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Acura Legend



  • drrocketdrrocket Posts: 67
    Took my '89 Legend Coupe LS in to the dealership for the re-starting problem. The service advisor said the symptoms sounded like the ignition switch, though that is not a usual problem with this model; the technician thought it was the main relay, so he replaced it. Time will tell if the problem has been definitively resolved.

    Any advice on whether to have a remote lock/unlock (with alarm?) installed in my car? How reliable are they (any brand recommendations?), and what's the risk of a [good] installer destroying the electrical harness?

    Thanks in advance for any insight.
  • therhinotherhino Posts: 21
    Hey Hank. I posed a similar question as yours some weeks ago, someone responded don't fool around with the fuel system...I have an '87 Legend and a '90 Legend, and we ended up buying my wife a new car because of a fuel smell in the '87,(check engine light was on with the code that specified fuel system). My local mechanic thought I should have the Acura dealer check it out first, because of their diagnosis equipment, etc. Well, I am a student also and not a fan of the dealers prices, but I took it in and they wanted to replace just about every component that was in contact with fuel! Six new injectors, seals, filters, etc. I thought that was whacked because the car runs exceptionally. They wanted $2,400 for the "repairs". By the way, it has 240,000 miles on it. I took it back to my local mechanic and he was able to reroute a couple of the vacuum hoses going through the filtering system; no more gas smell, runs great. Cost me $70 and that included replacing two old radiator hoses. Point is, that was the second time the dealership tried to rake me, so try a local mechanic or two that you can trust. I had the same mechanic rebuild the top half of the engine at 170,000 miles when the timing belt broke, cost about 1,500. Good luck with it. Acura's are great cars...
  • legend6legend6 Posts: 1
    I am the proud owner of a 1991 Acura Legend Coupe. Unfortanely, the ABS light stays on and shines in my face. Repair costs exceed $400.00 dollars. Does anyone know how to disconnect the system to eliminate the ABS light? I can definitely live without ABS brakes. Thanks in advance.
  • I have a 91 legend with factory fog lights. I need to replace a burnt bulb in one of them. How do you get into the housing to change the bulb? Any help would be appreciated.
  • mastkey1mastkey1 Posts: 2
    Hi all, I have a 1991 legend and have owned it for around 5 years. Here are the problems I have had: Replaced radiator, radio switch on steering wheel worked intermittently, light in console
    to tell you what gear your in is out and to replace, you have to do some major disassembly. Brakes are suspect on this year. And last but not least I have replaced everything that has to do with the windshield washers except the pump (as it seems to pump fine) but cannot get my
    washers to spray without eventually getting clogged. If anyone else has had this problem and resolved it, please let me know! Other than these problems, this car is very reliable and a pleasure to drive.
  • hyiuhyiu Posts: 18
    hi hurricaneradio...

    I have a 93 legend coupe and I installed the factory fog light after I got the car... (not myself, went to a shop, but watch them do the whole job...) if I remember correctly, they have to take out the outer bumper piece to reach/install the fog light... that means for you to change the bulb, you'll also have to unscrew about 8 screws and take out that bumper piece....

    well.... I'm not very handy at cars.... so, I might be wrong.... just want to tell the 2 cents I know....
  • Hi Hyiu!
    Thanks for the info. I figured it would involve removing the lower bumper piece but I was in hopes there was another easier way. As old as I am I should know by now nothing is easy.
  • siriusgirlsiriusgirl Posts: 23
    If you've seen some of my earlier posts, you'll see I've complained about a rattle that seems to be coming from under the engine around the driver's side. In addition, there was a grinding feeling in the wheels, not the steering, when turning at low speeds, like in a parking lot. Well, a Honda specialist place tells me today it is the transmission bearings. Because this is an extremely rare tranny, no repair or used available, just new. I'm getting a second opinion tomorrow, but any experience or comments from any readers is appreciated.

    Plus, the car also needs new tires. I'm looking at spending over $3000. The car is paid off, but is it worth spending for this repair? Advice?
  • doeratchydoeratchy Posts: 4
    My 1991 Aura Legend is experiencing:
    -ABS light comes on and stays on. No ABS function. My mechanic said to disconnect the (+)battery lead and reconnect for a quick fix reset. Most of the time the circuit will reset and the AS is restored.
    -Automatic door locks: With the doors locked the key will not turn to unlock the drivers door(as though it is jammed). You have to QUICKLY unlock
    the passenger door and QUICKLY open the door otherwise the door will re lock itself. If you are able to open the passenger door and climb into the driver seat you can not exit via the driver's door(which is still locked). I am guessing that the problem is in the computer and I need feedback as to what is needed for the repair. Thanks.
  • doeratchydoeratchy Posts: 4
    To legend6 # 214. Do you still have ABS function when the ABS dash light is on? When mine comes on I loose the ABS function. My mechanic's quick /temporary fix is to disconnect the (+) batter cable, touch it on the (+) post, reconnect it and usually the light goes off. Again this is a temporary fix. I do not have anyother suggestions for your dilema.
  • ferraro1ferraro1 Posts: 44
    Hello ~
    I am in the market for a 1994 preferably a 1995 Legend Coupe Black Or White Fully Loded Automatic with low miles. Can anyone Help me I am aware this is most likely the rarest Acura out there but I would really like One , I have a 1989 Legend Coupe Bright Red only 75,000 miles love the car but I really want one of these Legends if anyone can help me please post thank you all so much !
  • hauchhauch Posts: 1

    Considering for purchase a 93 VigorGS or 91-92 Legend LS - Both within a kilobuck of each other, both ca. 100-120K.

    Test drove the Vigor and quickly found the lacking rear seat room. 4" less than the legend (that on-axis 5cyl really pushes things back compared to the transverse mounted 4cyl in the 90-93 accord body the vigor is based on..


    1) Does anyone have any bad comments re: the AT in the Vig? must be rather unique (for honda/Acura) to transmit the on axis 5cyl to FWD? Also noted no "sport mode" options - they must figure the vigor is already sports car - no need for two modes?

    2) On all the Legends I've looked at - there were labels with the VIN# on the edges of all the original doors, trunklid, hood, etc. Couldn't find any on this particular Vigor. Car looked cherry and carfax had no indication of a total loss/rebuild. Do all Honda/Acuras have these little labels??
  • sfearingsfearing Posts: 31
    Siriusgirl - Yes, I believe your car is worth $3K in repairs but my antenna goes up when I hear the diagnosis of your problems. A grind when turning is more commonly a CV (constant velocity) joint that's gone bad. Was it originally a clicking sound when turning that has progressed to the grinding? That's the common CV joint progression. The problem occurs when the CV boot (a flexible rubber covering) on the joint cracks and lets in dirt and grit. Fix is in the hundreds of $$, not thousands.
    The rattle in the engine is when idling? Could be a loose exhaust or catalytic convertor heat shield. It was on mine - fix is clamping it down for $50 or new heat shield.
    Yes, do get a 2nd opinion. They could be right but I'm just giving you the more common problems.
  • siriusgirlsiriusgirl Posts: 23
    Thanks much for your reply. Am taking it tomorrow for second opinion. This guy has looked at it once, but "wanted to spend more time with the car." So far, I've had two people tell me it is more likely the clutch than tranny. If you put the clutch under a load, the rattle goes away. No other real symptoms, though, such as racing engine or burning smell. CV boots etc were checked - never have heard a click. After reading some earlier posts on this site, had heat shield checked, and mechanic said "oh yes, there were rocks in heat shield and that took care of rattle." He was wrong, but I'm assuming the heat shield is okay. If this second opinion tells me its tranny, I'll get a third, but if he says its clutch, I'll probably just let him change that. I'm just too paranoid to let it wait and get worse - I really hate to be stranded or worried about driving somewhere. Thanks again, and any other comments are welcome.
  • akumaakuma Posts: 70
    And what a nice car at that. i wasn't even thinking of buying a car that day, and then i drive by that legend on the lot with a big sticker for under 4k. i actually make a 180 and inquire about the car. A few hours later, i drive away in a Legend 91 L sedan with 178,000 miles (probably a lot of highway miles). Not a whole lot of reconditioning done. Not much needed though. Retailed (small local used car dealer) for $3600, just under $4000 out the door after tax,license and title. Financing will probably add another $2-300. no warranty. i think i got a pretty good deal, however.

    No problems so far except for air conditioning doesn't work, a little crack on the windshield by the passenger side and some rust above the rear fenders that was repainted (not too well). The bose has been replaced by some aftermarket detachable-face system(clarion) and i don't think there's a car alarm. And no owner's manual. That's really about it. Checked out the carfax report for $15. Completely clean title, but i don't have any of the maintenance records. Under the hood, engine compartment "looks" good and clean. Overall a very nice car that runs great.

    Questions: i would really like to know where i can get an owner's manual (is an Acura dealer the only place?). i'm not sure how to use everything in the car yet (various instrumentation; i could have broken the ashtray trying to pull it open instead of pushing it :) ), as well as what proper maintenance is required at specific mileage. At 178,000 miles, i'm pretty sure the original timing belt and water pump have been replaced. When should i expect to change the timing belt again (can i just get it checked or is there really no way of determining when the belt's going to break?) and what other major repairs/maintenance is coming my way. Is it unreasonable to expect 30-50,000 relatively trouble-free miles in the next 3-4 years? Or am i going to be looking at spending about $2000+ a year on maintenance/repairs. There's no weird noises, shifts, chatterings, grinds, smells, phantom lights(well, the parking brake light came on for a split second during a turn), etc. It "seems" almost perfect, so far anyway (just got it yesterday).

    wow, didn't mean to write a book. any answers to just any of my numerous questions would be greatly appreciated. The legend has been a dream car of mine for quite a while now, and i still can't believe i have one. First things first, i'm going to get a much overdue oil change (any recommendations on what type of oil works best? it hasn't had an oil change since last November over 5,000 miles and six months ago), and then get it detailed (a little dusty inside and out). Anyone know what kind of wax works best? Then maybe later, i'll get the rims refinished (they really do look their 10-11 years) and then clear out the corners...did i say $2000+ a year? Really, thanks in advance.
  • td51td51 Posts: 3
    The factory service manuals are available from Helm Incorporated. You can order them thru their website at I would recommend these over the aftermarket manuals - they're much more complete and informative. As far as big ticket scheduled maintenance, replacement of the timing belt, water pump, and drive belts is recommended every 90K. Don't know if you can tell by looking at the timing belt if it needs replacement. See if you can find a private (but knowledgeable) mechanic to do the work - you can save quite a bit over what the dealers would charge. With regards to wax, I'm a big fan of Zaino. Easy to use, does a great job. Go to for more info. Good luck!!
  • boomer_134boomer_134 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 1992 Legend Coupe L. The lock on the drivers door was giving me a problem (alarm would sound) when i tried to unlock it, so i would have to unlock it every time from the passengers side. So i went to car toys and got a remote entry, and the locks fixed.
    Other small things are starting to happen, like the memory seat not wanting to go all the way to the memory position, so i have to press it over and over. But when it does decide to go all the way it beeps about 20 times when it is finished, instead of the normal 2 times. The steering wheel radio controls sometimes switch functions on me, like the vol up button would change the station. Are these common things? Does anyone know what it would cost, and what it would take to get them fixed? Are there any other things that i sould be expecting to happen? It anybody knows, pls message so i can find out. Thanks, Alex
  • ferraro1ferraro1 Posts: 44
    Hello ~
    Is it true they are redoing the RL for 2002 and maybe bringing back the Legend Name ? If anyone has any info Please post !
  • rkol158rkol158 Posts: 1
    I'm about to purchase a 1993 Aura Legend with 46,000 miles. It was a neighbors car and she hardly ever drove it. It's in great shape, in fact my mechanic wants to buy, but I noticed a problem with the locks. A couple of times after I locked the door with the key, the locks continued to try and re-lock. I let it continue to re-lock itself over and over. Then after three attempts of unlocking and locking with the key, it stopped. That was it and it didn't happen again. Does anyone think this is a major problem and should I be concerned? Thank you for any help you can provide.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    This is a known issue with the Legend. My 1994 Legend Coupe had the lock actuators replaced twice. The service advisor indicated that this was not uncommon. It would set off the alarm at random and lock and unlock the doors for the heck of it. Both replacements were under warranty so I don't recall the cost.
  • qualityguyqualityguy Posts: 101
    I am looking at a red 1992 Legend ll sedan with 86K miles on it... The guy would sell it for approx 5G's. Mechanically it feels like a good car (I know to differentiate cars in good shape from the cars in bad shape). I'd say it is a good car and a good price. But, after everything I read on this forum, it feels like Legend, though an Acura, is nothing but problems. So, I am tempted to get the car, but, can anybody tell me, is it worth buying this car at all?
  • goralgoral Posts: 140
    For $5K, I would have to say - heck yeah!!!
    You've got to remember - almost any 10 year old car will give you some problems.
  • lemans1lemans1 Posts: 6
    A 1993 Legend with 46,000 miles is practically a brand new car. Depending of course on the price, it would be a great deal and a very reliable car overall. I own a 1991 Legend LS with 108,000 miles.

    The easiest way to find out about common problems on the car is to visit the web site and look for the section dealing with recalls and technical service bulletins (TSBs). Sometimes you can get Acura to "goodwill" a repair, or they will replace a part if you pay for the labor.

    Be sure to have the brake system checked, including the master cylinder and the ABS modulator; these seem to have trouble on the Acura's -replaced mine twice! Flush the brake system every 15k miles for good measure to prevent contamination.

    The power door locks can be buggy at times. A common problem as someone else noted.

    Good luck.
  • lemans1lemans1 Posts: 6
    Timing belts should be changed every 90,000 miles. You can get it changed along with other belts and water pump for about $600-700 at an independent, maybe less. Expensive but a lot cheaper than a new engine.

    5W-30 oil is the recommended oil for Acura's, especially in the mid- west with cold winter starts. I buy the best I can get, like Valvoline or Castrol. Mobil 1 is excellent in the winter. Always buy extra Acura oil filters to keep in the trunk and use them if you get oil changes at Jiffy Lube or other quicky-lube joints. Never use their crappy no-name brand filters.

    If the car needs tires I highly recommend the Yokohama AS dB (see the website for more info) I just bought some a month ago and they are super. Good price and great, quiet ride with nice responsive handling in all but heavy snow country.

    The car is very reliable -- but little things go bad like the power windows.

    Some weak points:
    I have had to put 2 new brake master cylinders in the car, and the ABS system has a habit of seeping, so keep on eye on this. Excellent preventative maintenance would be to have the brake system drained, cleaned and refilled every 15-20,000 miles.

    With good maintenance you could get 250,000 - 300,000 miles on this car. Just change that oil regularly and and change your anti-freeze every two years. Also keep an eye on the transmission oil (check while engine is running). Needs to be changed every 15,000 miles. JiffyLube has a trans purge service which I think better than the usual dump and refill service you get elsewhere. I think my car ran better afterward.

    Good luck.
  • lemans1lemans1 Posts: 6
    The noise you complain of doesn't sound like a transmission problem to me.

    I doubt highly that you have a bad transmission. I have over 100,000 miles on my '91 Legend and the trans is still fine. Maybe not as good as the day I bought it but good enough and no repairs needed.

    If you want to focus on the tranny, go and get the auto trans purge service at JiffyLube and see if it doesn't run better ($75). Mine did.
  • lemans1lemans1 Posts: 6
    The Vigor was a one-shot wonder. It's a smallish, five cylinder car that came and went in a year or two. The Legend on the other hand has a great name and good rep. Much better resale value and reliability on the Legend.
  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    Two Legends:

    1. 1992 LS, 128000 miles, $8K.
    2. 1994 GS, 65000 miles, $15K.

    Both are very clean, well maintained by the owner.
    Which one will you buy and why? Thanks.
  • goralgoral Posts: 140
    ...the '94 GS.
    Besides the obvious (newer car/fewer miles), it has the Type II engine good for 230 HP (as opposed to the LS's 200), some interior improvements (more gadgets :) ), larger wheels (16" vs 15") and more...
  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    But the '94 GS costs almost twice as much...

    People say Legend can last for a long time and 200K miles should be no problem if maintained properly. Should I take advantage the reliability and save the money for other toys?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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