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Boston, MA
Last Active
Boston, MA
Vehicle(s) I currently own
2013 Honda Accord EX-L sedan


  • d_james1
    Interested in leasing an Audi a4 as well. Would you mind sharing what dealer you are working with giving you that discount????

    July 21
  • 7435
    i live in denver, co, and i am interested in purchasing a 2018 honda accord 2.0 touring msrp of 36,680 invoice 33,618
    one dealers is offering 33,023.
    I of course want to pay invoice less 1,500 or 32,118 including d&h +tax.
    have you heard of any deals like this in colorado
    July 19
  • beee513
    Agree on Prime Honda. Was dealing with someone via email who was extremely rude. Asked me if I knew what I was talking about when inquiring about MF and RV. He assumed I was looking to buy not lease. Told him he was rude and I wouldn't buy there. Said that was fine as he didn't need me as a customer anyway. Kept the email to remind me not to buy there..
    July 4
    • bluemkn57cars
      Wow!. That is a terrible. For the most part, they were courteous when I dealt with them via email 5 years ago, but when I showed up to sign the papers on a car (in my color combo), they claimed the car had been sold the night before. I had called them to confirm the vehicle (in that color combo) was still available. That's the sleaziest thing that has ever happened to me.

      I am sure you will also spread the word and tell everyone you know to stay away from them. Even if they have the cheapest sale price, I would never buy from them or any of their dealerships.
  • ny_sx
    Hey Blue,

    I tried posting the answer to your question about the Accord, but the thread won't let me post. It just stays in the box where you write comments. Here is what I was trying to post in response to your question to me.

    I'm in NY, zip 10501, so doc fees are limited by the state. I am waiting for the dealer offer. I'm also going shopping tomorrow, so if I offer to buy one the spot for $30,600 [$2000 below invoice and then $1000 dealer cash] that's a good deal, right? If so, and they give me a fair price for my Honda Accord trade-in [I haven mentioned that yet, but I haven't mentioned that to any one yet.
    June 28
  • mikemike123
    Hey there... I just noticed you posting a lot of knowledge in the forum and was wondering if you could pass a little more info my way. I am in Plymouth, MA and was considering going to the dealer here in town (tufankjian honda) but I didn't see them in the list that you recommended. Do you happen have an opinion of this dealership? Also, I am just about to start reaching out to dealers regarding an EX-L and was wondering if you could point me towards info on how to structure the e-mail to get all the necessary info? I actually plan to browse more now to figure that out but if you're willing to share then I'd greatly appreciate it.
    May 16
    • bluemkn57cars
      Sorry bud. I just saw your message. I have not worked with Tufakjian so I cannot say whether they are a good dealership or not.

      Regarding emailing dealerships, the fastest way to get pricing is to find the vehicle you want on a dealer's website and request a price quote. Then, you can use some of the suggestions/tactics brian125 has mentioned in the past. If you plan to reach out to internet sales managers directly, make sure you have done all your research first.

      How soon are you planning to buy?
    • bluemkn57cars
      Try Silko Honda. They seem to have aggressive pricing when I reached out to them last year. I have not bought from them or negotiated a deal, but they seem to be a no BS dealership.
    • mikemike123
      Hey thanks for responding. I ended up leasing an Optima SXL and Stinger Premium at Quirk in Braintree. Supposed to pick up later today.
    • bluemkn57cars
      Two cars? Good for you. I'm curious to hear how you like the Stinger.
  • john4545
    Blue thanks again for your great advice in the accord forum . I was ready yesterday to buy and thought the posted Planet Honda in NJ deal of $2150 below invoice price was a slam dunk for me too . When I spoke to the Int/ mgr. last night he flat out said that deal posted in the accord forum was BS and his dealership would not sell that cheap. I do not want to accuse someone of lying but feel like they have. When I questioned brian125 about that dealership and deal he called it even before I called them said they have a known history of add ons and lying to buyers to get them in the showroom. Oh well the pricing search continues...... keep up the good work and thanks again
    May 31
    • bluemkn57cars
      No worries. Good luck with your search.
    • bluemkn57cars
      Some sales people at dealerships are known to lie, twist the truth, bait and switch. So your experience does not surprise me at all. If I were you, I would cross that dealership off my list and move on. At the end of the day, you are just buying a car. They are either going to sell it to you at a price you are happy with or not.

      Forums like this help level the playing field for everyone. Someone might be willing to just walk into a dealership, without having done any research, and buy a car at whatever price the dealer offers it. Not you or me, or folks like brian and everyone else. Do not get discouraged. You will do fine.