I took advice posted on a forum and put silconized acrylic painter’s caulk on rotor hold down screws under distributor cap.  I had the caulk already. The advice was to use silicon.  I first darkened the area with the Cowl and sunshade for the wind sheik and misted water on ignition module and wire and the distributor and plug wires.  No arcing.  I heard electrical static noise under the cap. After allowing the caulk a few hours to dry, I replaced the Cowl. In the morning I checked weather for the upcoming rain storm and drove to an area that has very bad, heaved roadbed and I drove through all the largest, deepest puddles then continued to drive as the rain fell once again. No misfire, no white exhaust, no ses light.  For now it seems fixed after 6 years of trouble. 


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