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Hyundai Sonata 2005 and earlier



  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    The battery's manufacture date is irrelevant if your question pertains to a warranty issue. The car's purchase date (or first use date if placed in service originally as a dealership demonstrator) is used to determine the "age" of the OEM battery. Assuming your car's battery is OEM from the factory at the time your car was built, you're well out of warranty, now. (two years free replacement and one additional year with the car's owner responsible for increasing pro-rated monthly adjustment cost - based on an artificially inflated "adjustment" price list, not the already high selling price through the parts department - gotta watch out for that nonsense!) If you need a new battery, and if it's gonna be on your nickel, go to WalMart for their top-of-the-line Group 24F "Everstart" battery (yellow case) - four year free replacement, no questions asked, regardless of which WalMart you drive into in the very unlikely event of actual battery defect. WalMart will install it with no additional labor charge while you wait, too. And, it'll have a MUCH higher cold cranking amperage capacity than the original battery that came with your car. The WORST possible place you can purchase a replacement battery outright is through a car dealership. Other Hyundai dealerships may honor the battery warranty when traveling, but, depending on where you happen to be, their availability may be few and far between. Just about any burg with more than one cop, two stop lights, three houses, and four dogs has a WalMart, though.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    I don't know how to make sense of the production date code, either, but my best guess is late 2001 or early 2002. If your battery has "Delkor" imprinted on it (you'd have to remove the insulation capsule to see - probably not worth the hassle), I believe it's a contraction for Delco-Korea, or at least licensed for production by a Korean company by Delco. Except for the lack of the usual Delco green sight-glass "eye" to verify state of charge, it's construction with side-opening gas vents at each end of the top and no removable cell caps is identical in appearance to U.S. Delco batteries. The branded Delco that came from the factory in my '96 Accord was in service right up until shortly before I bought my '03 Sonata. (yeah, nearly seven years...)
  • I have an 05 sonata that I purchased in November and I noticed that when I drive over speed bumps they sometimes make a clanking noise. I think it's the struts, i'm not sure. I'ts not really that noticeable and you have to be listening for it to hear it. I don't know if it's normal since I have less then 10,000 miles on the car and it drives like a dream. Any one got any ideas?
  • I bought my 2003 Sonata LX new in January 2003. I drive 100 mile roundtrip to work each day, so the warranty was a real selling point. My husband and I were convinced by the sales manager - who is (of course) no longer with the dealership - to purchase the extended warranty for an extra $1118. He explained that this would take my basic new car warranty "bumper to bumper" up to the full 10yr/100k miles. Well, my car is now at 82K miles and it seems nothing is covered with my warranty other than the power train. I just read my original contract, as did the service mgr at the dealership, and determined that the warranty was absolutely of no value to me. The list of components that it does not cover proves it to be no better than the basic warranty that came with the new car. Has anyone else out there had anything like this happen to them, and is there any recourse - other than not buying another Hyunda? - but I really like my car! I feel cheated and taken advantage of - even though I realize I should have READ THE FINE PRINT!!
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    Not much you can do except print out a graduation certificate from the University of Hard Knocks - magna [non-permissible content removed] laude, and mount it to a prominent wall in your home. So, has anything actually failed on your car? You are aware, I hope, that you still have 18,000 miles left on your powertrain warranty, aren't you?
  • Yes, aware of the power train to 100K. I plan to contact Hyundai to confirm that my warranty is useless. The way it reads to me sounds like the new car warranty is extended to the full 100K. If it is not I want to know exactly what I paid $1100 for. Nothing major has failed as of yet. The transmission just recently started to jerk when first driven in the morning. Jerks one time when accelerating to get on to the highway - then it is fine the rest of the day. THANKFULLY, I am real persistent about taking it in for every little thing I dont feel is right - so they determined there was a problem and that it will get progressively worse - and have decided to replace the transmission week after next. That was really a surprise! They said it would be $2400 if not for the warranty. The little things that have gone wrong are not serious but costly over time. Sparkplug wires (at 20K miles) - $400, radio antenna/motor - $189, 60K mile REQUIRED maintenance $1200. The warranty contract reads like it is an extended "full new car warranty" to the 100K. It plainly states that all those things I just mentioned are excluded, but the dealer claims it is only Power train coverage - but she was just going by the fact that when they put in the inquiry on the antenna that it came back - 5 yr/60K. All in all I still think it is a good car.
  • Thought I'd throw this one up before I take it to the dealer...

    2005 Sonata, 9,000 miles. About 2 months ago my Check Engine Light came on, stayed lit several days then went back out. Since then it's happened repeatedly with exactly the same pattern:
    1) Fuel Tank fillup, with at least 3-clicks to tighten cap
    2) Drive about 50 miles, Check Engine Light comes on
    3) Stays lit until exactly half the tank is burned, then goes off until I fillup again, then...
    4) Repeat of symptoms

    Now I realize that an improperly-fastened cap is the MOST likely reason for this happening but each time I fill up I am most certainly fastening at least 3 clicks. The ONLY time this did not happen is when I set the pump to a SLOW rather than FAST fill, however the event is now occuring no matter what the fill-speed.

    I'm definitely taking the car in to get this fixed but wanted to see if anyone else has had this happen and the outcome just for reference. Certainly it's covered and I have to say that since this is the ONLY problem with the car so far it's no hassle, just a minor hiccup.

    Thanks for any input folks!
  • BTW, I checked the entire forum for all previous posts using "check engine" as the search...found many which seemed to indicate the same problem with earlier models. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem with later models as well and/or if Hyundai has a TSB on the later models through the 05's.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might want to also look into our "Check Engine" light discussion. Let us know how it goes.
  • Well, not much company here but I'll go ahead and offer that my Hyundai dealer found the source of the problem and fixed it by replacing the Evaporative Cannister which had somehow developed a leak. Covered under warranty.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Great, glad to hear it!! :)
  • Hi,
    I just bought a Hyundai Sonata 2001 with 93000 miles. As soon as I bought it, after a mechanic said it was ok, my friend suggested he knew quite a few people with problems in the car.
    Can somebody please tell me if I did the right thing? I have 5 more days to return the car if I don't like it or for any problems. I am a graduate student living on credit cards until graduation in two years, at least. I can't spend any money since I exhausted all on this car including my balance transfers.
    If you can please tell me what I am in for objectively, I will try and plan accordingly. The guy who sold it to me is the second owner, for less than two years and 15000 miles, and claims not to know much about anything major done to the car except for replacing a radiator.

    Thank you. Raikhi.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    You're 33,000 miles past warranty (the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty does not transfer to subsequent owners). Automatic transmissions can be problematic at higher mileage on Hyundais - especially so if someone has substituted non-qualified fluid for the required Mitsubishi SP-III ATF formulation. Clutches on manual transmission equipped Sonatas can also be troublesome anytime after 90,000 miles. Unless you know the timing belt has been changed, through inspection of service records, you're looking at that task anytime after 60,000 original vehicle miles. If the timing belt (which drives the camshaft in proper synchronization with crankshaft rotation) lets go in operation, the engine may suffer catastrophic damage if open valves are slammed into by rising pistons. Both will suffer mutually assured destruction faster than you can say, "Oh, crap!". If you have the complete service records, and they're current, you may have gotten yourself a great car. Otherwise, I'm not so sure. Hyundais can rack up 300,000 miles or more if driven sanely and serviced regularly. But, they do not suffer abuse lightly.
  • Thank you, Haefr. Unfortunately I do not have any records from the previous owner. It is an automatic and so far the transmission seems to be smooth enough. However, I do not know much more and I guess I am into it now. Is there any way I can find/check if the timing belt was replaced? If not myself, will a mechanic be able to tell that to me after a visual inspection? I appreciate all your help.

    Thank you, Haefr. Raikhi
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    Might well be worth a try. I'd also give serious considration to having the transmission drained and refilled three times. Take the car for a ten or fifteen mile spin between each intermediate drain and refill to give the new fluid a chance to fully mix with the remaining old fluid. Three drains and refills will leave you with only about 12%+ of the old fluid. Don't let anyone use anything in that trannie other than genuine Hyundai, KIA, or Mitsubishi SP-III ATF. It's the only qualified fluid for your transmission. Pricing can vary widely, so make no assumptions who'll be cheapest - call around to all above brand dealership parts departments within a reasonable driving distance. If you can get confirmation that the timing belt was replaced and flush the transmission fluid, you'll have done everything reasonable to minimize immediate risk of catastrophe.
  • carfaxcarfax Posts: 43
    If you go to a hyundai dealer, they can look up the information on the computer for the service records for that vehicle if it was serviced by a dealer. You can be out of State and have a problem with the car and they look it up to see if your warranty is still valid before they fix it, so they can also check to see what has been done to the vehicle for service before you purchased it. If the service records show that it has been well looked after then it will save you a lot of time and money doing transmission fluid changes and other work that's not necessary.
  • Hello Everyone,
    Can any of you tell me where to find info or instructions on how to replace a bulb for the road lamps/fog lamps in the air dam in the front of the vehicle?

    I've managed to wrestle a bulb into the head light assembly and was just wondering if anyone could give me some guidance regarding the road lamps.

  • Hi,
    Does anyone have some advice on what I can do to check/fix my transmission problem or where I can find the manual that will help with my 1998 Sonata. The transmission will not shift into fourth gear. If it is very cold in the morning it will sometimes give me fourth.
  • nick0924nick0924 Posts: 13
    Have a 2003 Sonata, 4-cylinder, automatic, tire pressure
    at 35 pounds, change oil and filter every 2500 miles.

    Bought the car new.

    No problems thus far, car has 34,000, but highway mileage
    at 60-65 mph is never better than 28 to 28.7 (the 28.7 is
    rare) and need to drive conservatively to achieve that.
    Drive 70 mph and it goes down to 27 mpg.

    Combined city roads/country highways (mostly 45 to 55 mph
    with a few traffic lights and stops) comes to 18 to 22 miles per gallon, often just 19.

    This mileage has been pretty much the same since day one.

    Someone wrote about "reflash" to engine and transmission
    computers. Is that likely to help? Any other suggestions?

    When I drive my 1993 Honda Accord, 4-cylinder, automatic
    with 284,000 miles, I get 33 to 34 mpg highway at 70-75 and 24 to 26 on the country/city trips. Engines are about
    the same.

    Again, zero problems with the Hyundai thus far except
    for the constantly same and disappointing gas mileage.

    We take excellent car of all our cars, as evidenced by the
    Honda Accord.

    Any suggestions? I read where some of you folks hit 30 and
    32 on highways and 24/25 in city only (which we never
  • carfaxcarfax Posts: 43
    The 4-cylinder Honda has better mileage then the Sonata, because the motor is more refined. Every car is different when it comes to gas mileage. All the parts have certain tolerances when produced and if they match then your mileage will be better then some that are not. It can happen with the same make and model of vehicle. If you read other forums on gas mileage of the same cars, and then you will see that some complain that theirs is less then others. Some times it is the way the car is driven and other times it is the vehicle it's self and there isn't anything you can do about it. The only good thing is that you paid less for the Sonata then you would have for a new Accord and that should help for the difference in the mileage. :)
  • I have an 05 sonata and have recently replaced the whole driver side fog lamp due to a rock cracking the lens. The bulb is simple to replace compared to replacing the whole assembly. Under the car by the fog lights you just unscrew two of the plastic screws holding the plastic guard and pull the it back away from the fog lamp. You actually maybe able to replace just the bulb with out having to take the screws out. On the back side of fog lamp housing you will see where the wires connect to the bulb. Disconnect the wires from the bulb by gently pulling the clip on the connector and pulling it loose. To remove the bulb, just twist the bulb about a quarter turn and pull it out. I believe it was counter-clockwise. I hope I explained it well enough. It is pretty easy to figure out once you get down there and look at it. Hope this helps.
  • reymreym Posts: 2
    Hello every one. In response to the Hyundai sonata, CEL, and having a code that indicates a loose gas cap or topping off the fuel tank, I do have the same problem since the car had 29,ooo miles. the car now has 100,000 and the CEL still has the code indicating a loss of fuel tank pressure. The dealers answer to this was a lose gas cap or topping off the tank none of these reason is true also, I have driven the car in very cold weather -30 F and also in the summer hot day, The problem still there. I believe it is an engineering issue and the only thing any dealer can do is to band aid the problem. if any one has a solution please respond.
  • larry1135larry1135 Posts: 43
    Try an after market cap from Auto Z*ne. I got an aftermarket replacement that is red in color. I think it fits tighter then the OEM. Worth a shot.

    Say have you ever had your fuel filter changed?
  • :lemon: here is my letter to hyundai and my horrid experience w 2005 clutch goes out at 16k i am in my 30's know how to drive stick owned 3 other sticks and this is only one of 10 other problems.DONT get 2005 or 2006 sonata, i am driving brand new loaner, has only 700 miles on it and it drives like a bumpy dump truck,also chokes when you tried to accelerate to pass cars, i have a feeling it will have problems also 2006 does have recalls for 2 things look up recalls on 2006 sonata and see what you come up with.
    i owned 2004 sonata and 1999 accent not 1 problem. please see my letter attached i had to cut out some of the words because it only allowed so many characters at hyundai sight.The second rep her name is Nikki was the golden girl of your customer service department and should be rewarded. Very personable, professional,had extreme knowledge. She really helped things happen quickly. She went out of her way to listen to me even though i was hysterical and to the point of crying. I spoke to your other rep Jared and he was the complete opposite, very frank, and bothered, and he hung up on me. I asked him to please talk to the GM at the dealership and I explained the situation, he said he would call and call me back. I asked if we could please call 3 way and even offered to do it from my end, reluctant he said yes. I got the dealership on phone and went to click back and actually heard his silence while i had GM from dealership on phone and you could actually hear him hang up. I then had to call back go through 50 prompts and given the same number i had just called by 2 of your reps and finally got someone that could obviously do circles around the other 4 fools i spoke to. Also I told Jared that the dealership was trying to get me back down there like NOW and wanted me to return their rental and I really needed his help before i went back down there. He kept putting me off and when I asked him what I should do and that this car was a lemon and I guess I would have to file a suit he told me to do what I have to do, what kind of CS rep response is that? He needs an attitude adjustment, not only did I get a poorly put together brand new car but now I have to listen to some rinky dink jerk tell me to do what I need to do after I have bought 2 cars cash from Hyundai and also put 8,000 into this one of my own hard earned money to be told this?He doesnt need to be retrained he needs to be fired. I have been doing business with Hyundai since 1999 and I have never had a problem with Hyundai until I came across this lemon that I now have. I thank Nikki for completely resolving my problem with the scandilous dealership and giving me more confidence in Hyundai as a whole minus Jared of course. I have to tell you I am extremely disappointed in my 2005 Sonata and let you know I owned a 2004 Sonata and never had the problems I am having with this car that only has 16,000 miles on it.As soon as I get it back I am putting a for sale sign on it, and reconsidering a new make, I am also driving the loaner which is brand new 2006 sonata and it is very nice looking w great features but it drives like a bumpy dump truck. Sonata was suppposed to be mid size luxury sedan, and this reminds me of my first new car in 1993 which was a Honda Civic base model, but that car even rode much smoother that this thing. I am sorry to say but I really like my 99 Accent minus being afraid of getting into an accident with it, but it was zippy and not 1 problem even at 80,000 miles which was nothing but new tires and a new clutch. The car I have now has and had opil burning at 5,000 miles new, rust under car and above all my trans and clutch all going out without any signs or warnings in one day. What is going on with the company now? I really wish someone would help me get another 2005 Sonata and I told the dealership since day 1 that there was something not right about this car and that I wanted the same model but a different one and told me dont worry yet here not even a year later I am out a car for almost 2 weeks. Unheard of and I have owned 7 brand new cars 3 which were clutch. I will never buy another clutch from Hyundai again, had I know the warranty and that something like this could happen at 16,000 miles. If someone is actually reading this and knows how they can help me to get away from this wretched lemon of a car, please by all means HELP me, I would even take a left over 2005 but no one seems to want to help me now that they got my money and had me sign on the dotted line, god knows this purchase was a huge mistake and I am the one that is going to suffer on this one as well as lose value.My number is 908-287-1026 I would really like to speak to someone about how as a loyal customer I can have Hyundai help resolve getting away from this horrid car, I obviously dont think it is the company but I do believe either this car was slapped together so quickly that it was overlooked at insepction time or i dont know what. Did I mention all the windows from day one were off track and that they actually and always have wiggled , they are not secure in the track, dealership told me it was fine but i have many friends that witness that no it is not fine. Did I mention that the battery had been dead 3 times for no apparent reason? No lights no doors open nothing. Did I mention that everytime I get out of the car and touch the door or my 4 yr old in her car seat there is a huge surge of electrical shock going through me to her or the car itself and did I mention the keyless entry sometimes works sometimes not oh and that the warning for the seatbelt has never really ever dinged when your seat belt is off like it did for the first couple of months. Tell me i dont have a lemon? If anyone is listening or cares please contact me. Again back to Nikki I thank her for her kindness to a stressed out single mother.I just want a car I can rely on turn on the key and go.Did I mention that my car going out like that also almost caused a major accident and that I have witnesses to it from other cars?
    Thank you for your efforts Nikki but I dont think this is over yet other than the problem you solved that day, but I am sure this will be just the beginning. :( :mad: :cry:
  • reymreym Posts: 2
    Hi, and yes, I replaced the filter an easy task but tricky. also, I have checked the hoses in which I found one line going to the fuel pressure sensor and gas tank not holding vacuum. Anyway, I am baffled about this gas pressure problem, I have never experience any problem of this kind on any car, even if topping off the gas tank was done.
    The cars warranty has expired in which I have had the problem since the car was purchased, the dealer was going to charge me 85.00$ because they didn't find anything wrong go figure.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    My 2005 GLS Special Value is now one year old with just under 7600 miles.

    No problems at all. Everything does what it's supposed to do. Loved the heated seats in the winter.

    MPG has been good for the type of driving I do. Most trips are no more than 4 miles, plus stop signs & traffic lights. Worst MPG was 16.7. Typical MPG was 17-18 in the winter. With warmer weather I'll probably get the EPA rating of 19, or better. I haven't driven enough trips of 40-50 highway miles to get a real handle on it. But 50 miles of highway in ~ 250 miles increases the MPG to 24+/-.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Have the spark plugs ever been replaced? I've spoken with several Hyundai dealer techs, and although Hyundai specifies spark plug replacement at 60,000 miles, these guys said it's not uncommon for them to tank anytime after 30,000 miles. Hyundai uses a "waste" type ignition system, similar to many motorcycle engines, in which each spark plug fires twice ad often as actually needed - once in the compression stroke (in which it should fire in order to ignite the fuel-air mixture) and needlessly once in the exhaust stroke (hence the term, "waste"), significantly reducing the usefull working life of the spark plug. Misfiring plugs often affect highspeed operation most, but are noticed least since even a mifiring engine at speed will seem to be running smoothly. Fortunately, replacing the spark plugs on a 4-cyl engine is an easy procedure.
  • I have just received my car back when it had to be towed on march 30th, It runs like hell and my clutch reaches almost 4 rpms in first and second not to mention the sweet yucky smell of radiator fluid. Come to find out my car had been leaking oil back into my egine and they had to reseal something as well as replace the gasket.My battery wires were apparently loose due to the 3 times it has gone dead. Also my dome light was replaced so they say but it still does not work as well as everytime i get out of the car after driving i get the loudest stongest shock when i touch my door to get my child out of the back seat. This car is a lemon and I have now called Hyundai and asked them to buy it back. So we shall see if they give me the run around.Can anyone please tell me what could be causing me to get such a shock? Everytime! It rides and smells like a 7 yr old car. I hate this 2005 Sonata and I recommend no one ever buying a clutch, becasue you may end up with an almost 2000 bill. Anyone else having problems? Please let me know. Did i mention the paint is coming off? As well as the rust on the catalic converter is this normal? Since day 1 i have hated this car and i have owned a 2004 and had barely any problems.this was brand new and it has always acted like a used car. Please help if anyone can about why i am getting shocked ann why my child gets shocked everytime we turn off the car and get out.ty
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