake on an order or lie about what is in the car.
  • My husband and I are about to buy a new Buick Century, After reading some of the comments above I am wondering if it is the right move. Any opinion?
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Posts: 143
    Speaking from an Buick owner's standpoint, the Century is a great car. I have a '99 Regal (same car, more horsepower and features.) and its been nothing but great to me. Good quality and ride. Personally I recommend the Century.

    The service quality mentioned you mentioned is certainly unacceptable and the responsibility lies on the dealership to notify Buick if something on the sticker isn't included in the actual car. Here's what I think happened with that:
    You live in Hawaii, so I'm sure you're familier with the fact that you just can't quickly ship a new car if a mistake is made. I think that the a legitimate misprint was made on the sticker and it slipped past the factory in Canada. Now, it's the dealer that handles the transaction and the onus lies on them to either
    1)Notify whoever they need to to get a car with lumbar ASAP if you really want it or
    2)Cut however much the lumbar option costs off the price and make it up to you some other way like another discount on the car or some money off the down payment or the like.
    If I were you, I'd take something like that up with the dealer since you can easily deal with them.

    I have a hood light on mine, so I can't explain that.
  • rickeymrickeym Posts: 2
    Thank you all for your responses about Buick equipment.

    Response from Buick regarding the manual lumbar is that they have never installed manual lumbar support on the Century; the window sticker is in error and they're contemplating replacing the window sticker (including mine after the fact!) on all cars that have it listed-there's a lot of em on the dealer's lot. However, they have told me emphatically that 'specification can change without notice!' and that includes optional equipment that are listed. Buick has indicated they do not intend to compensate me for missing equipment they cannot make. I picked the wrong dealer to buy a car from-they won't do anything about it. Unfortunately, I may have to go to small claims court to get it resolved. Definite apathy from Buick and the dealer may be due to my purchasing it from a small state like Hawaii and my youthfulness(?).

    Dealer service continues to be horrible; they used my Century as a shuttle vehicle, picking me up and I have to drop the lot guy back to the dealer-that's 40 additional miles (week's worth of driving for me) across the island of Oahu. The dealer keeps apologizing, but it happens. I'm writing letters to Buick and the dealer's principal owners to get this practice stopped and get compensated.

    Also, they maintain they have never installed a hood lamp on a Century for years (maybe Centurys, hah, hah). They still have the bad info on the web even though I pointed it and other minor discrepancies out to them.

    As I said before, I like the Century's smooth and fairly quiet ride as well as its roominess and insurance safety record, but little problems are cropping up. The left outside mirror does the hula and vibrates ever so slightly even on smooth roads-dealer tells me to live with it because of the power mirror. The door is not closing as easily as it originally did. The dealer is contemplating replacing the center armrest as the stitching on it was done in the dark and not uniform. The engine knocks for a few seconds when starting; I'm told it's normal, (is it?) but we'll see. These are items that are nonexistent in the '85 Toyota Cressida I still have and makes me look foolish for getting this Century.

    If you're thinking about buying a Buick (or any car), please be sure the the materials are up to your standards because whatever the sales person says about replacing or satisfying your standards are worthless to the service folks. Make sure you can live with the misalignments, uneven gaps, material quality, and paint scratches that inevitably are on the car. Service folks cannot change them no matter what the Sales folks tell you. And very important-examine the car to make sure it's got all of the equipment-sad to say, Buick claims no responsibility for missing equipment, citing the right to change without notice. Who can you trust? I was expecting Peace of Mind.

    I do like this Century; it's the lack of customer service and attention to details that's sending me back to Toyota; I was spoiled by their standards.

    Like to thank Edmunds for putting this forum out so folks can communicate concerns and get verification of info. Wish I had known about this before purchasing the Century.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The engine knocks for a few seconds when
    starting; I'm told it's normal, (is it?) but we'll

    Yes, the 3.1l and 3.4l V-6 GM engines make a noise when starting. I know this because I have a Chevy Malibu with the 3.1, and rented for 3 weeks a Pontiac GrandAm with the 3.4l. Not sure if this noise is knocking or something else - had read about engine lifters...

    My 3.1l engine also knocks a bit at about 1600 rpm when cold, especially when I drive up at step hills (city driving). The Malibu manual tell this is normal for this engine.
  • stanorstanor Posts: 6
    I have driven my 99 Century for 16 months and have 17,000 miles.
    I have not experienced any of the problems posted.
    I drive hard (heavy foot) all the time and get 18 to 28 MPG.
    To this date I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Five of my friends have the same car with no problems of any kind. All must have been assembled on a Wednesday.
    My longest trip in a 2-week period has been 4,000 miles. 650 miles in one day is my longest day.
    Everyone I talk to at rest areas and supermarket parking lots have no complaints at all. They all say they tried the popular brands and found Buick has the most bang for the buck.
  • Usually folks come to these columns to complain, but they are normally a hand full of people---count how many are actually commenting. The Century is a very nice car, particullary the Limited. Unfortunately there are not many pleased people, like STANOR, above who come to praise their cars. I don't think you could go too far wrong with a new Century. I test drove them three differnt times and liked it very much. but in the end we upgraded to a LeSabre. because we wanted something just a little bigger. I'd say go for the Century.----and by the way never pay sticker price.
  • Would appreciate some input. Love the ride and drive of my 97 century, but have had problems since purchase (new). I suspect my problem is the dealer service department, but has anyone else had these problems: low traction light comes on and loud clattering sound accompanying it when I lightly touch the brake if I'm going over a small seam in a well paved street. Had it in five time for this, Service Mgr said "you don't understand what the dash lights are for". Thursday the ANTILOCK and BRAKE lights came on and wouldn't go off, and the next day the car wouldn't start. Jumped and took it to my Buick dealer, who said I had no codes for the Anitlock or Brake light, but needed a new alternator. Fine, they replaced. Next day, car started fine, until I got to the store and came out to go home, when it wouldn't start. And, the BRAKE and ANTILOCK lights were on again! They will look at it Wednesday. Everything (including replacing broken cupholder, loose window, and fan knob) has taken SEVERAL times to repair correctly. Do I have a bad dealer? WHAT CAN IT DO? NEED INPUT! PLEASE RESPONSE
  • It sounds like your ABS is cycling over and over. The pressure might be too low because of a leak of fluid, internally or externally. It sounds like a "bee buzzing," right?

    If BOTH your antilock and brake lights are on, you might well expect very little braking ability. Most likely it is not safe to drive in this condition.

    I went through that with my Dodge Caravan and learned that there was a widespread defect in the ABS system. My van was just less than three years old at the time of almost complete brake failure due to an internal hydraulic assembly leak.

    I am very interested in the Century 2000 since my mother just purchased one. She replaced the '92 Achieva GM junk with the Limited in August. Please e-mail me if you have had any major problems with this vehicle. I am going to follow trends. I wished I had done this when my mother had the Achieva because it had a horrible head gasket problem which was WIDESPREAD. However, GM decided NOT to cover the costs of repair because it was 8 years old. Never mind that it had only 42,000 miles on it!!

    I do not believe that GM has gotten rid of the head gasket problems. My mother does not have internet access, so I promised her I would research the matter.
  • I can feel empathy totally for all of you who are having problems with your Buick Century....I would NEVER purchase another one....How do I get the emails of those who have posted here?....You may contact me at

  • Since the purchase of the Century in June, my wife has driven it cross country and back. Total mileage now approx 11,000. We are fairly satisfied at this point with some minor problems we will take to the dealer. The first one is the glove compartment fastners (plastic) at the base of the glove box. They snapped, and apparently this is a trend. Number 2 is a tapping sound heard when the car is first started. My wife took it in and was told it is the timing. I am still researching these items, and if anyone has a suggestion, I am all ears.
    dave d
  • I currently have a 1997.5 Regal GS, AND LOVE IT - no real problems, have a great dealer. However, due to change in family status, need something more affordable. GS should run on high octance fuel only, mileage around town is 16 +/-, and insurance could be cheaper. Like the size, though, so I was considering a Century. Mileage rating is 20 around town. Anyone know what type of fuel it uses? Have read other postings for other issues - seems like pot luck. Appreciate response about the fuel. Thanks.
  • Regular 87 octane all the way. If you want to use the higher octane fuels, you can, but the 3.1L V-6 runs fine on regular.
  • Do you know if the 20 mpg is accurate / realistic?
  • I can tell you with my Regal GS, I average about 22-25mpg, even with liberal use of the supercharger. I'd estimate the Century's mileage to be at least that.
  • The gasoline companies have been told to stop hyping premium fuel for cars that don't require it. Read the owners manual and use exactly what it says, nothing higher or nothing lower. My 3.8 LeSabre runs fine on 87 octane and the mileage is 21.3 city/rural and an amazing 30.1 cruising at 75mph on the interstate. (I'm talking fill up and get on the interstate and maintain that steady speed.) By the way the 3800 engine is only turning 2200 rpm at 75mph. Most of the OHC engines require premium although some have been detuned a little to take 87 octane now. It means a big difference in price when you fill the tank. Premium can be .25c a gallon more---why put it in if it isn't needed?
  • We just bought our second Buick Century. The new one is for my wife and we gave the older one to our son in college. They are great cars and get good mileage both in town and on the highway.

    Our first one we bought two and a half years ago and is a 1998 model. We have driven it over 70,000 miles (my wife drives a lot in her work. In that time the only problem we have had is with the wiper motor which was covered under the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. It gets around the 30 mpg figure on the highway and for us around town gets about 25 mpg, although that does include a fair amount of freeway driving with about half in rush hour traffic.

    The new one is a 2000 model, and yes it does have corning lights that work for both right and left sides. We test drove the 2001 model and decided on the 2000 as about the only difference is the redesigned drink holders in the 2001 model. We got good deals offered to us on both models but decided on the 2000 model that has a better rebate of $1500 as opposed to $750 for the 2001 in our area. The difference in one model year will not matter that much to us when time to trade it as it will be a high mileage car and that overwhelms the value far more than one year difference in the model year.

    And yes if you check my profile it does say that I own a 1999 Grand Marquis. That is my car and I also like it but mostly for my trailer towing as it is about the only car that is still available that can do that. Without the need for trailer towing then I prefer the Buicks. We use to be avid Chrysler Corp. customers but their cars just do not have good transmissions and I will not give them another chance. So I say with without a doubt the Buick Century is a good car to consider if it fits your needs.
  • It has been an excellent vehicle. I have presently 121,000 miles on it. The car has survived 2 accidents and still runs well. Yes,I have experienced the wear and tear problems associated with an aging car.However, all and all it has been the best vehicle I have had.Unlike many foreign cars of the same vintage, it does not blow that grey burning oil smoke out of the exhaust.
  • I just bought a used century, i really like the car but a strange problem has cropped up. It has to do with the directional and taillights. The left turn signal works normally but the right turn signal doesn't. When i signal for a right turn the indicator on the dash starts to flash quickly but then fades completely although i can still here the flasher clicking. On the outside the front turn signal blinks dimly several times then stops, the rear turn signal does nothing. With the parking or driving lights on, the dash indicator blinks from dim to bright instead of off and on. the front turn signal acts the same as when the driving lights are off and the rear lights blink but the middle panel of the rear lights blinks along with the turning lights. When i step on the brake pedal with lights on, the dash indicator seems to work normally but the taillights blink as if i had the hazard flasher on when i signal for a left turn. If i step on the brakes with the lights off, the light on the face of the radio blinks and then goes dim. Of course I checked the lamps and they are all good. To me this is a very strange problem and i would appreciate any help in where i should start to look. I also have that knock when i start the cold engine and was relieved to read that it's nothing to be concered about, thank-you
  • I am a dissastisfied owner of a 2000 Buick Century. I died on me as I was on the highway. I had a sudden loss of power, having no brakes and no steering. I know others have told me on the Internet that this is impossible, but I was in the car and I know what happened to me. I have always loved GM cars and loved that one until I had this unfortunate event in my life. I hope my car was the only Lemon Buick out there, but who knows?...I certainly wouldn't rather...I would rather have any car than a Buick...and particularly a Buick Century.
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