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  • NJCarshoppin
    Hi Michael,
    I live in NJ. We are looking at leasing a 2018 Audi Q5 Premium Plus. Terms are 10k per year for 36 months. What is the money factor and residual value %?
    Who sets the residual value of cars?
    Do different dealers have different residual percentages?
    Does it vary by state?
    Thank you!
    September 22
  • Shegs22
    Hello Michaell,

    Sounds like you are the man to talk to when it comes to this... I owe $6,100 on my 2013 BMW 535I, I just received a "unprecedented offer" in the mail.

    Due to our September programs, with approved credit, you can upgrade to a newly redesigned and enhanced 2018 540i Sedan under unprecedented conditions. This includes up to $10,433 in trade equity for your current 2013 535i Sedan—after we pay off your estimated loan balance.*
    The Highlights
    ● $4,500BMWAPRCredittowardyournewvehicleofferedprice.†
    ● No surprises with up-front terms. Finance with $0 cash out of pocket### or benefit from our September lease offers.

    My question is... I am on the fence about weather I should upgrade and purchase the new car, or trade my current car in and use its value toward a 36 month lease... what will the lease offer likely look like? which do you find a better value?

    Thank you!

    September 19
  • Michaell earned the 250 Answers badge.
    Is there *anything* you don’t know?
    September 19
  • minimaniac
    Hi michaell,
    Whats the best MF and residual i can expect from a 2019 mini cooper S 2dr and 4dr in 45219 or 44145
    September 14
  • roncasa1
    HI Michael, You have the best knowledge!
    what's best MF and residual I can expect on 2018 Equinox Premier 2lz in the Los Angeles area?

    Really appreciate your feedback
    Thanks so much
    September 14
  • Brucechegeni
    Hi Michaell! I’m trying to lease a bmw M40. These are the numbers dealer gave me. Is this a fair deal? Thanks!
    MSRP $54340
    Sale Price $51,265
    Rebates $2500
    MF .00166
    Lease 12k miles @ 36 mos
    Residual $31770
    Residual 59%
    Mileage 3811
    Cash down (MSDs and Georgia tax 7%) $4400
    Payment $600
    September 14
  • msinger06117
    My appologies. Essence Trim Level. AWD.


    September 10
  • Rachelle
    Hello Micaell,
    Do you have a residual and money facror for the lexus IS 350 FSport. The zip is 75002. I have been told 49% and wanted to make sure Im not getting misinformed.
    September 8
  • nhanlemusic
    Hi Michaell! Looks like you know your stuff.. Can you give me the MF and Residual on a Audi s5 Sportback zip is 77433 in texas and the MF. I wanna do 0 down and thinking whats a great payment for this type of vehicle?
    September 8
  • Missdm2005
    Can you give me the MF and RV for a Lexus 350L 36 and 39 months with 15000 miles?
    September 6
  • Maj0rHav0c
    Hi Michaell,
    I see your post earlier with the Jaguar E-pace MF at .00001! Has that been confirmed? It just seems too low.
    I'm looking to lease 36/12 in zip 92677.
    Thank you,
    September 5
  • Viper
    Hi Michael,

    Looking for 2018 RX 350 AWD can I please get the MF, Residual and current lease incentives for 10k/ 36 mos. for zip code 60107. Thanks in advance.
    September 5
  • mrollins
    Can you tell me the MF and RV for a 2018 Rogue SL in Waxhaw (Charlotte) NC? Looking for 3 yr / 36 k mile or if there is a 3 yr / 30 k mile program. Thank you.
    September 5
  • bangbang001_
    2017 corvette
    Does "no program" refers to it can't be leased or the dealer would have to give the data only?
    September 2
  • Aleksjohn
    You seem like the master on this thing any way you can give me dummy numbers I should go over for:
    hyundai Santa Fe 2018 limited ultimate 
    state is jersey but can do New York or pa as well. 

    What is a a good deal for this car I’m not looking for the greatest deal on earth. 

    September 2
  • macman1984
    Need your help please. Can you call me? :)

    September 1
  • John1983
    Hi Michaell,
    I'm interested in a 2018 Tahoe LT and Q50 Red Sport 400. I'm trying to determine what the better play is: Purchase or Lease on each vehicle. Zip code is 75234
    August 30
  • sufiand
    Hi Michaell,
    Thanks for all the valuable input on the forum.

    I am in the market and intend to lease a 2018 Honda Accord. I am okay with purchasing either of these trims: Sports 1.5T, EX-L 1.5T or Touring 1.5T.

    From looking at the forum, it seems that EX-L 1.5T has a special incentive going for $1000 off. Can you please confirm that this incentive is not available for the remaining trims?

    I will also really appreciate if you share with me an estimate of the invoice price for each of these trims.

    Secondly for a 36 month lease with <12K miles, what is MF and Residual Value for each of these trims?

    Thanks in advance!

    August 30
  • gonzilla
    Hi Michael,

    I asked about a Atlas 2.0 SEL in the lease forum. Strangely they do exist as I'm trying to work a deal on the ONLY one in the country. I deleted my post about it in the forum so as not to have it snatched up. I'm guessing because they are either special order or just low-numbered that VW doesn't publish incentive, RV, MF for them. Probably no way to guess what it would be either, huh?

    August 29
  • F1LOCO
    Any August numbers for a 2018 SEL FWD Tiguan for MF and Residual? 36/15K - thanks.
    August 29
  • trickracen
    Hi Michael, Sorry but seems like I am not finding the lease forums under the models. are they closing these? I am looking for Audi A4 Premium and P+ FWD, 3yr, 12k, 91311 and any incentives, comp lease?
    Also same info for A3 P and P+ FWD

    August 29
  • Tjepson
    Lease deal on 2018 Subaru Impreza sport hatchback w sunroof? 12k/36m lease
    dealer quoted me $2500 down/$288 per month which seems high. Excellent credit.
    in 45242 zip code 
    August 28
  • migbgold 7
    Do you happen to have the RV and MF for a Lexus GX 460 Premium trim for a 36/10,000 lease term? I am in San Antonio or Houston to acquire?

    The local Texas dealers are offering $500 lease cash.

    Do you know if Toyota is providing a 2% of Base MSRP holdback to its dealerships in connection with the GX 460's?

    I have pretty accurate Factory pricing. And I want to "back in" to a good Cap Cost which I will offer at 3% over the True Dealer Cost. Thank you!
    August 23
  • DJJD
    Can I please get numbers on E300 Sedan.
    12K/15K miles, 24/36Months
    Zip: 94582

    Thank you so much!
    August 22
  • mangotrees

    Would you please give me the MF and residual for a 2018 Audi Q5 Premium in Florida? Thank you.
    August 22
  • 68Camaro
    Thank you!
    August 21
  • lefty2
    I would like lease numbers on a 2018 Jaguar XE premium. What is the money factor? Is that through Jaguar or a bank? Residual? What is lease money? 94404, Northern California.
    Thank you so much. Levi
    August 21
  • rbscat

    Im looking for MF & Residual for 2018 dodge charger hellcat in TN 37075 36/10...thank you for help
    August 18
    • rbscat
      any incentives? dealer zip code is 37115
  • IsaKor
    Good Morning... Happy little Friday! What is the current hold out for the BMW X3 for this month?
    August 16
    • IsaKor
      2019 BMW X3 and also the residual please
    • IsaKor
      2019 BMW X3 and also the residual please
  • 2018ROVER
    Hello, looking for lease terms/prices on a 2018 Land Rover - Range Rover Sport HSE SUV V-6. Specifically what the residual value and factor rates are
    August 15