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Buick Century



  • I have a '99 Century Custom with a little under 36,000 miles. Recently I've noticed (with the cold weather & all) that when I start the car & turn on the defrost I hear a moderately loud knock. It appears to be coming from the dashboard region. I'm taking it in tomorrow morning, still have a little over 100 miles til the warranty wears out. Has anyone else come across this problem...if it is indeed a problem. By the way, I'm in my early twenties and love the Century, it's a smooth car for a reasonable price:)
  • Leased a 98 Century without a great deal of shopping or researching. I travel alot and have sampled many rental cars - Camrys, Accords, Taurus, etc. I was pleasantly surprised when I drove the Century. In my opinion it stacks up very well against all of the above cars... and the price is considerably less for similarly equipped cars.
    I've put on 48K over the past three ears with NO problems. I'm returning the leased car in January and will pick up a new 2001 Century Special Edition lease. I really love the Century.
  • jdinstljdinstl Posts: 10 bushel.

    I recently purchased a 2000 Regal, that had to go into the body shop for a bumper scrape, courtesy of someone in my apartment complex. During the two days in the shop, I had a 2001 Century to cruise around in.

    Why would anyone want to buy, say a Ford Taurus when Century is available? I was really inmpressed with this car. The 3.1 motivated the car admirably, the ride was absolutely wonderful.

    I understand that Century and Regal are basically the same car, but this Century felt larger than my Regal -- probably due to my Regal's sunroof and console.

    This was an excellent car, I was extremely impressed. With a vehicle like this on the road, Buick should have more market share!!!

  • We plan to purchase a Buick Century, 1995, with 47K miles. It is offered by a dealer in central Ohio. The original owner bought it from the dealer and traded in at same dealer for a new Buick. We have a copy of the maintenance records for the car. The car looks immaculate and runs well.

    Is $8500 a fair price, with 30 day warranty and no other maintenance agreement?

    I heard that Buick 3.1 Liter engines at that time had a really horrible engine and then later a re-designed that was okay. Any comments on this??
  • Where did you hear that the 3.1 liter engine is so bad? I have heard the opposite. I have a 96 Chevy Lumina with the 3.1 and 111k miles and it is still tight and does not use any oil. If you are worried about the car, have a mechanic check it out.
  • The earlier 3.1 was an updated version of the 2.8 that was on the X-cars (Citation, Skylark, Omega) back in 1980. It was not a great engine. The newer 3.1 debuted in the Lumina in 1995. I don't think there's much connection between the two engines except their size. The Century's 3.1 has since been upgraded to 175 hp in 2000 (up from 160). You can find other technical information at this link:
  • I purchased my Buick April on '99. I have driven 23,000 miles with mileage averaging between 19 and 28. No service calls other than one minor anti lock recall for a grounding strap. My low tire light came on, I stopped and looked and all looked fine so, reset light. Next morning had a flat. When light comes on get tire shop to look at reason. I was 80 miles from home and drove on freeway with a large arrowhead shaped rock in tire. When light came on I was by a tire shop. Learned a lesson. One guy I talked to at the bowling alley said his tire light has been on for 1 year. Had tires taken off and checked etc. I forgot to offer to reset light for him. Any other problems with EM tires?
    I had an '87 Century Limited 3.8 for 5 years. The repairs cost me more than making payments for the '99. Was a lemon. Only 85 for speed limit. '99 is 120 +. Been to 100 and it drives like 60. Great handling car. More later.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Hard to believe the Century, as sold in USA, will make 120 mph. At least, the top speed of Regal (LS and GS) is governed at about 108-115 mph.

    Century and Regal could run faster, but with higher rated tires, different programming and, possible, other slight modifications.
  • We have had a problem with the wipers stopping in the up position. it is the second time it has happened and our dealer wants to charge us 600$ we were outraged since it was not the first time. Since it has happened twice, we feel it should be repaired free. they charged us 81.00 just to look at it!!!!
  • turbov6turbov6 Posts: 2
    Also had lifter noise at cold startup on 2000 century,going to the shop tomorrow to check it out,had a problem with a Regal before it was the Brake rotors warped at 15,000mi.Posted on the main Buick page,but they didn't have a response for the problem.
  • turbov6turbov6 Posts: 2
    Just got back from the shop,listen people, there is a Buick bulletin #01-06-01-005 that indicating the skirt on the piston needs teflon. Seems the skirt of the piston is causing the slapping or knocking noise we here on start-up! Shop is repacing the pistons in my 2000 Century.
    Good luck,Everyone :)
  • I have a 99 Century Custom, loaded up, that I love. The car is very comfortable and has very low operating costs. I sometimes get teased that I drive a "grandmother's car," being that I am only 25, and I gave traded a 97 Legacy GT for the Century. Actually, my gram does currently have two Centuries, an 86 and a 94. She has not had any major problems with either, other than a bad transmission on the 86 at 90000 miles. I think that the new Century is a great deal for the price. My friends were are all buying little Civics and Corollas for not much less than I paid for my Century. The Concert Sound III is AMAZING and sounds much better than my 16 year old cousin's $1000 custom system.

    My only complaint about the car is the fact that the front end seems to scrape on every driveway there is. Does anyone else have this problem? I took it do the dealer, and the trimmed the lower spoiler, but it still does it. Also, I have 29000 miles on the car, and the original General Ameri G4S tires are almost bald. I was thinking on bumping the replacement tires to a 215/70/15 instead of the standard 205/70/15. They put the 215's on the Regal, on the same width wheel, and I thought that it might make the ride even smoother and help the car corner a little better. Any thoughts???
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345

    The scrapping is common problem with W-body GM cars. Read complaints on Impala board, and somewhere else.

    My Regal also is scrapping sidewalks. I am trying to entering / leaving driveways slow, and at about 45 degree angle to road. Not always possible, but in 90% of cases this helps.

    Though, it looks as this does not hurt the cars. Read that the "crapping" part is to deflect the air from under the car nose to engine intake. Made from a durable plastic. And, in the worse case, it does not costs much to replace.

    Though, I did not verify the information myself.


    The 215/70-R15 tires would be more tall than the original ones. 215/65-R15 lower and more close to the original diameter. I would rather prefer the last ones.

    As the rough approximation you can use the chart:

    but better to do your own calculations, as explained here:

    The OEM 205/70-R15 tires have diameter (15*25.4=381) + (2*0.7*205=287) = 668 mm.

    The diameter for 215/70-R15 is 381+(2*0.7*215=301) = 682mm. 2% taller.

    With 215/65-R15 it would be 381+(2*0.65*215=279) = 660 mm. 1.1% lower.

    Last year replaced tires (with 98 Malibu, not Century) by Firehawk SH-30. Generally, Firestone have not the best reputation, but the SH-30 are real gems!

  • Hi, I too had to have my engine over hauled to have the knocking noise fixed. As previously stated, it came from the (lack of) scirting on the pistons. What I want to know is, does anyone engine out there still have a faint knocking noise when started up cold? It goes away as the engine warms up. Is that noise normal? I have a mechanically inclined friend that seems to think the engine sounds dry at first start up. That worries me about dry engines. I thought modern engines were always kept coated with oil when not in use. Also in colder weather, does anyone belt squeal at first start up? I also have had that problem, but only when the temp dips down into the 30's or lower. One other problem, has anyone smelled oil with the engine heater on? When I first had the engine over hauled, (that was NERVE WRECKING!!!!) for over a month afterwards, the heater smelled like burning oil. It since has stopped. Other than the problems listed above, I LOVE MY CAR!!!!! I am 27 and my family has had Buicks since the 1930's. Any further comments would be interesting!
  • shnavshnav Posts: 2
    I just purchased 2001 century. I am expeirenceing a vibration between 40 and 60 miles in the steering column. Is this normal? I am very happy with car so far except for this little problem.
  • vinneyvinney Posts: 43
    shnav: the vibration you are experiencing is probably your tires out of balance. The dealer should start with balancing the tires first to see if problem goes away and if not then proceed with maybe a bent wheel or rim and finally to the suspension and steering as the very last resort.
  • I just recently purchased a used 2000 Buick Century. So far it's been great, a very quiet engine, an extremely smooth ride. The only problem I've had was that the low tire gauge came on the first week, and a few subsequent times. Finally found the small leak, so it works. (What a surprising feature.) I am wondering if there have been any problems to look out for so that I can have them checked out before my warranty expires? I heard something about a head gasket problem?
    Also, in reviewing other postings I thought I should comment. I was given a 1991 Century from grandfather when I was in college. I wasn't too pleased driving it, but it was free transportation. A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to get a newer car, because I didn't want to risk any car problems on the highways by myself. I figured it was time to get my sportier dream car since I am 24, employed, and was purchasing my first car on my own. When I realized I really wanted a 4 Dr, Safe, 6 cylinder car that would keep my insurance reasonable (TX insurance is high), I decided on a Century. I thought the Alero had a really cheap looking interior, the Malibu was overpriced I thought and the road noise was loud, and I wanted a GM since I had the GM credit card, which I didn't use when I got a great deal on a used one. It's perfect for the younger generation; I can fit 6 friends in the car when I need to, a large trunk for weekend trips, dual climate control for mixed opinions, comfortable seats, and I still have money for a trip to Australia this year. Hopefully the Century will catch on with others my age.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Congratulations with the new Century!

    Concerning the known problems with the model:

    1. Some 3.1l engines have bad pistons. In this case engine needs a major repair, almost rebuilding. Better to do it while under warranty.

    The engine is generally very good, and very well tested. GM is using them for years, and, moreover, it is based on the 2.8l engine used in 80-ths. Though, a bad batch of the engines was produced somehow in the year 2000.

    2. Another weak point of the engine is the intake manifold gasket. Some of them are developing a leak. Very few, but it happens.

    Depending on if it leaks outside or inside, the leak can be hard to find. Any case, it is expensive to fix. So it is better to pay attention to the engine coolant level. If car is losing coolant, it can be just evaporation through a bad $5 cap - or the leak.

    I am checking the coolant level about once a month with my Chevrolet Malibu. Malibu have the same 3.1l engine as your Century, and the both engine problems were discussed on the Malibu board. Symptoms, and what to do.

    Another car / trim with the same engine is Pontiac GranPrix SE.
  • Just to update you all on the tire upgrade that I had asked about a few weeks ago. Last Sunday I went to the Wal-Mart Tire and Lube and purchased four Michelin Symmetry tires, and kept the stock 205/70/15 size. With the tire protection plan, my bill was $396. Let me tell you, this is the best $396 that I have ever spent!!! I immediately noticed that the car has much improved steering feel in corners, absorbs bumps much softer, and is quieter on concrete roads. However, I still was getting an annoying vibration when accelerating through turns and while accelerating above 65 MPH. I took it back to Wal-Mart Wednesday, and they rebalanced all of the tires. They told me that one was off 1/2 an ounce, and the tech that had done it the first time put the weights on the inside of the wheel, which they normally do not do. This still did not cure the vibration.

    Thursday morning I stopped at the Buick dealer, and a service advisor took my car for a drive, and said that something was definitely wrong. They put the car up on the lift, and within two minutes they found that one of the rubber boots on the left drive axle had come off. Water and dirt got in there and ruined the joint. I told them that I was going out of town Friday morning, and since the repair was under warranty, they got me a rental (2000 Bonneville--sweet car too!!!) to drive. I got a phone call at about 3:30, saying that they had the parts that they had needed delivered from a dealer that is 70 miles away, and my car was ready to go. This is a wonderful dealer!!

    Well, my car now rides soooo smooth!!! I drove from State College, PA to Atlantic City (I didn't win I cannot get the Limited that I want!!) and back on Friday, with four people in the car, at 70-75 MPH, and averaged over 30 MPG!!! My rear-seat passengers, both ladies over 70 who drive Chrysler Concords and LHS's, remarked how nice my car was!! This just all confirms what we all know about the Century...that it is a wonderful automobile!!!

    PS: This is a wonderful I check it daily for new postings!! I wish that even more owners would post to it!!!
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Buick Century is in my list along with impala and intrepid. I am planning to buy used 2000 from the dealer. I read the entire topic, could not find major sickness for this car. I will be willing to pay 13K-14K for 25K miles car. These are my expectations, I have not contacted the dealers yet. If you let me know your experience on certaion items like drive train components, AC, suspension parts etc that I should pay attention during test drive.
    Thank you.
  • stanorstanor Posts: 6
    I had my tires rotated during an oil change and the ASE Mechanic, performing his 29 point safety check, discovered that I had a leaking wheel cylinder. Wanted to charge me $200 to replace. I said it should be a warrantee item, so I called the local Buick Dealer to make an appointment. Guess what? Was repaired under warranty. There are no recalls or TSB's related to rear wheel cylinders. The service manager said I just got a defective one and sent me on my way. I am happy with the service.
    I advise all of you to check for leaks to see if this is a trend.
    Car has 25,000 miles in 24 months.
    I am still happy with my '99 white Century Custom.
    Heading up to Seattle this weekend. Hope no earthquakes.
  • aolson1aolson1 Posts: 4
    Has anyone had any problems with an engine smell when the heater is turned on? I have a 2001 Century and this has just started to occur this week. I took my car in for its first oil change on Tuesday. Any help would be appreciated!
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    What do you mean by engine smell? Is it antifreeze smell, or burning oil smell, or what?

    If this is a oil smell, then probably some oil was spilled on engine when changing oil and filter. The smell can continue for as long as 500 miles, even 1000 miles.

    The antifreeze leak probably means the heater core have a leak. Your car is new and the leak hardly had time to develop - but anything can happen, defective part or what.

    I had the leak with a 13-year old Ford. Started as a light fog, and barely perceptible "artificial" smell. It was hard to say, antifreeze or what. In about a month developed to very serious fog, impossible to drive, and very strong smell, hard to breath.

    The heater core is a cheap part, but changing it is a major work. Something like $20 for part, $500 for labor. Any case, your car is still under warranty.
  • aolson1aolson1 Posts: 4
    The smell isn't very strong but after having the heater on for a while, I start to get a mild headache and throat irritation (they go away after being out of the car 1/2 hour). The "smell" gets worse the more you have the heater turned up.

    I drove it to work today without turning the heater on and it wasn't too bad. Thanks for the info!

    PS - If I do have to get it serviced, does anyone know any reliable Buick dealers in MN? I got it from Walser Buick(Burnsville, MN) but its my company fleet car and I know nothing about GM (I have owned Dodge and Ford prior). I wasn't thrilled when told I was getting a Century, but it rides great, the sound system rocks and it reaches 70 mph before you know it(pleasant surprise!)
  • aolson1aolson1 Posts: 4
    Well, its off to the Buick dealer on Monday to get the antifreeze problem fixed. Thanks again yurakm for your knowledge and advice! (I'll post next week to what they tell me is the problem)
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Headache and throat irritation looks as antifreeze to me. And in substantial quantity. The stuff is poisonous. Better not drive the car, and drive it to dealer with open windows.

    To the best of my understanding, the repair is not complicated, just takes a lot of work. The whole dash must be removed to get to the heater. But this does not require special instruments or exceptional skills. A tree shade mechanic can do it. At least it was so with my 88 Taurus.

    So I am pretty sure that an average GM dealership will cope with the task.

    After repair, check if there is still smell from air condition (as opposed to the "vent" mode): traces of antifreeze can stay here.
  • HI. I just bought a 2000 Buick Century with 17,500 miles. Two months later, everything still seems to be going well. I bought the car with a tire leak, but that was an easy fix once we found it. It's a great car and I'm happy that I still have a good bit of my warranty left. Just for reference: I traded in a 1991 Buick Century with 102K miles ($1300) and I walked out the door with everything paid at a price of $12,600 (tags, title and license included). I thought this was a good deal. That's about all I can share, the others who write are a lot more educated than I am. My only suspicions are that my speakers may be blown and a faulty horn that has now been fixed.
  • aolson1aolson1 Posts: 4
    Picked up the Century today and was told that an o-ring on the oil pump went bad (or melted). It was causing fumes to enter the driver's compartment (loads of fun). They fixed the problem ($2.00 part) and so far, so good. Pretty disappointing for a car with only 3600 miles on it.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    According to J.P.Power, in average, there is about 150 factory defects per 100 new cars. So it is only reasonable to expect 1-2 defects.

    Very happy it turned to be not the antifreeze. Though, it is interesting, why the oil pump leak happened immediately after oil change?
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    Mine...88 Custom 4-door 4-cylinder, just hit 230K
    Sister...92 Special 4-door 4-cylinder, 200K
    Dad...95 Special 4-door 4-cylinder, 165K

    My Dad's mechanic picked up his car and it got wrecked on the way back to the shop...some lady t-boned it on the left side...thousands of repair dollars but he can't total it because he is still paying on it. Hopefully it will be the same. That car may be my next car if I need one when Dad gets his new(er) Century. He wants a 2000-2001 Custom and he wants one for less than $12,000, so it might be awhile before he finds one he likes that he can also afford.

    My car just got its long-needed alternator and battery and it my current daily driver. The air still works, but it is cool, not cold, so I will have it charged soon. It still drives great, especially for a 230K $275 clunker from rust-belt Ohio.
  • First of all, I need to let you know that I am DEFINITELY not an experienced car buyer, unfortunately. I have no family around to confer with & my friends all contradict each other in giving me advice !!!
    Yesterday, at a used car lot, I saw a 1999 Buick Regal w/ 83,500 miles that had just been acquired at an Auto Auction. It is Silver w/ gray interior.(Exactly the color scheme that I have been looking for) I loved the interior & exterior of the car.It looked almost new. I was also impressed by the way it drove. Very smooth & it handled quite well...The used car dealer wants $9,500 and says that the high mileage is most likely from highway miles???
    He said that it is better to get a Newer car w/ high mileage than an older car with high mileage??
    I don't see the's still the same wear & tear, isn't it?? I'm really at a standstill here & have no idea what to do???
    After I got the Pin #, I did a Carfax Vehicle History Report & it showed that the car wasn't a lemon, but it showed that it was registered for "Commercial" & "Lease" use. Obviously the prior dealership leased the car to someone who really packed on the miles in 2 years time!!
    I know that I will ask for the maintenance records & have a reliable mechanic look at the car before I commit myself. Am I crazy in thinking of buying a car with so many miles in just 2 years?? Am I letting the fact that it looks like the perfect car I was seeking, getting in the way of good common sense?? Should I be Really concerned by the Very High Mileage in such a short time??
    If there is anyone out there that can give me advice in other steps that I should take before I decide to buy this car, please let me know...Or if you have any advice about even buying this car at all, PLEASE do so...HELP!!!!

    Thank You So Much,

  • Concerning the 1999 Buick Century w/ 83,500K...Is it also possible that the high mileage on the car, should not be a deterrent in considering it?
    I've read many entries going on about how their Centurys did quite well with High Mileage & so on...

    People, Please help me...Again, I thank you and appreciate everyones output & input :-)

  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    I am not a Buick owner, but Century is in my list, I am shopping too. Personally, I would not pay 9.5K for that car. Have you checked/run bokk value? It sounds expensive to me. Good luck.
  • yes, I checked the value on the car. According to this year & mileage...
    VMR, whole sale is around $8000 & retail is $9900.. According to NADA, trade in value is 8,650 & Retail is 10,750. & according to KELLEY, trade in is $7,490 & retail is $10,840

    So, $9,500 is a GOOD Price & below regular Retail on this 1999 Century w/ 83,500 K miles...I even called around other dealers & they all said that it was a GOOD Price...

    My only real concern is whether I should consider an extended warranty since it does have such high mileage. I'm pretty sure that most of the miles were Highway miles...

    People, please let me know what you think...
  • I taking the car to get looked at on Friday...This mechanic was referred to me by a good friend. He is gonna give it a thorough look over. Should I still get an extended warranty if I het a clean Bill Of Health ???. The dealer said something like $300 for transmission & engine...He also said that he would personally take care of car while I had it(U know I'm gonna have him put THAT in writing !!!)

    I just can't believe the stress I am under !!I have read all the enties about everyones experiences & the neagtive ones always stick in your brain !!! I guess the bad is what everyone always remembers?? lol I just wish I was more experienced in dealing w/ car buying & all...I guess its live & learn , huh?
    Then I think about the car & how beautiful it new...& so spacious inside.......

    Please give me ur input, everyone...I;ll be checking every day...Thanks
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    I am glad they are not asking higher than what it does worth. How about certified Centuries. I am looking at them closely in the internet. Price is around 12K-14K, mileage is around 25K and the year is 2000. That can be an option you might wanna consider.
  • Amanda,

    I agree that 83,000 miles is very high for a 1999 automobile. Chances are that it was a sales person's car, and could have been well taken care of. Although the Century is a great car, and I hope to keep mine well beyond 83,000 miles, I think that I would shy away from purchasing one with that many miles already. I actually sold cars for about a year when I was in college and just after college graduation. Let me tell you, high mileage vehicles have NO resale value at all. Once a car hits 100,000 miles, you might as well just keep driving it until it falls apart. A dealer is not going to give you much for it as a trade, and it is hard to sell them yourself.

    I do not know what your driving style is, but I drive between 20-25,000 miles per year. In less than a year I would have over 100,000 miles on that car. If I was financing even $9000, after a year I would probably still owe $7500 on a car that was now worth $5000. Again, I do not know how you will be financing this, so this may not be a concern.

    Also, I would be willing to bet that the dealer will sell the car "as-is." I never sold a car that had over 70,000 miles on it with even a 30 day warranty. The extended warranty sounds good, but negotiate the price. Most people do not know this... but dealers make huge profits on these extended warranties--often they double the cost! They also make TONS of money on financing. The bank gives them a minimum rate to charge on a loan, and the dealer will mark it up. Always say you can get a better rate through your bank, and they will usually come down.

    I know that I am going on here... just do not want you to make a mistake. I would keep looking to see what else is out there. I know our local Buick dealer (Central PA) has a 97 Century with mileage in the 60's for $8000, and it is a local trade--I live down the street from the man who owned it. The regularly have 99's and 00's with mileage in the 20's for $12,000 to $14,000. With these you would even have some remaining factory warranty, or at least a 30 day warranty.

    It is easy to let the emotions of finding the car that "looks perfect" cloud your judgement when making a purchase. I did the same thing with a 2000 Impala and a 2000 Subaru cutback before coming to my senses and buying the Century. I know now that I made the right choice, and have not regretted my decision for even a day. I hope this helps! If you need anything else, just let me know.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    See my post #181 and also I just purchased a 1989 Century with the 3.3V6 off eBay for $250. It has over 200K also. A 1999 Regal for $9500 is a good deal, but not great. A 1999 Regal with 32K sells for $12995 at Hertz Auto Sales. It's a rental, but that also means commercial and lease usage. I figure this way, will I get my money back out of it? A $9500 car getting an average of 25mpg, driven 20K per year, requiring minimal repairs, and one set of good tires, would have to resell for $6200 to cost less than 10 cents a mile, not including insurance. Will you be able to get $6200 for it with 143K 3 years from now? Maybe. Depends on how well it is treated, how many plastic things break, etc. If it's nice now and you take care of it, it'll do fine. But I just don't think a bank will loan $9500 on a 2-year old domestic sedan with 83K on it. You might have to put about a third down because with those miles the loan value will be much lower.
  • bill_1bill_1 Posts: 97
    Hi, My Mom owns a 1999 Century and in general likes it. However there is a noise that comes from the rear of the car when we pass over any bumps... even real small ones. It doesn't seem to impact the ride of the car but the Dealer cannot seem to find out what the problem is (It just came back from almost 2 weeks in the Dealers). Has anyone encountered a similar problem and if so do you know the solution?

    Oh it appears to come most prominently from the right rear wheel...
  • ep0001ep0001 Posts: 1
    Have a oil leak on front passenger side. Preliminary diagnosis is 'cracked lower manifold'. Anyone have a similar problem?

    Car has 34,000 miles
  • Greetings to all,

    A few weeks ago, I posted a message about my 99 Century having a problem with a vibration in the front end. The dealer found a bad drive axle. The car only had a little over 30,000 miles when I took it to the dealer, so the repair was to be made under warranty, and they even got me a rental to drive while the car was in the shop. Well, about a week ago I got a call from the dealer telling me that GM has refused the warranty repair, and that I owed them for the repair and the rental! They claim that the repair should have been made under an insurance claim. Well, my car was in a minor parking lot collision, and the only repair needed was a new left headlight and the left fender needed painted. I am sorry, but an accident like this could not damage a drive axle! I was not happy about this, but I paid the dealer $216. (This dealer really is a wonderful dealership, and does a good deal of business with my Dad's business, so I did not want to create hard feelings there! Besides, they cannot help it that GM is being difficult.) I need to duke this one out with Buick... but unfortunately, but warranty book has disappeared from my glove compartment! I think that the garage where I normally get the car serviced took it out to mark in it what they did to the car, and then lost it. Would someone out there be willing to make a copy of the warranty book to their '99 and either e-mail, fax, or mail it to me? I am willing to pay for the cost of the copying and for your troubles, and would greatly appreciate it. I just want to have a copy of this right in front of me when I call the customer service hotline. Thanks!!
  • stanorstanor Posts: 6
    Just got out of the local Buick Dealer. I was having concerns with the cruise control dropping out every 100 miles or so, and I panicked deep in 4 lanes of freeway traffic thinking my engine quit.
    Dealer found failed servo assembly and replaced on warranty.
    My radiator overflow tank was dry so they checked that and found a weak radiator cap and replaced with a new one on warranty. No intake manifold leak showed up in pressure testing.
    I am back on the road again at 25,644 miles in 24 months.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    Drive axles will not fail as a result of an accident if no forces were placed on the wheel. GM is being difficult and you should keep your receipts and tell them to reimburse you immediately or find themselves in court. $216 is a small amount of money but the more little people they screw over for little repairs, the more money they make that they don't need. Your drive axle could have bent due to a pothole or maybe a defective axle shaft. Better get ready to fight. I made a u-turn in a Ford Aspire I owned once, and the axle failed on the u-turn, no bumps, no hard acceleration or braking, I simply made a mid-block u-turn in a residential area and upon returning the steering wheel to the straight position, the axle slipped out of the transmission. They're funny things, and when they fail it is a result of the part failing. It's hard to damage a drive axle without a sledgehammer or a big curb drop.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    I just checked out the sticker on a new 2001 Century and realized there is no longer a Special model. From 1992 to 1996 it was a basic Century, about $1000 cheaper than a Custom, with more limited options. They could take the Century Custom, lose power windows and locks, give it a plain AM-FM radio, use thinner carpet, cheaper tires, maybe the 2.4L 4-cylinder, and have a $17,000 Century to sell. It would be $2,000 cheaper than an equivalent Accord or Camry and would be more in the price range of an Impala. It would also put it that much closer to me being able to afford to finance one. But I'm happy with my 1988 sedan. I recently bought another Century on eBay for $275, a 1989 Custom sedan with 3.3V6 and 3-speed automatic and I think 205K miles. I can't wait to go pick it up in Erie, PA. I hope the air works well.
  • ham_merham_mer Posts: 2
    Hi Mates, I bought a 98 Buick Century with 30K on it about a month or so ago. I just had some observations I wanted to pass along and to see if anyone has experienced some of things that I have.

    1. There appears to be excessive wind noise on the drivers side, right where the Dash meets the door. I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done about this one ?

    2. The manual says that the car has a 64 Liter tank, every time I fill it up I am only able to put approximately 54-56 Liters in the tank, is the gauge that poorly calibrated or is it that they have intentionally made it that way so that fewer people would run out of gas?

    3. The trunk leaks terribly when lifted during rain or when washing the car.

    4. The brakes have been squealing ever since I got the car, the pads are new. Do they have to be a certain type of pads or will just any do?

    5. There is quite a bit of glare coming of the front window, it definitely impairs the drivers vision ? I believe it is the sun being deflected off the dash onto the window.

    6. Otherwise, I'm happy with this car, it is very nice to drive and has a very smooth ride, the gas mileage is very good as well.

    Thanks to all who respond.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    1. Check if door closes tight, and check the rubber. If the car is still under warranty, let the dealer check.

    2. This is normal with all modern GM cars. They remind to refuel with about 4 gallons left. Looks as you are refueling a bit too late, risking an expensive repair: the cars need about 2 gallons of fuel in tank to cool the fuel pump.

    3. Do not wash it with lid open.

    4. No idea.

    5. There is reflection of the upper surface of dash. In my experience with Regal, the same dash/windsheld, this does not interfere with driving, vision.
  • ham_merham_mer Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply.

    2. Thanks for the info on the fuel pump, I had no idea. This is my first GM Car.

    3. Did you REALLY think I washed my car and drove it in the rain with the trunk lid up. Maybe I should have been more clear. After drying the car, I lift the trunk lid and water drips from the trunk lid into the trunk compartment. No need to reply to this one Mate.

    5. It doesn't really interfere with driving, it is somewhat of a distraction though.

    Again, thanks for the insight.


  • salamysalamy Posts: 2
    I'm considering buying a new or used Century, (1999-2001). Is there anyone who has had problems or been unhappy with their car?
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Just recently, about April 15, I washed my Malibu with the not closed trunk lid. Not wide-open, but not closed tight. Either the wash employee did not close the lid tight after vacuuming the trunk, or he opened the lid when trying to disengage the parking brake.

    Any case, the trunk carpet turned wet. I had to remove something like a gallon of the soapy water from the spare tire well, and it took a whole week to dry the soft felt-like undercarpet.

    Never thought it is possible to get so much water through so small opening.

    So things happens. Did not intend at all to insult you.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    If it wasn't for the hesitation under full throttle, this car would be a beast. It's got the 3.3 liter V6, the last Buick engine to go into a Century. The 3.1's are a Chevy design. The 2.5 is a Pontiac, and the 2.2 is another Chevy. I like the intake sucking sound at full throttle in second at 45mph. Almost sounds like a four-barrel. Oh yeah, half you people probably have no idea what a four-barrel is. Heeheehee. Everything works but the two right power windows and the cruise. And the tape player only plays in one direction. Big deal, take it out, flip it over, like you used to have to do. Only major problem (other than the flat spot in WOT) is the body damage to the driver's door. But the door opens and shuts and the window rolls up and down, so I don't care. Besides, the car cost me $250, so why spend $600 (the Earl of Scheib) to $1650 (real body shop) to get the bodywork done? And it does not have 205,000 miles as I previously stated. That was the mileage on the previous title. This car had 231,600 at purchase and I turned 234,000 tonight (had to drive from PA to TX, a nice 2-day speed-racer-wannabe-hurry-up-festival so I could get to work last Thursday). So those of you who say GM cars are crap, well, they must be Scotsmen, because GM cars are one of the few non-Scottish things that aren't crap.
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