Are you a current or recent car shopper who bought an EV and then installed solar – or who had solar already, making the decision to go electric easier?
Are you a recent EV buyer (past 3 months) as a result of manufacturer incentives and dealer discounts on these vehicles, including year-end deals? Were you convinced to buy an EV after finding a good end-of-year deal, or due to uncertainty around which EVs will no longer qualify for full/partial EV tax credits in 2024? A national business reporter is interested in speaking with you. Please reach out to [email protected] by 12/15 if interested in sharing your story.


05 Scion XB Update. Car has 135k on it and running well. My daughter loves this car. She's 5'2" and likes that the visibility is so good. I installed an aftermarket armrest from Amazon to replace the one I installed in 2005 that broke. Regular maintenance is the key and the thing keeps running strong. .


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