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  • billsop
    I'm writing to say how disappointed I am in my tires on my Acadia. This is our second Acadia. we have 20k miles on it now after a year and a half and I am forced to buy new tires because my tread is only 5/32 now and that's not safe enough to allow my wife to drive in the winter here in northern ohio. Can't OEM tires come that actually com close to the 65000 mile tread wear that these Goodyear Fortera's have gotten? I had to replace the ones on the 2013 just before I turned it in on my lease.
    And Goodyear's warranty is not any good on original equipment tires.....So that's no help! ...Just Frustrated...Didn't expect to have to get new tires already!
    November 15
  • poobear3
    I am writing you about my 2004 GMC Sierra extended 4x4 sle. I have a gas odor and I am thinking the strong gas smell on drivers side is coming from the gas tank area but it does not leak on the ground. Do you know of Any similar cases to this?

    I presently have under 100,000 miles so if it is the something to do with emissions (canister, fuel pump or tank) is this a warranty item? I thought I read somewhere that the emissions and tank were covered for 120,000 miles. If it is do I have to take it to a GM dealer for repairs? I presently have appointment with a local repair shop on November 29th. If I take it to him what documentation is needed.
    November 13
  • rosson2068
    Water Leak on Driver Side - I have the car at the South Pointe Chevrolet in Tulsa, OK dealership at this time (10/4/2017) for this to be looked at and hopefully fully covered. I have gone on YouTube and other car website forums and see this is a MAJOR issue w/ Acadia's. My leak comes from somewhere near the drivers side windshield or firewall or perhaps the door. I usually park my car in the garage; however, when parked outside every time it rains, water will pour out from the driver side near the brake pad. This has occurred for years; however, these past 5 months I had to leave the car parked outside while storing equipment in my garage. My car floor has become soaked and now has mildew smell and mold growing. This issue has also caused my amp to be shorted out for the 2nd time, which I replaced myself 2 years ago when this occurred before. The dealer has informed me that the leak is coming from windshield because there is a missing seal or the windshield was not installed correct.
    October 6
  • yeti75
    I have a 2005 Buick Rendezvous. The tranny is slipping a lot, and once in a while, hits pretty hard.
    There are many times where it won't slip, but most of the time, it does. Any clues? I know this sounds chopped up, but that's the way the car acts... I had the fluid changed, and a new filter put in a couple weeks ago, but after a couple days, the car was back to its old tricks... My AWD DISABLE light is always on, and the AWD doesn't work. I got it for a good price, but after putting two engines in it (in less than two months), Money is short... HELP!?
    October 6
  • buickletdown
    I am writing to you about a problem that I have come across on numerous blog posts. I own a 2011 Buick Enclave that was leaking power steering fluid. About 3 weeks ago I brought it to be looked at and was informed that the both the power steering pump and the rack were leaking. However, the dealership only had a service memo addressing the repair on the pump. I have seen on the Edmunds website that both parts going bad happens more often than not. And, in fact, when the dealership repaired the pump they advised that I not wait too long to get the rack repaired as a bad rack would make the pump go bad. Then wouldn't a bad pump have made the rack go bad in the first place?

    I spoke to GM customer service with absolutely no resolution. The senior customer service representative could not do anything more than read the service memo to me over and over stating that her hands were tied and that there was nothing she could do. Please help!
    October 4