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  • mobiusixi
    Can you tell me where I'm going wrong? I need help to get this below 450 a month and attempt 39/15k.
  • exclusiv_range
    Hi Michaell I know you answered this already but wanted to make sure that this was correct:

    Hello, can I please have the numbers for a 18 RR Sport HSE Dynamic V6 Supercharged, whatever the best term please 39/10, 39/12, 39/15. Miami, FL.

    Does 36 months have better terms? Does the MF change from model to model? Thank You for the help beforehand.
    February 24
  • burgermac
    Hi Michael. I am working on a Lease for a 2017 Jaguar XE (dealer demo with 7200Mi). Been offered a residual of .56 and a money factor of .00045. I am wonder about the residuals for 10k and 12k miles over 36 or 39 month as well as current money factors on the 2018 models. Also, and this is somewhat critical, do you know if Jaguar allows for the payment of additional security deposits in order to "buy-down" the money factor? Thanks.
    February 23
  • desertoffroad
    Hi Michael, I have been working with a dealer on a 2018 Tacoma TRD off-road double cab, short bed, automatic. 3/36, MSRP $38527.00, sales price $36032.00, residual $28,125, money factor .00225. Base payment $364.01 tax$28.21 total $392.22. Registration $621, drive off $2,621. Payment comes out higher than online calculators? Does this seem right? Southern CA. Thanks
    February 19
  • jluc311
    Hi Michaell, you seem to be very active and knowledgeable, lending a hand to hundreds if not thousands of people lately!

    Could use your opinion on a few cars. I'm in the SoCal area and looking at a number of different vehicles to lease at 36/12K. Here's the rundown with the dealer proposal:

    2018 Mazda 3 5door Hatchback Grand Touring w/Prem
    VIN - 3MZBN1M36JM194663
    MSRP - 27,735
    Disc/Reb - 3,997
    Res - 14,422.20
    MF - .00051
    Proposal - 303.86 w/ 750 down EXCL tax

    2017 Prius Prime Premium
    VIN - JTDKARFP1H3068011
    MSRP - 29,919
    Disc/Reb - 4,457
    Res - 12,865
    MF - .00011
    Proposal - 408 w/ 0 down incl tax

    2018 Honda Civic Hatchback-Sport Touring
    MSRP - $29,390
    Disc/Reb - 2,569
    Res - ?
    MF - ?
    Proposal - N/A

    Haven't gotten the Honda quote back yet, but assuming in this mid 300s including tax.

    Are any of these special deals that I should take or should I keep negotiating?

    Appreciate you reading this and for any insight!

    February 16
  • pitcarguy
    Hi Michaell,

    Thanks for all the great advice on this forum. Quick question: when I use a MF of .00017 on a Jaguar, I'm getting a rent charge of $10. Is this correct? the Adj Capital Cost is 35,880, and the Residual is 23,337. So Adding those is 59,217, times .00017=$10. Am I doing the math correctly here?
    February 16
  • jdsutt1
    Hi Michaell,

    Just a friendly thank you from Austin, TX. You sent over some feedback on some lease numbers on a Lexus RX and encouraged us to keep shopping. Thanks for the advice - we ended up saving a good amount of money with a dealer in another city.

    Thanks again for the solid advice!
    February 14
  • sunnysmiles
    Hi Michaell, thank you for all the help on these forums. Can you tell me in Miami, what MF, RV are for a Touring 36/12K ? I was assuming .0021 and 60%. I was quoted $578 plus $1200 down. I was told that there is a $7500 incentive. Funny thing is though he told me with the incentive the price would be $39,300. When I run the numbers assuming .0021 and 60% with MSRP at $44,610 I only get $520 tax included with tax at 7%. When I reran the numbers looking at a price of $44,610 - $7500 incentive and above MF and RV I only get $450 for a touring, tax included. Seems off no?

    Are you familiar if Honda is giving a $7500 incentive in Florida? Sorry for all the questions, but you have been incredibly helpful on these forums, and as usual they are telling me to rush rush rush.. ;-)
    February 14
  • jbjeep7
    Hi Michaell,

    I am looking at a 2018 Challenger STX Plus. What can we expect the MF and Residual to be for 36/10 and 36/12 leases?

    Please advise. Thanks!!!

    February 14
  • microspot80
    Hi I am new here and looking at a dodge durango, can you provide mf and residual for GT with Navigation, MSRP is $41680, its the RWD model. I am looking at 36, 39 or 48 whatever will provide the lowest monthly payment. 12k or 15k in FL. Thanks
    February 14
  • bradyian
    oh, zip code is 80122 and the AWD version. Thanks!
    February 13
  • bradyian
    I've never leased and am just doing the research. I was looking for a MF and RV for a VW Atlas SE with Tech, can you provide?
    I think the MSRP is around $39,700, but don't really know what to do from there.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    February 13
  • Engine2018
    Base Model and Ti Thank you
    February 9
  • audidawg91
    Hi Michaell,

    Looking for MF and Residual for 2018 Q5 Premium Plus at 36/12 and 42/12 in Seattle, WA.

    I feel like a 5-6% discount off $53,235 MSRP is a reasonable deal.

    Also, do you know Audi’s MSD policy?

    Thank you.
    February 8
  • jcbosse
    Hello Michaell,

    If possible, please furnish lease details for a 2018 C43 Cabriolet. MSRP $68,950. Purchase price $62,000 with European Delivery. 42 months, 10K miles/year. Thank you.
    February 5
  • lawrence01
    Can you help me with the MF and Residual numbers on the Stelvio TI sport in New York 11968? 24/12k. Thanks.
    February 4
  • evnof2080
    Can you post residual % and money factor for 2018 Highlander XLE for Grand Rapids Mich, and for 2017 and 2018 honda Pilot?
    February 3
  • jim540ixsilver
    Thanks for the comment! Is there any other rebate or cash I can push for?
    Like and rebates or discounts, or loyalty incentive? I drive a 2013 535ix now. I will be going in in about 2 hours.

    73,513 - Discount $4000 = $69,513
    Residual $44,402.93 61%

    Actual Depreciation $27,110.07

    My Cost Lease $32,888 36 month 10k miles per year

    Question is of course, is this a good deal? True car says a good deal is a 5k discount.

    I just never know if I am getting a good price. Sigh

    Should I push for the 7% I see people mentioning in the thread? Or is there more cash or rebates I am missing?
    February 3
  • twinans
    Hi Michael -

    Can you help with 2017 Ford Escape Titanium 2WD 24 & 36 month leases, Residual, MF and 12K or 15K
    February 1
  • had2_ny
    I am looking to lease a 2018 Audi S5 Sportback Prestige with an MSRP of $69,640 on Long Island and wondering what kind of a deal I can get for 39/10 or 42/10, and need current RV and MF as well as approximate dealer cost of car. The dealership is taking me out of a 2015 A6 Premium Plus with 5 remaining payments. The only way I make this deal is if I can bring the monthly payment below $700, and am willing to put something down.
    January 30
  • sonorn48
    Sorry, I meant SX (L referred to Limited package).
    Thank you
    January 30
  • destinym
    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for the numbers on a 2018 F-150.

    Would you happen to know the numbers on a 2017 F-150 XLT Supercrew Cab 4x4 in 02809?

    I apologize if this is a silly question. Just want to do the right thing this time.

    Thank you.
    January 27
  • ndavis98
    Also, looks like MSD (multiple security deposits ?) are an option and can reduce the MF.

    My apologies if you've answered this elsewhere - I'm a newbie :)
    January 26
  • ndavis98
    Hi Michaell -

    I'm looking for money factor and % residual for 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit and where to go to get that money factor.
    January 26
  • newlease8
    Greetings! Looking for numbers for automatic Mazda 3 Grand Touring, 4 door in Los angeles. 36 months, 10K. Thank you!
    January 26
  • dm2018ca
    Your help please with the January MF and RV for a 2018 A5 SB P and P+. Also, are the maximum MSDs Audi Accepts still 9 and what is the MF reduction per MSD?

    Ah, hit 'add comment' too fast.

    Looking for a 36/10 lease on the 2018 A5 P or P+ sportback. Please advise on the January MF and RV as well as maximum MSDs accepted and MF reduction per each. Thank you.

    Thank you for your help.
    January 21
  • dm2018ca

    Your help please with the January MF and RV for a 2018 A5 SB P and P+. Also, are the maximum MSDs Audi Accepts still 9 and what is the MF reduction per MSD? Thank you for your help.
    January 21
  • sourcrab
    I am trying to figure out if cars are expensive in Seattle or if this is just a bad deal. For a Q5 Premium Plus with Navigation, a dealer is quoting me a lease which is $844 per month on 36/36K with 2K down. Does that sound reasonable to you?

    Retail Price: 51,275.00
    Sales Price: 49,224.00
    Savings: 2,051.00
    Accessories: 0.00
    License Fee: 695.00
    Doc Fee: 150.00
    Acquisition Fee: 895.00
    Gross Cap Cost: 50,119.00
    Cash Down: 2,000.00
    Net Cap Cost: 50,059.93
    January 19
  • jolynch57
    Can i get lease cash and numbers for
    Sierra Denali Ultimate
    4x4 zip code 21784
    January 17
  • rolodan
    Michaell - regarding my post from saturday on the 2018 Cadillac CTS V-Sport Premium Luxury for a 39/10 lease......you gave me 57% and 0.00032. The dealership said this wasn't for a V-Sport rather the regular CTS. They came back with 53% and 0.00024. Is this correct? Thanks
    January 16