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  • Rtakla
    Hi Michaell, Just got final numbers on a 2018 Alpha Romeo Gulia (NY registration, NJ dealership) 

    MSRP: 51k Gulia Ti sport AWD
    selling price: 44k
    $525 out of pocket. 525 monthly payment. All taxes and fees are included 

    What are your thoughts? I’m about to close, I feel there is room for couple $$ 
    June 19
  • robertb17
    Hi Michaell. Looking for MF and residual for an '18 Sierra 1500 crew cab short box 4x4 Denali. Zip 95841.

    36/15 36/12 39/15 39/12

    June 17
  • bignner
    Hi Mitchell me again
    They are giving this MSRP 50920
    Dealers discount 5620
    Rebate is 3000
    So this is what I came up with selling price is 43,300
    Only 3000 rebate down
    Residual 56% 28515
    43,300 - 28515 = 13,785 total
    (13785÷ 36 = $ 382.91 so round it up at $ 383
    Interest I called calculated like this 42300+28515= $ 70,815
    I still added aquistion of 925 and all the extra fees, county fee and rounded it up at 2000
    There comes the intreset 70815 + approximately $ 2000 = 72,815 ×1.66 money factor gives
    me $ 120.80 so round it up at $ 121 every month
    Total is 383+121= $ 504 monthly payment plus the sales tax of 8.25 puts it at 545 to 546 including tax .
    What do you think am I doing it similar to your work computer that breaks down the lease numbers
    I thanks and God bless

    June 17
  • bignner
    Hello Mitchell

    I appreciate the respond but I am looking at 2018 and not 2019
    i want to get a 2018 430i BMW , Msrp is 50920
    Zero out of pocket
    My score is 770bon experian and 760 on trans Union, I go back 20 plus years I earn good salary .

    Only the rebate as down to cover drive off and all .

    I would like to know if my numbers are realistic ?
    Besides that are the following info correct 56 % residual on 36 months, 12 k a year not 10 k
    Money factor is it 1.66
    Rebate is it 3000 ?
    Is there anything else besides that rebate ?
    I am was given 590 with only first payment out of pocket
    But I did the numbers according to their discount of $ 5610 plus 3000 rebate and came up with zero drive off and 35 payments at 544 incl tax 8.25 sales tax
    Is that a deal ? Would you take that ?
    What about losing are they losing at 590 a month ?
    I appdrleciate the work you're doing and I thank you for responding the first time and I appreciate again h
    June 17
  • macman1984
    Hi Michaell,

    I am hoping you can help me out. I currently have a Acura TLX 2016 advanced and paying $520 a month OTD on a 36 month lease with 10,000 miles a year. July 1st I will have 6 payments left and my local dealer offered me a 2018 MDX advanced with 10,000 miles a year for $520 a month out the door key for key $0 out of pocket. What are your thoughts? is this a good deal? Can I do better?

    June 17
  • bste2174
    I'm looking for lease pricing on a 2018 Land Rover Discovery SE 36-39 month/ 12k mi/yr with no more than $4000 down. In California.
    If you can give me RV and MF that would help...
    June 17
  • toddzilla123
    Dealer is quoting a MF of .0025 for Tier 1 in OK (74114). Has it gone up?
    June 16
  • jessgarzella88
    Hello, Can you please tell me what a good bottom line would be for a 2018 Genesis G80 with premium package AWD in California for 36 months at 10k miles per year? They are quoting me $465/month with $3k down. Thank you!
    June 16
  • shredline
    I'm looking at buying or leasing a 2018 430i GC with 8k miles on it (former courtesy car). I see a purchase interest rate from BMW of .9%. Should I be getting a CPO warranty also as the car is at a BMW Dealer? If I lease the car, what is the MF and residual? The MSRP is $46,895, but I'm getting it for much less than that. Thanks for your help
    June 13
  • augustoj56
    Hello Michaell, my lease is due in November. I want to get a Subaru WRX STI Limited w/ wing. You guys quoted me on the MF .00110 & 59% residual. DO you think those numbers will be more attractive if I wait until we get close to the end of the year? or they might be the same for the remainder of the year? Should I wait to get a 2019 with better residual? I just want your opinion. I know you don't have a crystal ball, but based on your knowledge, what would you do? Thank you
    June 12
  • nwugrad
    Hi Michaell,

    Could you please provide me with the MF and Residual Value numbers for an Alfa Romeo Guilia for a 24/12, 36/12 and 39/12
    lease terms? Home; zip code: 19422

    Thank you
    June 11
  • jenos64
    HI Michael...looking for MF and RV for 10k/36M for 2018 BMW X3 M40i in Rhode Island
    June 9
  • gerjon1
    Hi Michael, looking for 3/36 MF and residual for Civic Si in NJ tier 1-2. Any additional cash?
    June 7
  • alxplnr
    Greetings Michael,
    Could you please help with Base MF and RV for 12K/36M and 15K/36M lease on 2018 MB GLE 350.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    June 7
  • watchoftime
    Hi Michael,

    Do you know what the buy rate money factor is on the 2018 G63 AMG? I keep getting different figures from different individuals. I know dealers want to hike it up on these but I'd like to find out what the lowest buy rate MF is. Thanks in advance.


    June 6
  • germancarlov

    Do you have C350e MF and RV for 10K/36 and 7k/36 lease please? also any dealer incentive
    June 4
  • twirliee
    Do you have current residual / money factors for 15k miles for Subaru Outback in 05663?
    June 4
  • sko777
    hi. Do you have current residual / money factors for 10k miles for:
    1. 2018 Discovery HSE Luxury
    2. 2018 MB 450 GLS
    3. 2018 MB 550 GLS

    June 3
  • rainierv94
    Hi goodafternoon brother I was wondering if you could provide me with
    the southeast Toyota money factors and residual values for a Tacoma double cab cement 4x4 off road -technology package. over here in Miami florida

    the zip code where the vehicle is shipping from is
    32811 Toyota of Orlando
    and the zip code where the dealer ship that is receiving the vehicle is
    33169 Toyota of north Miami

    RV and MF for this vehicle if you get a chance brother
    June 1
  • jsb_socal
    Hi Michael, thank you for all the helpful info you post on here. I am looking at a QX60 lease and would like to know the MF, residual and incentives for 91423 on QX60? Thank you!
    May 31
  • txjayhwk
    @Michaell where can I find information on a good price for a 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x2 to purchase in Texas? About to pull trigger and just want to make sure I'm getting best deal. Retail is $32,140 and I'm at $27,274 which includes USAA discounts. Thanks!
    May 25
  • celtics
    This is New York for a x1 bmw
    May 22
  • celtics
    36 month lease 12,00 miles
    monthly payment 497.24
    residual factor 58%
    cap reduction tax 1544.04 (8.625%)
    bank fee 925
    cap reduction 2500
    residual value 24473
    total depreciation 14,131.16
    money factor interest rate 1.66%
    up front tax 215.62
    doc fee 95
    first payment 497.00
    security deposit 0
    drive off 3307.87
    rebate 2500
    due at signing 807.87 plus DMV
    Is this a good competitive lease
    thanks for the help
    May 22
  • jcordero
    36 months/15k miles per year
    May 21
  • kontiki
    Michaell: Thanks for providing MF and RV for the GLE43 AMG SUV in Rhode Island. Are there any incentives for that car. Also, Can you advise how much MSD's are worth, how many can you apply and what the MSD amount is?

    May 21
  • croftdj22
    Hello Michael , what do you think about leasing cpo bmw?
    May 21
  • greengrass3
    Hi Mike,

    Looking for RV and MF value for 2018 Chevy Cruz, Sedan in 08816, NJ

    Also, what leasing incentive and CCR we have in my zip code.

    Also, how to get bonus tag incentive/

    May 19
  • audisport1
    Hi Michaell,
    Do you know what the residual value is for a 2017 Acura NSX and the money factor is for Southern CA. I'm finishing my deal and want to get your thoughts - thank you
    May 8
  • surferdudehb
    How do I unsubscribe from the "real world trade in" thread?
    May 1
  • rick444
    Hello Michaell,
    please let me know if this is a decent deal. I'm not sure if I'm missing out on any incentives for this vehicle. Thank you in advance.

    Volvo 2018 XC60 R-Type ( NY )

    MSRP $50540
    Selling price = $46876
    Money Factor = .00071
    Residual = .60%
    7500 miles per year
    Acquisition fee = $995.00
    Down Payment = $0

    Fees paid Upfront
    NY Taxes = $1723
    Bank fee = $995
    1st month payment = $479
    Prep fee = $399.98
    Doc = $75
    NYS Tire = $12.50
    Inspection = $10

    Tax and fees out the door = $3700

    Monthly Payments = $479 per month
    April 29