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Hi Frank, I dealt with the both Lexus dealerships in the twin cities but found the Lexus of Maplewood (in Maplewood) more amenable and easier to work with. That said, both Lexus dealerships in the Twin Cities are owned by the same company/person. Regarding my discounts, I got : $4200 : Dealership discounts - You should be able to get at least this much $1500 : Lexus Lease Cash - You should be able to get this too $519.20 : Comp 1st payment - Lexus has now withdrawn this offer $500 : Auto Show attendance coupon - This expired on 31st March In other words, you should still be able to get the first two discounts of $4200 + $1500 = $5,700. Hope this helps ..... let me know how things work out with your car deal. Atti


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