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Well, owning a Mini it's never a problem free and I'm bombed with another. I need your expertise on this. In the morning when i first start my car and as I drive it around..I could hear a knocking/clunking sound every time I hit a bump or drive over uneven road surface..it sounds like it's coming from the front suspension but when I drive it further let say after half an hour (after the car is all warmed up) the sound just disappeared. I go over bumps and all...nothing! just no more sound! I suspected it's due to a bad ball joint. Took it to the workshop and the mechanic just fail to detect any sound, it made sense as the car is all warmed up by the time I reached the workshop. Now he told me there is a possibility of a worn out steering rack (that is just what I really don't want to hear..not now not EVER). Steering rack failure also makes that knocking/clunking sound when u drive over bumps. I just wanna ask all Mini cooper S owners out there. Does this ever happen to u?


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