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I own a 2004, ZR 2 Blazer.  I bought the vehicle new and it now has 124,000 miles with past issues being replacement of the fuel pump.  Also, with the AC activated and the vehicle at idle, it would stall.  The dealer had no remedy after 17 trips to their service Dept.  and seeing it was very intermittent, I lived with it (plus, I really like my truck and won’t “give up on er”.  The AC issue has not happened  for 3 months.  Six months ago, while driving, it started missing violently (like someone tapping the brakes).  The check engine light came on indicating a faulty MAPS sensor.  I replaced the sensor, spark plugs, rotor, cap,  the air cleaner temperature sensor, air filter, the coolant temp sensor and cleaned the Mass Air Flow Sensor; problem solved.  (Some of the aforementioned work was just for routine maintenance and not problem related).  Yesterday, it missed violently again twice after 30 minutes run time.  Then Check Engine light indicated MAPS Sensor again.  Replaced it and the problem reoccurred after 10 minutes run time for 2 seconds but no check engine light.   It’s been fine since.  The fuel filter was changed about 2 years ago.  I am at my wits end but I absolutely love my Blazer.  It looks as if it just left the showroom even though it’s my daily driver.  Any ideas would be very much appreciated.  Thank you for your time.


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