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  • cynderellalpn
    Our 2009 Enclave we love, and had no problems up to now.The power steering locks up or completely goes out while driving.There is no warning or apparent reason for this.It is very dangerous,you cannot steer into a parking space turn onto a highway or street without the fear of not making the turn and becoming involved in a serious accident.We experienced this approximately 3/2018, we immediately took it to our mechanic, who checked it out and didn't find anything noticeably wrong.He did however suggest it could be the steering rack and pinion, since he looked up the issue it sounded just like what others had reported.Our mechanic gave us an estimate of upwards of $1800.But he also warned that the report also stated some were repaired only to have the problem reoccur. I then took the time to do some research of my own to find that indeed we are not alone in this problem. We need help in getting this problem resolved.
    April 18
  • oldat60
    Please advise what if anything GM is doing about this stabilizer/tract issue. We bought a used 2007 Pontiac Torrent front-wheel drive about a week ago with the idea that it needed a new transmission per a reliable mechanic. However, after test driving the vehicle, & reading dozens of complaints, have decided that the problem is more likely this exact issue. This seems to be a recurring electrical break down of several components. What is GM doing to fix these problems?
    March 14
  • tazzer4300
    Hi, just bought a 2002 chevy tracker. Told it needed a front end alignment only to find out the FRONT SUSPENSION CROSSMEMBER was rusted threw. Had never been reparied, amazing that it has lasted this long. This is a serious safety issue and I need to know if you all will cover the repair as it was a manufacturing defect.
    February 28