2000 chevy silverado ls 5.3 I been having a gas problem for weeks now but a few weeks ago it got way worse to the point that i couldnt drive it anymore. It has now been a month since its driven. I really need it fixed but dont wanna take it to a mechanic because they'll try to replace all the wrong stuff and i dont have much money. symptoms :::: used to turn on smooth and run smooth until i got to my destination. waited maybe 8 minutes and it wouldndt turn on anymore until it was cool. pressing on gas would chocke it. i usually waited about an hr or so. FYI the temperature in my truck was fine no overheading. the last time i was driving on the expressway going 60mph, suddenly the gas pedal wouldnt accelerate the truck and rather chocked it and turned off. Since this i havent used it. the code readings came to po108 MAP which i replaced and didnt solve the problem. suggestions? dont have much money


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