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Buick Century



  • I'm not sure, but I think that the ashtray light is wired into the courtesy lighting in the rest of the car. Try your fuse in the compartment on the passenger side. There's a fuse specifically in for the cigarette lighter. It's most likely a little 10A fuse. Also, When you mentioned the trunk wiring in my car. Did it affect anything else in the trunk? My lights across the trunk applique (park lights, licence plate lamps, reverse lights) work when they feel like it, when they do work, my DOOR/TRUNK light stays on, it goes off when the lights quit. If you've experienced anything like this, let me know! hope I helped you!
  • HI, i had no problem with the lights when i had my truck issues. but it seems like the wires are messed up. i do recall that i had other wires that were damaged but seem to give me no other problems. i did replace them thou!!! as for your info, you it did help me. the fuse charts are a bit misleading for they say that the fuse that controls the cig lighter is located in the engine compartment. so i never thought to look in the interior fuse panel. I did have a blown fuse. the ashtray light thru me off, so it still worked. bu the way, i have had very little problem with my 2000 BC. how about you??

  • I'm glad I was able to help you. I can say that my Century is the best car I've owned. I buy and sell cars, and I've owned a '99 Lumina, a '96 LeSabre, and a '97 Malibu before it, and it is easily the best one so far. It has a few little problems, but its definitely in great shape for it's mileage.
  • As an owner of 2 of these cars,and previously a third car,I believe the following of these rare cars is very thin. Its too bad as well,as they are the coolest car with all the blackout they received. The GS option alone was almost 4 grand alone. I have been building a website dedicated to these rare(1 of 1029) cars. You can check it out here..

    My cars are on Car Domain as well
  • i get a ticking then grinding sound in my 99 century only when heater is turned on.thanks rick
  • how common is it for antifreeze to enter the intake manifold,i just took it in for semi annual check,and they want me to write them a check $812.thanks rick
  • what is the best manuel to buy for a 99 buick century,also is it easy or hard to change a water pump on a 99 century.thanks rick
  • Anyone know how to remove the rear seat of a 2005 Buick Century? I want to put some seat covers on. It should be simple but being a technopeasant I don't want to damage the seats trying myself not knowing how to do it correctly and I don't want to pay a dealer $75 an hour to do what should only take 15 seconds.
  • I have a 99 century custom. During the winter everytime it was below 30 degrees, the transmision didn't want to go into gear until a few minutes had past. It was hesitating like it wanted to go into gear, but didn't. After a few minutes, the trans work completly fine going through all the gears perfectly. After the engine cooled down the next morning it had happened again. This only happens when it gets below 30 or so. I have had the trans rebuilt and it worked fine for a month and then started with the hesitation again. Also have changed the temp sensor in the transmition with no effect. My mechanics have no idea what to do and have asked other mechanics and have no idea either.
  • The problem is when the car is'cold' (not up to norm. op. temp.) the car runs fine but when it is up to norm. op. temp it's a different story. Upon accelerating the engine bogs and bucks slightly but if you put your foot to the floor it stumbles slightly and then accelerates. Plugs are champion platnium and look like they're burning fine the plug wires are new and have been putting injector cleaner/dry gas in fairly reg. Eng temp. is in normal range and there no codes present. HELP!
  • cet1stcet1st Posts: 17
    Due to discoloration outside and moisture inside the headlight covers (right & left), they need to be replaced. How do you remove the 2005 buick century headlight covers for replacement? :confuse:
  • chowbuickchowbuick Posts: 13
    hello folk just a great praise to general motors i have a1994 buick century custom and i love this car it is great ans very faithful and loyal i give it more tlc and @224000 miles runs and performs like new i will NEVER GET RID OF IT gm screwed up when they discontiued the century i own i 1998 plymouth voyager aslso and a 1992 dodge caravan the caravan with 211000 is far better than the voyager and alot easier to work
  • superbuicksuperbuick Posts: 1
    I currently own a 1999 Buick Century Custom. I'm interested in swapping the Regal's 3.8l supercharged engine in it for the 3.1l already in it stock. Has anyone tried this or have any useful info for me??? Thanks
  • Hey - Same problem. Did you ever get an answer?
  • I am considering buying a used Buick. Buick had problems with head gaskets in the 1990's. Can anybody tell me in what year and make Buick did the problems occur?
    Was it the 3.1 or 3.8 six cyl, and in what year did Buick resolve the problem? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :confuse:
  • tom072tom072 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    :mad: I have a 2001 Buick Century. I was told by a buick dealer that I have a antifreeze leak due to a bad gasket somewhere that will cost me $1100.00 in the near future to fix. I have 55000 miles on the car and have owned it for almost ten years. This is
    the first problem to occur. Does anyone have any coments on this vehicle.
    Thanks, tom072
  • 02buick02buick Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    Dear Tom072: We just went thru the same thing. It is a known Buick problem. Do some Web searching and you'll find lots of complaints. Unfortunately for us when this problem was fixed it introduced another problem. But that is another story. If I remember right, it is the special antifreeze they make you use in this car that caused the issue. There should have been a recall. We have a 2002, with 80,000 miles. Our problem started with the low coolent light coming on. My husband can provide more info. He posted a question to to see if anyone had answers. How did you make out? The price quoted is about the same we got. Think we paid $900.
  • buickfanaticbuickfanatic Posts: 2
    edited May 2010
    I read that the type of Anti-Freeze GM was using at the time was corrosive and caused the Intake Gaskets to fail, which lead to Anti-Freeze leaks.

    Make sure you use Ethylene Glycol (Green) anti-freeze, and not Dexcool (Blue Anti-freeze)

    Other than that I've had a Buick for close to 3 years, A 1994 Century Custom with a 3.1l v6. It rides smooth and I've never had a problem with it.
  • The anti-freeze was corrosive and wore away intake gaskets.
  • madmuddermadmudder Posts: 4
    car started fine and drove about one mile and died, Waited about 30 min and it started back up, This time i hit the interstate and was running about 65 mph for about four min. and it died again, Since then the car will not start, I towed it home and change fuel filter, fuel, and crankshaft sensor and none of this did anything to help. Is there anyone out there who can help or have any ideas. It has a 3.3 v6 and its automatic. Thanks in advance.
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