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Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm



  • Oops! I meant P185/65R14 14-inch not P185/65R15 15-inch...
  • bcscobrabcscobra Posts: 1
    What did Chevy do to the prizm? Someone I know had a '91 prizm. It was driven in stop and go traffic for 60k miles. Then their son bought it and put 70k miles on it without any problems. Solid, reliable, dependable. So, I thought a '94 would be great buy. The tires keep cupping despite routine maintenance. Hit a bump and it rattles and feels like it will fall apart. Two alternators were put in it already and the mechanic, who does work on all my cars and is reliable, says Chevy put rebuilt parts on the cares when it was on the assembly line. The starter went out at 55k miles. And the car shakes like a paint shaker when cold. The windows fog up and the ac has to be run the entire winter. Others I've talked with have had some of these same problems. After a Cavalier and the Prizm, no more small car chevy's. Maybe I just have bad luck with Chevy's. I'll stick with Mazda or maybe I'll try a new Neon or Civic.
  • I have owned my 1994 Geo Prizm for 2 years now and I absolutely love it! The only problem that I have had is that the windows fog up constantly. Either the heater or the air conditioner have to be running all the time or else you just can't see. I have a rear defogger and that's always going as well. Has anyone else experienced this problem? What have you done to fix it??
  • tr0sstr0ss Posts: 14
    The a/c vents on my 96 Prizm do not hold position.
    They when trying to adjust the vertical position
    of them (either up or down), they just move back
    to the furthest up position. Apparently whatever
    grip it used to use to sustain its position is
    gone. This happened at about 35K miles. I was
    wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem
    and, if so, how to fix it. I live in TX and would
    like the a/c to flow directly on me, so this problem is aggravating at times.

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    new 99 bought April 1, 1999

    -ZERO defects / problems. NOT ONE THING. NOT ONE ASSEMBLY flaw. NOT ONE. nada

    -33 mpg in town (5 sp.)

    -a blast to drive

    -stock tires suck

    -100 percent satisfied but wouldn't mind stiffer suspension and better tires.

    -the engine still seems to be breaking in and seems to be even more rev happy and zippy (580 miles)

    Admittedly, if I was buying today I would buy a Focus or Protege, but I have no remorse about getting the Prizm.

    My only remorse is not having a VVTi engine available or a having a wagon available.

    fence-sitters....DO IT. You will be satisfied if you buy this car.

    Oh year, still a little whining noise, but nothing that can't be covered up by the stereo at high volume.

    I'm usually only this happy when I buy stereo equipment.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    I was driving with a friend today in the Prizm. I was accelerating onto the interstate and was full-throttling it in third. ZOOM.

    Later, we were talking cars and my friend said he was impressed with the acceleration on the Prizm. He said it surprised him and it seemed like the car had b*lls.

    Nice complement coming from a guy who owns a small block Camaro and a Regal T-type turbo.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    I am sure I would still lose big to Ruski's Grand Prix. :)
  • Hi, I just bought a new black 2000 Prism about 1.2 months ago. I love the car! Wonderful color but watch out for scratches! They're a pain to polish out on a black car, if at all! Nice suspension, nice ride, nice A/C (blows like wind tunnel when put on "hi" but cools really nicely : ). I wonder about the tires, though. I've only had the car a month so I can't gripe about them. I like the fact that the lights come on automatically at night and at low light (and they shut selves off so that takes care of another problem). I keep forgetting so it's a nifty feature : ) Nice turning radius on the car. I don't have much experience with compacts (had a 1980 caddy before) but it turns pretty tight. I am pleased with the CD player although it vibrates when put on high (though I have no intentention of damaging my ears anyway). My biggest problem with the car is this ... I keep mistaking it for somebody else's new corrola! If I didn't know any better, I'd swear it's a Corrola clone.
  • Hello,

    Surprise! The Toyota Corolla and Chevy Prizm are manufactured by a joint venture between Toyota and GM. They call it NUMMI - New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. with a factory in Fremont, CA.

    Check under your should see some parts labeled Toyota...The Prizm is essentially a Toyota Corolla with slightly different styling...

    You didn't think that GM was producing that sophisticated 1.8L VVTi engine, did you??

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166

    GM seldom even produces overhead cams, much less variable valve timing.

    The lesson is...

    If you don't want to p*ss off your "buy American" friends by driving a foreign car, just buy the 'Chevy' Prizm and know you are driving a well built 'Toyota' and nobody can accuse you of being UN-AH-MEHR-KIHN
  • flamanarflamanar Posts: 11
    Just bought a 99 Prizm, auto, air, 11,600 mi. for $9500. Does this sound like a fair price? I couldn't find one similar elsewhere on the internet for close to that. They wouldn't negotiate at all. Everyone seems to be right about the tires. They're pretty bad! Lot's of road noise and some traction loss in wet weather. Engine's pretty powerful. Someone mentioned Michelin tires, so I'll probably give them a try. Here's a weird question...anyone know where I can get a brochure for a 99 Prizm???? I haven't found a Chevy dealer yet that still has any left!
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    there are some places that sell auto literature on the net. I will try to find some links for you. Also, do a search on yahoo, altavista, etc. to find some places.
  • esfcesfc Posts: 7
    I needed to get a second car quickly and had looked at all the usual suspects, civic ,corolla neon,elantra,saturn etc. Pricing for all of the above was running 225 to 250 a month with 1200 to 1500 for inception fees , since most come to the dealers with option packages and if they don't the a/c is a dealer install option for $1500.All I wanted was a car with 5sp a/c and am/fm. I saw an advert for a Primus 179 per month and remembered reading it was a corolla with chevy badges. I test drove it last night in the rain and was impressed , in fact I was floored. When I sat with the salesperson and got the lease #s I thought he was kidding, 195 a month with taxes for 36 months 12K per year with only 195 due at signing. I pick it up tonight.I test drove the car in the rain and yes the tires could be better.
  • esfcesfc Posts: 7's a Prizm.
  • Can anyone help me with advice or a suggestion on what wrong with my wife’s 93 Geo Prizm?
    We have had to replace the alternator 3 times in 62k miles. The warning light just came on again and it looks like a fourth alternator may be needed. I am starting to wonder about this dealer. (We bought this car new from this dealer.) Two months ago we did the 60k service check and 3 days later the water pump went out. Two days ago the car failed to start and the dealer replaced the starter. Yesterday the light came on indicating an electrical problem. I plugged in a little diagnostic device into the cigarette lighter plug and it says the alternator output is bad. Has anyone had similar electrical issues with a Geo Prizm or a Toyota Corolla? Any Service bulletins, or other service warnings? Any similar experiences? How were they resolved?
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    good choice.

    The Prizm, which is the same car as the Corolla can be had for better lease and buy deals because the hungry Chevy dealers are more competitive than the snobbish Toyota dealers.

    Enjoy the new ride with its VVTi engine.
  • mazda323mazda323 Posts: 66
    I can't be sure about this, but I think that the Corolla uses a Toyota (Nippon something...) alternator, while the Prizm uses an AC Delco (GM). If your Prizm has an AC Delco (GM) alternator, don't be surprised: 20k miles is normal life expectency form what I've read.
  • esfcesfc Posts: 7
    When I picked up the car on Tuesday I was mindful of some of the talk here about steering pull due to tire problems.I have not experienced any pull so far.It was raining when I picked it up and although the tires could/should be better I don't think I will replace them until they wearout.I haven't driven a car with a standard tranny for 20yrs.but this little car is fun to drive.And you are right Chevy dealers and all american car dealers are working deals to get people to start buying american again. I came off a Honda lease and while I was shopping around at Honda, Toyota,Nissan, VW,Volvo , Acura, Infinity I came away feeling as if they where doing me a favor. And I was looking to lease 2 cars from most of them.I started looking at Chevy, Ford and DC. In the course of 1 week I leased 2 american cars a fully loaded Dodge Interpid ES and the Prizm and I was a longtime Honda owner. Both Chevy and the Dodge listened to what I wanted and what I was will to pay and worked to make it happen.Altough I have only had the cars for a few days the fit and finish of both where just as good as the much higher price imports.And since I lease long term realiablity is not a major concern for me.I don't think I will be looking at the imports in the future I think I will be staying at home.
  • flamanarflamanar Posts: 11
    Well, after having my 1999 Prizm a week, here's what I think. Suspension is very firm, but I don't think it's a bad thing. Tires still have to go. I get some loud humming when going above about 40 mph...I'm not sure, but it might be the tires again. I'm getting used to the 3-speed auto trans, but I think I'd probably like the 4-speed better. The radio is excellent. Love the feature that automagically turns on your headlights at the appropriate light level. Definitely should've gone with a lighter exterior appears that the primer coat is white, so if you get a scratch, it really sticks out. The engine has lots of "kick". I like the antenna at the rear of the car. Would've liked a little more leg room in front (my gas-pedal ankle gets cramped from the angle that I have to hold my foot in). Also, moving the seat far enough back to feel comfortable puts my head almost behind the left door pillar. Huge trunk, although I have the base model without the folding rear seats...which would be nice to have :) Would've liked to see a center armrest between the two front seats, but after several calls to Chevy parts departments, there apparently isn't one available! Great air conditioning...high speed fan blows you away! I called several other dealers about different cars and found most of them to be very rude...especially Honda. I called two different Honda dealers. The first didn't sound like he wanted to talk to me, and the second immediately tried to talk me into a car with much more equipment than I wanted! I gave up looking for stick shift cars. It appears as though they'll be gone soon...though dealers will probably stock one-or-two on the lot just to say they "carry them", and to be able to say they have a cheap car available. That's about it. I look forward to having a car that will last me a long time...this time!
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166

    I did learn to live without the armrest, for short trips I don't miss it.

    The Chevy dealer I bought my car from was easy to deal with and many of the others I talked to were good too. If the customer is completely uneducated before you shop, you will get treated like dirt. if you do your homework and are an educated consumer, you can do the deal quicker and for a mutually satisfactory price. And the Chevy dealer will be a lot less of a pain in the *ss than the snobs at Toyayta will be.

    As far as sticks, yeah ya gotta hunt for them. Use to shop dealer lots before you even go out there. Its a fabulous feature.

    GM cardholders make sure you use your cash back.. Free money!!!!
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