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Older Honda Accords



  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    well, congratulations on winning the British Open. I guess you can now afford something a whole lot better than the Accord. :)
  • crv16crv16 Posts: 205
    My rotors were turned at 33k on my '01 Accord EX
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    The 5 speed LX for $15,600 sounds right. I have seen lots of LX autos in the $16,300 to $16,500 range. Good deals.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    I wonder if ABS will be available on the LX 5-speed for 2003. Right now you have to buy an EX if you want ABS. Don't want an EX because the sunroof takes up too much headroom.

    Any speculation or knowledge on the subject.
  • crv16crv16 Posts: 205
    I've got an 01 Accord EX sedan with the sunroof, and it has plenty of headroom. I'm 6'4" tall. The seat has a power height adjustment - with it cranked up, your head might touch, but otherwise it's fine!
  • splitoesplitoe Posts: 19
    It takes torque to fight the roll-back, not the horsepower. V6 has more torque than 4-bangers, and American cars normally have more torque to stop the roll-back when park in the driveway than Hondas, which engines are tuned for more horsepower than torque. My 4-cynlinder Accord rolls back on the driveway, but not my Chevy Blazer and MB E320.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Just to let you know, those are my pics and I already posted the links here on Friday when I put them up.

    Good try, anyway!
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    I would sue for copyright infringement! :)
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    beach- Your page is being linked where there's talk of the Accord!
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    Be prepared to see all kinds of info on the Accord this comming Monday. Autoweek will probably post a review or short drive of the car on their website, which is updated every Monday morning. Also, Motortrend, Car and Driver and Road and Track will probably all have a short review on the new Accord. Should be VERY interesting to see what happens.

    Also I didn't get to go over to the Honda store where my aunt works today. I will try again tommorrow. Hopefully when my mom gets back from Mexico we can go over and talk with the GM, hopefully he will have just a little info on the car. I am definately interested in another Accord, they are good cars. I washed my 1992 Accord up Saturday morning, and the car looks just as good today as it did in May of 1992 when my mother brought it. Hondas styling may be bland, but it is timeless, unlike some cars. My 1991 Accord EX has lost it's transmission, so I might be in the market for a 2003 model, if I don't get the new 6 or Altima 2.5S. Hopefully by the time I am ready to put the 1992 DX in the shop Dick Brooks Honda in Greer, South Carolina will give us a 2003 Accord LX or EX as a rental. They usually always give us either an Accord or Civic to drive for the weekend. The service guy named Tom is one of the coolest service people my family has dealt with. ANY honda we buy will come from Dick Brooks Honda in Greer, SC. I love that dealership! Unlike the one my aunt works for, but I won't mention it's name. Maybe I'll just drive to Greer one afternoon when I am off, and then I'll check up with Tom and see if he knows anything new about the Accord.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I didn't expect Honda to bump up the V6 power to 240 HP! This is definitely the most aggressive engine in an American Accord yet. How did they do it?
    Well, Honda had a 2.5 liter V6 (de-stroked version of the Accord 3.0/V6) back in 1999 delivering 200 HP. Next debut of the architecture was in the form of 3.2 liter V6 (260 HP) with CL-S launch. With MDX, the engine was slightly detuned with lower compression and to develop power at low rpm, but displacing 3.5 liters to get 240 HP.
    Odyssey (and most recently, Pilot) got a another version of the MDX 3.5 to deliver same, 240 HP, but using regular gasoline.

    It was a matter of time Accord got that architecture, hence 240 HP. I can bet it is also optimized to deliver 240 HP using regular gasoline.

    240 HP is probably more than I would ever need, I would be about as happy with the car as it looks, even with 200 HP. The center console looks inviting, and quite a departure from older Hondas. I hope that does not translate into poorer layout, just like many European cars end up having. I love the symmetry and simplicity in my '98 EX. Everything is in the right place.

    Interesting touches that I gather from the AutoWorld article,
    * 5-speed auto for both I4 and V6. I4 also gets 5-speed manual. 5-speed auto, if the same transmission used in TL/MDX/Odyssey/Pilot, is a nice move. Also, it is shorter than the current 4-speed auto in first two gears, and has a taller final gear, meaning, adding to the punch that the engine already has on top of last gen. If the K24A (the I4) is mated to the same 5-speed auto as in base RSX, it is even shorter (12.25:1 first gear overall drive ratio).
    * 6-speed manual for V6, possibly only with coupe. This 6-speed could be the same transmission that Honda offered in CL-S. Now, this could be the Prelude replacement Honda promised in 2003. 17" wheels on an American Honda may be the beginning of good things. I've driven an Accord with stock with 17" wheels before, and if it is anything like it, be prepared to take a long drive. Yes, I'm talking about Accord Type-R (Europe).
    * Continues to have in-dash CD changer/Cassette.
    * The inside fold over the hood ending up as a wide grill reminds me of my 1999 Prelude, except that the shape is now five-pointed instead of being recangular. Honda seems to have been reviving its inside-fold on hood styling from late 80s lately. It started with last Prelude, and continued into S2000 and RSX. This also means the car maintains its low and wide profile, unlike bulky looking front end on many of its competitors.
    * The side crease now does not run through the door locks or parallel to it, but slides down to the front to give a wedgier accent (similar to IS300 which looked like Accord sedan to me in the first place).
    * The aggressiveness from the side sill is gone. It is plain and simple, but an S2000 like cutout appears where the door meets the side sill.
    * The rear is a revival of early 90s Civic sedan (93-95?). Another interesting point I noted is that Honda has been alternating between full width tail lamp and those at the ends.
    89-91; 98-02: Have had full width taillamp
    92-93; 94-97: At the ends
    What about 03? It is almost full width, so it is possible that the next Accord will have it at the ends only. Interesting to see how Honda fiddles with its basic styling theme.
    * Gain in wheelbase by an inch. It might be 108.1" now (same as current TL). And overall length, and width and front profile has not changed (it does not look like Honda has used cab-forward theme of Civic/RSX in Accord). And with a platform to support 240 HP (260 HP or more for next TL), it is likely that Honda has continued the use of doublewishbones upfront. I would be curious to see if Honda has retained its unique 5-link rear suspension. They added the fifth link with 1998 redesign compared to 4-link double wishbones of the past (89-97 Accord).
    And also curious to see if the new Accord also boasts flat floor. That would be nice.

    And for those looking for a smaller, narrower sedan, Acura might still bring over the Euro/JDM Accord as TSX. Makes sense because Honda will probably not offer a sportier trim on American Accord, but only in coupe. TSX might fill the gap. That may be a smart marketing move.
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    The received wisdom here is that the embargo ends on July 29. How do we know that? Is it rumor that gradually got accepted as fact? We also expected complete info on the day when the car debuted for the press--June 17 or thereabouts, and look what happened then--nothing, and everyone was shocked, shocked.
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    Based on Accords reputation and the 240 hp engine I placed my order today for a new Accord (Noble Green). Not thrilled about that but an interesting color to say the least. Expected delivery is early September. Interesting, 4 of the first allocation have been sold to others (all V-6's).
    I think it will be a great car as usual.
    Now I will sell my 02 Acura 3.2 TL before I get hosed.
  • 2003carz2003carz Posts: 13
    My bad, I found on it another web site, sorry about that.... I did not go through all of the postings....
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    What's wrong with your TL? It's a 2002? You're going take a whooping on the depreciation if you sell it now.
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    Nice car, but last model year and less HP then new accord. Had for 12 months now. MSRP $29360, Dealer wholesale offer last week was $23000. I will sell for $24,500 or so since new 03's go for average of $27,900 now.
    I paid $28k. $3500 for 12 months is not bad. that is only $300 per month. Not bad. So depreciation worse on domestic models. New Accord will be $25k or so.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    But somewhere on one of these websites I read that the new Accord's embargo date was set to end on July 29. states that the new Accord's full press release would be held at the end of this month. Also, it's somewhat apparent now that the Accord will debut to the public by this month's end because Autoword Magazine already has an article out about the car. I imagine if AutoWorld can have an article for the Sept. Edition of its magazine, Motortrend, Car and Driver and Road and Track could also.
  • ickes_mobileickes_mobile Posts: 675
    Beach15: I posted your site all over Temple of VTEC, giving due credit.

    The embargo date has to be at the end of the month so that info on the new car can appear in the September new car issues for C/D, MT, R&T, and Automobile.

    First signs of more info will be at:

    Jerry Flint from Forbes may even mention how much better a car it is than any Detroit product in his weekly column...
  • bunkbunk Posts: 66
    How much are you going to pay for it? What kind of interest rate did they offer you??
  • bunkbunk Posts: 66
    I don't know about these things, what do you do when your car is not paid off in full yet and you want to sell it? You said that you have just paid for one year so far, right?
    You are not doing a trade in?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    at AutoWeek. Once again the subjective subject of styling comes up. I think from what I've seen both models will look good, but not so as to knock your socks off. I don't think the coupe will look so wedge shaped in the flesh. There don't seem to be any awkward angles to them like you find with the Nissan products. Guess we will see soon enough. Thanks for the link.
  • ickes_mobileickes_mobile Posts: 675
    to me, the wheelbase looks too short making the body look heavy on the wheels. If those are really 16 inch wheels, its a substantial body on them!
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Is it just me or are Hondas just not very photogenic? The Civic Si looks like a squat little bug-eyed toad in internet pics, but I've seen at least 2 in real life, and amazingly they look very proportionate. I mean, a hatchback is still a hatchback, but it just looked so much more coherent in the flesh than it does in the pictures.

    The same goes for the RSX and the CR-V. Although the Pilot is VERY wide in real life.
  • lolaerololaero Posts: 3
    This is for you 2001/2 Honda Accord Auto owners. Assuming you drive close to conservative, about how many miles do you guys get with a full tank of gas while driving in the city? Highway? Do you have manual or automatic transmission? I would like to compare my gas mileage with other Honda Accord owners.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    Accord coupe has a shorter wheelbase. 98-02 Coupe had 105.3" wheelbase and was an inch lower than the sedan (106.9"). CL has a shorter wheelbase (106.9") compared to TL (108.1"). It was the same when Integra came with a choice of sedan (103.1") and coupe (101.?").

    The new sedan probably has 108.1" wheelbase, so the coupe may be 106.9" now.

    As for styling, IMO, it is always better to see a Honda in person. Most pictures don't do justice. Take S2000 for example, even RSX. The car has enough bandages to make any sense out of the pictures, and then it could be the angle of the photographer too. Remember the first pictures of Accord sedan, and how the subsequent spy pictures subsided much of the debate?

    I see some resemblance between the Accord coupe and RSX, especially the rear quarter as seen from the front-side. The rear is a revised CL styling.

    And in one of the pictures, the coupe seems to wear 17" wheels. That could be the 'Si' (?) version with 6-speed manual.
  • jmtreetopjmtreetop Posts: 130
    2001 Coupe w/17" rims and 5spd

    City = 27-30
    Hwy = 31-35

    Most of the factors depend on winter driving vs. summer driving, mountains etc. I have never had worse than 27 mpg in any condition.
    My driving now is split 70% hwy / 30% city and I avg. 31-32 mpg per each fill up. I check it every time.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    What about sales tax? Here in WA (your mileage may vary), your $28K Acura actually costs $30,465. That raises your one year depreciation $6000!

    Plus sales tax and 1st year depreciation on your new acquisition...Ouch!

    $300/mo in the toilet is a waste. $600/mo is a car salesman's wet dream.
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