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  • Greatguru
    BMW 540Xi MSRP68,185. Discount $4,000.
    Net Price $64,185
    36 Months lease $3500 Down 10K Miles
    Monthly Lease $806.90
    Now i fond out Money factor is 0.00222 (5.208APR) for a credit score of 820.
    The money factor was not disclosed while signing lease work sheet. Lease is not signed. Dealer bringing the car from distribution center next week.
    Now I am disputing with dealer for this very high money factor. BMW now offer finance 2.89% APR.

    This is response from Saint Louis Dealer.

    " The rate you are wanting of .00140 is not even available from BMW financial on this car. Rates over the last 6 to 12 months have been creeping up. Where we used to be in the 2's rates are easily in the 5's on leases. "

    Please Advice.
    December 4
  • Marky77
    Not sure how this works but i am trying to negotiate a better price on a 2019 Odyssey EX. Two good prices are $31,336 and $30336 but Id like to get them down to $29536. Looks like the res is 60% at $21033 on a msrp of $35055. Can you tell me the money factor, was previously .00143? Thx for your help in advance. 36 or 39 mos.
    December 3
  • Drivingfool
    Still need help signing in under my "sandman6472" name. P F Flyer tried to help me but still, no progress. Who in your organization help me?? Want to get rid of the "drivingfool" moniker once and for all!!
    HELP ME!!!!
    December 3
  • samysumit
    Hi Mchaell,
    I'm trying to lease a Demo/Executive BMW 2018 x4 M40i MSRP of $66895 with miles of 8190, Trying to negotiate a selling price of 50,000 on this one , dealer is giving me 55,000 price and addition of 553 + 799 taxes fee mf is 0.00206 , res is 51.1% would this be a good deal for 36 months 12k , Also I'm coming out of another lexus lease and adding my remaining payments of 3900 to this.
    December 1
  • Moresameer
    Here are final numbers they gave me . They are also painting the roof side black( which is body colored now) and including it in the cost .
    Here are the final numbers they gave me
    Lease term = 39 mo
    miles per year = 10k
    MSRP =77413
    Savings = 3524
    Selling price = 73889
    MF = 0.00178 Residual = 46447.8
    Total payment (base+ tax) = 998.49(939.76+58.73)
    bank Aqu fee = 895 Reg and title = 135 Doc fee = 632.19
    Due at Inception = 2660.68
    Total Due = 2660.68

    Please let me know if this looks good … Once again i really appreciate everyones help on this
    November 28
  • Ricardo19


    I would like to know if this is a good deal that was quoted by my VW dealer. I’m located in New York zip code11552.

    2019  Tiguan Sel premium R-Line AWD


    Msrp: $40799.

    Sale price: $37562.

    $1000 sign to drive included 

    1st month payment: $489

    Taxes: $1762.05

    Bank fee: $750

    Inspection: $10

    Tire: $12.50

    Total Out the door= $3023.55

    Monthly payment = $489

    November 27
  • mrn5150
    90631 Thanks
    November 24
  • Batman6
    Can you provide the MF and Residual on e450 sedan awd in zip 45202
    November 24
  • FinnyMac_2008
    Hi - Could you please let me know the MF and residual for 2019 XC-90 T-5 Momentum for 39 months, Zip is 45208. Mileage would be 7,500 a year.
    November 24
  • HarryD818
    Hi Michaell,

    I was wondering if you might be able to help me out on this one. Looking for the MF and residual for a 2019 Range Rover SE (about $95k msrp)
    located in 91206

    Thanks in advance!
    November 24
  • sameer31
    Hi Michaell,

    Would you be so kind and let me know what is the MF and residual for 2019 Acura MDX, SH-AWD, Tech and Entertainment Package, 10k mi, 36 mo, 08003. Please also include any incentives for NJ 08003. They are quoting me $569/mo (including taxes) with no downpayment. 46,900 invoice, $54625 MSRP

    Much appreciated!

    Thank you,
    November 22
  • MelissaH

    November 20
  • tedinca
    Hi Michael, I am looking at leasing a 2018 GTI S automatic.
    I do not have a trade.
    VW currently has a lease offer 3 years 36/10 with $2499 at signing.
    What is the residual on this car?
    I would like to lease it for 3 years and 10k miles per year.
    The car is currently priced at $25,600.
    What should i offer as a price?
    How much if any would you recommend down?
    What would be a good low payment per month?

    November 18
  • Mpressmi
    Than you!
    November 17
  • ALBEE41
    Hello Michaell,

    I'm interested in the 2019 S560, but the lease seems to expensive. I'm seeking your advise. The MSRP IS 122K. I'm trading in a finance on a 2013 s550 in which I owe 33,000 on. MB has agreed to give me 23,500.00 trade in value.

    MB initial off was 2500 discount, 36mo, 2500.00 a mo lease and 2500 down. I walked away. I received a bunch of calls to come back in. New offer is 15k off the cars 122k MSRP. 2k down. 36mo, $2047mo lease 12k miles a year. I still believe the payments at 2,000.00 are still to high please advise.
    November 16
  • UncleBob5233
    Would you give me Residual Value and Money Factor for 2018 F-150, Lariat Super Crew, Diesel 4 x 4 for Zip 20174.
    Is X-Plan better than standard Ford lease? Have heard both better and worse.
    November 15
  • jandresen
    Would you be able to get the money factor and residual for a 2019 Civic Sedan EX?

    36 months, Net Price $26,866.25, pref 0 down but 2k if need be.
    November 15
  • Rumple4skin
    hi Michaell,

    Was wondering if you can provide me with the MF and Residual for XC40 T5 AWD R-Design with options: MSRP:43,135 lease 12k/36month. $3500 down. Iowa (50263)

    Thank you!
    November 15
  • Javi
    I lease a 2015 LEAF SV for total payments of $8964. At the end of the lease (Jan 2019) I could buy the car for $11k according to the lease contract (Residual). That would had made the car a $20,000. The car new was $30K. Is it a would deal to buy the car in jan 2019? It has 25K miles.
    November 15
  • dcp6904
    A buddy of mine just got a great deal on a 2018 Accord that was particularly hard to move... $1,800 under invoice!!

    This was partially due to "Flex Cash" that the dealer had access to. Where can I find out if there is any such dealer incentive available for 2018 Civic? Also, are there any financing incentives available on 2018 Civics?


    Dave Peterson
    November 12
  • dcp6904
    I am not ready to talk to a sales person yet. How can I tell by looking at a dealer's online inventory if a Civic LX CVT has Honda Sensing or not?


    Dave Peterson
    November 12
  • Demohydrich04
    Need MF residual incentives 2019 BMW m550i xdrive 36/10, 24/10 zip 53151
    November 12
  • Bergen201
    Is it worth it to lease a service loaner? And is the residual based on the selling price?
    November 10
  • Freddy_C2018

    I'm looking at the 2019 Lexus RC 300 Coupe Base 2dr in the Fort Lauderdale - Miami area (Zip Code 33331. Can someone help me find the residual value & money factor for 12k miles amd 10K on a 36 month lease?

    Thank you,
    November 9
  • madu
    Hi Michaell,

    I just joined edmunds and don't know how to ask questions on the forum.it's my first time planing to lease a car. im intrested in 2018 Audi A3 Quattro premium plus sedan for 3/36k lease. what are the MF, RV for area code 92262. thank you in advance
    November 7
  • sandiegan18
    Hi Michaell,

    I just joined edmunds and don't know how to ask questions on the forum.

    Can you tell me the lease deal for the 2019 Mazda CX-9 Touring FWD (lease term 24 months or 36 months, annual mileage 15,000mi or 20,000 mi) in Illinois? (Live in the Chicago suburb.)

    Thank you,

    November 6
  • Beach385
    Hey Michael,
    Looking at a new velar in Southern California. I need help on which lease, who,will approve and what will final,payment be (estimate)?
    2019 P250 $62,110
    $589/mo + tax
    $4999 down
    7500 miles ( I really need 10k or 12k)
    39 months
    730+ credit chase financial


    2018 p380 $72,061
    7500 miles ( I really need 10k or 12k)
    39 months
    730+ credit Land Rover financial

    My credit depending on which they pull is 650 - 701

    November 6
  • johnreeves
    Hey Michaell,
    I am looking to get a new truck what has the highest currently lease residuals maybe top 3?
    November 5
  • bglickman
    Please provide MF and residual for both 2018 E-Pace and 2019 E-Pace in SoCal for Nov 2018.
    November 3
    • bglickman
      And, if you are able to confirm applicable incentives for MY18 and MY19, it would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • JLW198910
    Hi, I am hoping to get some help. I have never leased before. My credit score is 740. I am looking to lease a 2018 Honda Accord EX. I am going to go to the dealer today or monday. I live in IL my zip code is 61614. I am looking for any tips and advice. I am not wanting to spend more than a 1000. Do I need to put money down? Thanks so much
    November 3