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Hyundai Sonata 2005 and earlier



  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Don't give up now when you are so close. If all else fails, try a buying service. You know the exact Make/Model/options. See if they can get you a great deal. Other suggestion, try to go over or around salespeople. Speak with sales manager or owner. Tell them that you're looking to buy a car today but don't want any bogus add ons, etc. Give 'em your SSN and let 'em run a quick credit check on you. If they know you are a serious buyer, I've never seen a dealer pass on a reasonable offer.

    As for gas, I've run lots of 87 octane regular, 90 ethanol, and some 91 premium. Never noticed any differences in performance or fuel economy. She's never knocked on anything.
  • i hate my hyundai scoupe more than anything. it has been in the shop more than i have driven it. i have only had it for a few months and already put over $800 into it- its a 1991 and they replaced 2 different kinds of sensors and it died again anyway. i am not putting anymore into this cursed vehicle. i will NEVER EVER EVER buy a hyundai again as long as i live and i just wanted to tell anyone everyone HYUNDAI IS THE WORST!!!!
    i found out that the car that my sister had that was horrible was also a hyundai. i wish she would have warned me!
  • I speak the truth about my car, and am only sharing the troubles I've had. I have the papers from the first owner's purchase of the car, and the total (everything included) came to $24K -- I thought that price was pretty ridiculous too, especially considering it lost 2/3 of its value in only 3 years, and considering today's new Sonatas sell for $16K.

    Why do I still have the car when I dislike it so much? Hmmm...lets think about that. If I REALLY prefer a Porsche, why did I buy a Hyundai? Why didn't I just buy the car I really wanted & liked? Because the Jaguar dealership was closed when I drove by, so I went for the "next-best" -- Hyundai? Ha! Anyway, I won't have it for too much longer.

    You people take my complaints about the '95 Sonata much too seriously, it's not like I'm dissing your best friend (at least I hope not). Besides, as I said twice before, my complaints are simply based on my experience, which does not necessarily mean today's Sonatas have not come a long way since then -- they must have, if they now offer such a long warranty. I don't work for a dealership, and even if I did, posting compliants to this message board would be a REALLY ineffective way of detracting business from Hyundai. I really don't care who "wins" in the Corolla-Taurus-Sentra-Accord-Sonata debate.

    No need to get so defensive ... especially over a car of Hyundai's mediocre caliber.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    How stupid to claim Hyundai is so terrible based on a 10 year old car that you just recently bought. Hello, its 10 years old and you bought it used. Its luck of the draw at that point. The previous owner could have totally neglected the car and thus caused it to have multiple problems. You can't state that all Hyundais are junk based on such an old used car. If you bought it new and had all these problems even though you took care of it, than you could have a valid point. As is, you learned a lesson about buying a used car.
    I had a similar experience when I bought an 11 year old VW GTI as my first car. Right after I bought it, it was very difficult to start. This went on for a month or so. I was furious I had spent all my money on a car that wouldn't start. Instead of being childish, giving up, and cursing all VWs, me and my Dad worked to find the problem. It turned out the fuel pump was not operating and it cost $80 to replace it. My dedication paid off and the car has been extremely reliable ever since (now has 200K miles). I have now owned the car for 6 years and never plan on getting rid of it. I love the car to death! So, my initial bad luck worked itself out. This is just another example of what can happen when you buy a used car with an unknown past. Thats why you have to be extemely careful in choosing an older used car.
  • Why is a ten year old used Scoupe even being discussed on this forum? As far as the wuhoo1 and the used 95 Sonata, valid forum information if it had enough background factual information to be of value.

    As I have stated before, I have owned a 90, 95 and 00 Sonata. The still running 90 went to charity in April with 128,000 miles. The 95 is away at college with 92,000 miles on it. The 00 now has 11,500 miles and is just purring away.
    What I have not mentioned on this forum was that I also owed a 90 Excel that had 89,000 miles on it when it was totaled by someone doing 45 mph and failing to notice that I was stopped as a school bus crossed the highway.
    I bought all these Hyundai products new and changed the oil every 3,000 miles and did most of the routine services.
    Am I so "lucky" that my cars last and don't give me problems? I don't think so. The difference as I see it, is that I know that my cars have been maintained.
    When you buy used, what do you really know about the car? Usually, only the good news. Is the guy going to tell you how busy he was and that a couple of time he missed the oil change by just a few thousand miles; or that he never had the cooling system flushed; or that the original fuel filter is still there - I doubt it.

    Original owners who have problems with their Sonatas, I relish the exchange of information.

    I started reading the Sonata posting a few weeks before I bought my 00 GLS package 12. Learned about the three clicks of the gas cap - my sales person was very particular in pointing out the need for three clicks by the way. I have learned about the "dents" that seem to be a problem - I don't have any, but the information was valid and it made me inspect my car. I have learned of the grille and fog light availability - again good useful information even if I choose not to do anything about it.

    I almost gave up on the Sonata forum when isellhonda was active and diverted everyone away from the theme of valid information exchange.

    By the way, I'm not perfect - I was also one of those people who bought the 86 Chevy Caprice Station wagon DIESEL - dumped it after 67,000 miles. Had any problem, took it to my dealer, he kept it a week each time and never fixed anything.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    From 9/1/00 issue of Financial Times: "Hyundai Motor Goes it Alone... yesterday received government approval to separate from the Hyundai group in the first step towards the break-up of South Korea's largest conglomerate. Analysts say the spin-off will increase investor confidence in [the] carmaker. Its credit rating will improve... can now concentrate on improving shareholder value... Besides Hyundai Motor, the new car group includes Kia Motors, Hyundai Precision & Industry, Hyundai Pipe, Inchon Iron & Steel, and several smaller businesses... separation comes as the carmaker reported record net profits of $280 million in the first half [of 2000]. It also concluded a strategic alliance with DaimlerChrysler... Analysts believe that [DC] will acquire 10 percent of Hyundai Motor this month... There are also concerns about Hyundai Motor's recent offer of a generous 10-year warranty on some car models sold in US in an effort to boost sales. The long-term effects of the warranty are incalculable since it exposes Hyundai Motor to substantial financial liabilities... an analyst believes the financial impact will be limited since the warranty applies to only 40 percent of the 250,000 cars that Hyundai expects to sell in the US during this year."
  • Trying to discount my credibility with nothing but insults does nothing for your own, sonatax3. You have no "factual" evidence that I have not maintained my car, and no evidence that the previous owner did not. You simply try to make claims about the history of MY car which you know absolutely nothing about. You assume because the car is bad that the maintenance history is bad? That's the whole point, genius -- if I hadn't maintained the car, then I wouldn't be complaining about it because it really would be my fault, not Hyundai's. What I am dissatisfied with is the low quality that has manifested itself through the problems I've had, which are clearly attributable to Hyundai. No mechanic has ever told me the problems I've had were preventable with better maintenance.

    You're the kind of person who will always have an excuse in your defense, some nit-picky point you will use to try and damage someone's credibility. I can only assume that your 128K Hyundai was indeed in "charity-donation" condition when you donated it.

    As I've stated multiple times, you should take at face value ANY individual's accounts of their experiences with a car -- good or bad. You will likely find in every forum that for ANY car ever made, you have people like me who have had bad experiences and will never buy that make again, and you have people like you who are satisfied and are repeat buyers.

    If I've learned one thing from these car chat forums, it's that individual accounts are not worth very much to me -- although for obvious reasons, I should rely on my own experience foremost. It would make no sense for me to buy or recommend a make & model of car that I've had so many problems with, no matter what others say. For car buying tips, I will rely on more creditable authorities that use more sophisticated, tried-and-true ranking methodologies than the average consumer.

    Defensiveness is a sign of weakness, and I will no longer waste my time on you people, my car's having engine trouble again and I have to take it to the shop.
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    Here we go again. Some Braindead idiot making claims against an entire Manufacturing line-up based on the experience of a 9-10 year old used car.
    Killercancer---PLEASE DON'T BUY HYUNDAI. That way someone with a brain that works will able to make the purchase and be happy.
    'BooHoo1'---You have a '95 Sonata and have had problems with it. I've had problems with my '95. So what? MSN Carpoint shows the reliability improvement from '95 on. Those are STATISTICAL facts. You say yourself that you are rarely affected by an individual testimonial for a car. You rely on experience. Then what is point of your posting? 'Sonatax3' said in his/her first response that some reliable data provided by an owner would be useful.
    I bought an '83 Prelude w/75K back in '89. Wonderful little coupe but had more than it's share of maintenance repairs. Got it to 150K when I traded it on my '95 Sonata. Damn thing was expensive to maintain but I don't find myself thinking 'I'll never buy another Honda". Used cars are a crap-shoot no matter what the make. Make that ALL CARS NEW OR OLD are a crap-shoot. You do the research and hold your breath.
    Go check the ownership review sites out there and compare. Why does the '99-'00 Toyota Camry rate so low among owners? Why does the '99-'00 Sonata do so well? One of these manufacturers is in the business of 'de-contenting' cars while the other is doing just the opposite. I wonder which of these strategies is the right one?
  • After reading Edmund's own review on the v6's difficulty with acceleration, I'm leaning toward the 4cyl. Which has better numbers than the Mitts Galant, another car I'm considering. I'm most likely moving to california and concerned about two things, one the smog test (what do the smog numbers mean?), and two, the hills. If the v6 has trouble with hills, this would be a bad choice right? Not sure...
  • I also read Edmunds review on the V6. I can tell you, now that I own a '00 GLS V6, that the rating in edmunds review should be taken lightly. I replaced a '88 Acura Legend V6 and The Sonata may not be in the same league(it was 5 spd-V6), but I can tell you from experience that my gls with auto can handle the hills and has plenty of power. It will cruise at 80 effortlessly. So far I've gotten 19 to 23mpg city and 29.29 highway with the a/c on and at 65mph or better. If you get a stck V6 you'll have a nice machine. I had to get the auto so the wife can drive it. Whatever you get good luck.
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    My wifes' choice of a new car---a GLS V-6 with auto---runs like a champ. There are no performance issues, no hard shifting. If you are going for a 5-speed you need not worry about performance with either engine. If you are considering auto only then I strongly suggest the V-6.
    There are many reviews on the GLS out there. Some of them make complaints about things that no one else does. One even called the 2.5L 'breathless'. LOL. I have read many, especially from Canadian sites, where the performance of the V-6/auto combination was NEVER questioned. Bear in mind that many reviews are written by people who prefer 5-speeds. It is easy to tell which you are reading by the descriptions used(gear hunting on steep inclines, confusion over situational gear selection, 0-60 performance, etc.
    Here is but one example of the automatically challenged:
    You are driving in rolling hills or even low mountains. You begin an ascent. You are presently doing 60mph. As the climb continues you notice a falling off of speed and revs. Now---STOP THIS PICTURE---if you are driving a manual tranny, what do you do? DUH! Why, you downshift! But what happens with the automatically challenged? They do one of two things ONLY. They either continue with no adjustment in throttle attitude (which leads to the famous hunt and peck situation) or they continue to press into the throttle all the while slowly losing speed and revs so that when the tranny downshifts it does so in a harsh, sometimes two-gear dropdown. DUH! The tranny reacts to throttle pressure! Who'd a thunk? Now here's the clincher---WHAT SIMPLE TECHNIQUE AVOIDS ANY OF THIS MESS? I'd love to get some responses.
    Go and drive the versions you are interested in yourself. Then you will know what to do.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Concur with most of Astrol and jrfluke. I've got a 5-speed with my GLS V-6. More than enough power, as long as I'm in the right gear. I don't expect to pass quickly if I keep in 5th or go quickly if I start from stop in 3rd.

    However, I have driven the automatic GLS V-6 and was sadly disappointed in the performance. Most 0-60 mph tests of auto V-6 Sonatas have time around 10 secs. That's poor for a 170 hp V-6. Since manual tranny time drops almost 2 secs, it is indicative of the tranny sapping too much power. And many reviewers have commented poorly on the automatic finding and keeping right gear at right time.

    Only problem I have, which I've seen a couple reviewers comment on, is that cruise control won't hold speeds well. I'm talking about small inclines. I live in Iowa and the interstates I drive on are darn near flat. Even then and even if in 4th or 5th (both are overdrives), she'll routinely fluctuate up to 10 mph going up and down a very small incline. None of my other manual or automatic cars has suffered same problem on the exact same roads at the exact same speeds.
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    Good to have you back. I promise this will not be another flame war.
    I understand your situation with stick shifts and recommend them myself where warranted. You are in a small minority of buyers looking about for larger support and community. I wish you luck. So you will know, I just threw a grenade into the mess over at T-H-C on your favorite thread. See what you think.
    As to the cruise control, I believe many of these varying complaints have more to do with production run, as with most cars. I have experienced excellent performance in and around mountainous country in Western Maryland. My build date is 3/21/00. It would be interesting to see those with different Cruise control or any other issues post their build dates so we could get a better handle on these things. I believe this may well extend into the dreaded 'automatic transmission performance' issue as well. Many of the reviews of the Sonata were written in '99. There may well have been changes made to the computer programming and control chips which may account for this disparity in individual experience. Many of the reviews of the Sonata were written in '99, some even late '98.
    Just a thought.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    1. Why throw grenade instead of dousing discussion with gasoline (take your pick in octane)?

    2. Yes, I often find myself in a minority when it comes to performance. I desire and demand the most from anything I buy and won't buy anything but the maximum of any specific car I buy. Even if it's for wife. Just means I get auto for her and manual for me. That's why GLS 5-speed and Pkg 13 is all I'd consider in Sonata.

    3. Think your thoughts about build date and possible modifications are probably right on. Given the hits Hyundai has taken over auto tranny performance, they should be addressing. Same would hold true for any cruise control issues.

    4. Will be interesting to see if anyone will test or review a '01 Sonata. Guessing not, unless as part of a multi-car comparison test. But given that Sonata came in last place when C&D did a big comparison test late last year, doubt anyone has much desire to include an unchange Sonata. Too bad they don't test GLS V-6 w/5-speed & Pkg 13!!!
  • astrolastrol Posts: 312
    Not only do they (meaning every reviewer I've read) not test the 5-speed in this car, they also refuse to get the car with ABS.
    What is it with these jokers? If Toyota comes out with a V-6 Camry with a manual tranny (which they did) then every rag out there has at least a two page spread on it. I've rarely seen an article on the Maxima that wasn't of the '5-speed SE' variant. Same with the Altima, etc.
    I ask how meaningful is it to put a vehicle in a multi-car round-up and not have it equipped with ABS like all but one of its' competition? Even with ABS it still would have been less expensive than half of the competition, most of which were under-equipped relative to the Sonata.
    It is these obvious disparities in treatment which lead me to usually disregard these people.
    All they want to do is go 'vrooom, vrooom'. There's nothing wrong with a performance orientation but it is silly to apply it to family sedans with relatively generic engineering. And then, adding insult to injury, they use different standards of performance for different cars.
    Oh well. Maybe someone will test a manual GLS
    with the 2.7L whenever it arrives. It seems Hyundai is standing pat for now. I guess they figure it is silly to argue with success.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    Think you're dead right; however, I would make two adjustments. First, I think it has been Hyundai's fault that they haven't supplied auto mags with 5-speed w/ABS to test. Hyundai just doesn't build many and when they introduced the then new '99 Sonata, they gave the auto press the automatic. Hyundai needs to do more to promote the great value of a Pkg 13 Sonata GLS manual. Compare it in price to similarly equipped 626, Camry (though don't think you can get leather in V-6 manual Camry), or Maxima. Second, auto press would love to test the top end of most manufacturers. They can't test what isn't provided them. Also, for the C&D comparison test, adding Pkg 13 to the automatic GLS would've pushed the price close to $21,000 (MSRP). They were shooting for under $20,000. It isn't their fault that Hyundai won't make ABS standard or allow it to be a reasonably priced stand-alone option. They usually want to test cars with ABS.
  • I've just seen photos of the mid-life facelift of the the Sonata undergoing testing in Death Valley. It looks as though it will be getting a more prominent grille like that of the Santa Fe and headlights not unlike an E-class Benz. The rear is too well disguised to see.
  • I was at the local Hyundai dealer earlier this week. They had a beautiful, black, Santa Fe on display. One of their mechanics gave me a personal tour of the vehicle.

    Before this, any pictures I had seen had ugly body colors and made me think the Santa Fe would be very "boxy" and small.

    Seeing it in person completely changed my opinion!
    It is a very handsome SUV! The Sonata's motor is listed as standard, and the 2.7 liter was optional. There's plenty of room inside, lots of features, AND it doesn't have Firestone tires! :o)

    I was invited to read their only copy of 2001 Product Literature for Elantra, Sonata, and Santa Fe.

    After just 2 years, the Elantra has been completely redesigned for 2001! It now has a waterfall grill, and 4 headlights. It seemed to me that a couple of the lights are projector lights. It is very aerodynamic, and I thought it looked more sophisticated than before.

    I didn't see any appreciable changes for the 2001 Sonata. It will have the waterfall grill, too.
    I didn't notice any additional options being offered, i.e. heated seats or fog lights.

    Appearantly the XG300, Sonata, Elantra, & Santa Fe will all have a similar look to their front ends, as all were shown with waterfall grills and all had aerodynamic headlights. That will give better brand recognition to all of them.

    There were many features and specs, but my brain got full before I could absorb them all! :o) I think people will be pleased.
  • There was an auto show at Freehold Raceway Mall in NJ today. I got to sit in both the Santa Fe and the new mazda SUV. Both appeared to be about the same size and were comparable in interior comfort. But the Santa Fe's interior felt kind of cheap--like molded plastic, other than that it was nice. It had the auto stick shift. The salesman was not enthusiastic about that and made some negative remark. It was very attractive in its silver color. The car was not for sale and the window sticker showed $99,999 so it attracted a lot of attention. The MSRP of the Mazda was about $22,000 (6 cyl, 4 wheel drive, cd, abs, power w/l). It appeared to be nicely equipped and i think the Mazda guy said it was a middle level trim. The Hyundai guy expected teh prices to begin at $18,000 for 4 cyl and front wheel drive to about $25,000 for top of the line.
  • Drove a GLS for the second time today. Talked price for the lst time w/salesman. He only came down 1K for both the Gls/V6 and GLS/v6w/leather. Not impressed with that. He didn't have any white ones on the lot, will have at end of week. Trying to buy a V6 for as close to 17K as possible, hope I can. Would love the leather, but might have to settle for cloth. Did not get to drive 4 cyl, need comments on that engine. I am in real estate and am searching for best value for the room and power. Will also look at Galant. Test drove a Taurus today and it was nice. Dealer is discounting 3K off the top, even on the 2001 models. Nice ride and roomier. Am real confused, but love the Sonata. I am in Texas and would love some info on pricing/negotiating. Thanks
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    I'll get to see if Hyundai's mechanics and body shop staff are any good. A large moving van decided to change lanes illegally in a restricted area and smashed up the front end of my poor car. Rear of his truck crushed front of my car up against curb. Really ticked me off that the driver wasn't carrying his driver's license and the company truck didn't have any registration or insurance papers in it. Cop ticketed him for improper lane change but wouldn't write him/it up for the paperwork issues. I begged him.

    Bet mine is one of a very, very small number of GLS's with 5-speed and Pkg 13. Hope they can repair her!

    Sugarpig1: Keep trying. Have you collected pricing info on all these vehicles showing MSRPs, invoice prices, holdbacks, fees, current rebates & financing incentives, etc? Do tell the Hyundai dealership you'd like to buy a Sonata if the price is right. And point out what other dealers are willing to do to move their cars (e.g., deep discount on Taurus). Can't imagine why they wouldn't be willing to go $1,500-2,000 off on Sonata. Bought mine in May. Had to do dealer trade to get it because I wanted a rare combination. Only one like it in 10-state area. I still got price down from $20,262 sticker to $18,400. I didn't push too hard. Just told salesperson I had crunched all the numbers and would buy the car today at that price. Dealer agreed. The 0.9% financing then made the deal all the sweeter.
  • herneherne Posts: 18
    My sympathies go to Giowa after having your Sonata crunched by a truck. I assume that being run into a kerb then your suspension has been bent as well as panel damage.
    If the same had happened to me I would have been very upset.
    Of course you may be lucky and have a panel shop where someone actually cares but after a major front end collision involving the suspension, cars don't seem to be the same as new again.
    I hope that you have a good experience and prove me wrong.
  • Has any one out there driven or purchased the 4 cyl base? I will try and drive it this week. How much did they come off the sticker? I looked at the Galant today (dealers closed) and also the Altima. These 2 cars are almost the same in interior inches and horsepower as the base sonata. I've never owned a mitsubishi, but I understand the Sonata 4 cyl is made by mitsubishi. Is it a dependable engine? The Hyundai dealer only had 3 sonata's on the lot???? Are they selling that fast, or is it the end of production for the 2000's? Thanks
  • All Hyundai engines are made by Hyundai now. They stopped using Mitsubishi engines a couple of years ago.
  • I have a base model with about 4k miles on it and I love it. It has in my opinion PLENTY of power and it does so with two less cyls and a bunch of other associated engine parts. If you look at the displacement there is barely any difference.

    I agree, the 6cyl allows you to spend more money on options if you want to.... but that is it.

    I get good mpg, its quiet, responsive and seemingly reliable.... wont know for another few years.

    I paid 13805+cargo net+mats+keyless entry at cost+ tax. The suggested retail was 16,305.

    I put the second coat of wax on it and noticed no sheet metal problems. I guess I am lucky or maybe when it gets cooler out they may show up.

    I have no regrets at all. BUT I use it as transportation from point A to B unlike some folks that find it to be an extension of their being or some heavy concept like that.

    I wont say YOU GOTTA HAVE IT, but I like mine, glad I got it and hope it lasts.

  • I now have 11k on my GLS 1999. So happy with it that I may consider replacing my 88 Towncar with the XG 300 but can't seem to find any info on it. Does anyone out there know where I can find some info. I understand that the XG 300 is being sold now in Korea so there must be info somewhere. Thanks in advance. Pete
  • I just recently purchased my 4 cylinder base with 5-speed. The suggested retail was $15,612. So far, (900 miles)I love the car. It has plenty of power, is comfortable, responsive, and has already been mistaken for a Lexus or an Infiniti on several occasions!

    Sorry about your loss Giowa - hope all goes well in the repair department.
  • Here's the Korean website for the new XG, complete with virtual reality interior rotating view.
  • giowagiowa Posts: 599
    1. Forgot to mention the great experience I had with H Roadside Assistance on Saturday. Got thru quickly, they made the towing arrangements, and the tow truck was there in less than 10 minutes. They use the biggest towing operation in my area. Driver told me they had the city and county contracts along with host of others. Took a big load off my mind as I looked at my broken baby.

    2. 9/7/00 issue of NY Times: "DaimlerChrysler has been given approval by the Hyundai Motor Company to buy a 9 percent stake in the company... [DC] will pay $389 million for the stake and will set terms to buy an additional .99 percent soon... price is a 25% premium to Hyundai Motor's closing price...."
  • general impressions-lots of scoot for a 4 banger,comfortable ride(previously owned cavalier),gas mileage is on par or better than cavalier,no squeeks(woohoo!!),feels well built.
    poopy: ding just off center off front hood(hyundai will fix),someone went ballistic with orbital buffer swirl marks and heavy abrasion(hyundai will fix),front seat head rest will not stay in down position(hyundai will fix)/o.e. tires
    are cheap-will upgrade.
    --after living with a cavalier for 3 years-the sonata feels like a mercedes!!!i like it!
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